Ace Attorney Creator Shu Takumi Speaks On New Spin-Off The Great Ace Attorney

the_great_ace_attorneyA new Ace Attorney game was revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu earlier this week, but details were few and far between. However, according to early reports, the title would act as a spin-off from the main series, set in the Japanese Meiji era. Luckily, translators have been on hand and divulged the details from series creator Shu Takumi’s interview in Famitsu.

The Great Ace Attorney – or known as Dai Gyakuten Saiban – will be set in the 19th century and focus purely on mystery, with inspiration taken from Takumi’s childhood reading from classic mystery novels. According to the creator, when development was completed for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, the idea for a new Ace Attorney game was already in the works. The team then looked to the Meiji era to utilise ideas they’d had previously but never found the chance to develop. 

The game’s producer Shintaro Kojima was welcomed onto the team in order to see the franchise explore a new era with different approaches, reaching out to newcomers as well as long-time series fans. Here’s what Shu Takumi had to say on the game’s development, including a possible introduction to civil trials. 

“A big part of it came from wanting to make it different from the main games. When we first started this project, we thought about all kinds of ways as to how we could make it different from the main games. At first, we thought about having civil trials, but that would have made it difficult to show a decisive victory or defeat.”

“That would have made things about compensation instead of guilt and innocence, so in the end, we thought that [having them say] ‘court established settlement!’ would have been a bit too much. In the end, we kept the focus on the mystery part of it, and thought that simply changing the era would be good enough.”





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  3. Cool this new ace attorney game looks like it takes place during would war 2 has me interested hopefully it comes to the states I will keep my on this

    1. It actually takes place in the late 19th century (or the late 1800’s). WW2 began in 1939 (in the 20th century).

  4. I do like the Ace Attorney brand, they are such well crafted games… I have high hopes for this one

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  6. I’ve yet to have an Ace Attorney game let me down, so I’ve no objections, even if it is a spinoff. Let’s just hope they know well the limits of the 3DS’ graphical capability this time, so there won’t be atonally horrible framerate drops as in Layton vs. AA.

  7. Woah! I can’t wait for this! what an interesting idea it will probably be harder because of the lack of modern technology.

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