Nintendo Issuing Game Reprints Without Wi-Fi Connection Logo

smash_brawl_no_wifiNintendo has begun issuing reprints of popular Wii games without the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo due to the online service’s worldwide closure on May 20. According to a snapshot of Super Smash Bros Brawl’s reprint for the Nintendo Wii, it no longer sports the NWC logo on the case and has an amended ESRB rating, which states that its online functionality is no longer rated by the board.

Although only one reprint has been confirmed, it’s possible Nintendo will be reprinting cases for those games that still guarantee sales. However, in the mean time the publisher has warned those who purchase games that its online service for Wii and DS games will close by placing stickers on such titles that use the service. The Wi-Fi connection will close permanently on May 20, perfectly placed for the upcoming Mario Kart 8 release.



    1. killing off consoles already sounds silly. there forcing wii owners to get a wii u or 3ds which is pathetic.

      1. Talking about things that won’t die……*sees your picture*.
        omg the irony………. D:

    2. Wii is still have better games than what Wii-U current games.

    3. Completely agree 100%. Wii had it’s run already. 100+ units sold. Let it rest in piece instead of dying a slow painful death. Anyone who even cared enough about playing Wii games online now would’ve been gotten a Wii U. DX

      1. Well, obviously. I meant that somebody who actually cares enough to play Wii games online is a hardcore a Nintendo fan. And I’m pretty sure hardcore Nintendo fans have already gotten or have planned on getting a Wii U, therefore making Wii support even more of a reason to kill.

    1. Due your failure in Japan recently. You’re now discharged from the services.

      1. That’s even worse! Get off of my face, take your things and leave.

  1. I’ll miss you Mario Kart Wii online… At least there’s still Mario Kart 8 to look forward too ;D

    1. And maybe more Metroid Prime Trilogy copies so dickheads at GameStop won’t con another customer by charging $70 for a fucking used game. >XC

  2. Meanwhile we still have online functionality on old games further proving Nintendo has a long way to go to shed the diapers and even then they’ll never reach our caliber.

    1. We don’t even want to?…

      How about you focus your forces on the PC wannabes instead?…

      1. Forgive our lower…oh this one isn’t part of our republic, don’t worry, our forces will discard of this mindless inferiority Nintendo Commander.

    2. And that caliber is just graphics while Nintendo seems to beat it in what really matters, games.

    3. Variably…
      It’s all childs play, compared to Gallifrey. Can’t even time travel,, these buggers…

  3. i see want to play mario kart wii online and am not planing to even buy mario kart 8. whats up with trash, and you wounder why people say nintendo’s online is a joke. just 1.5 year into wii u and your already killing off you nintendo wifi connection. loook at how long the original xbox’s xbox live lasted for about 9-10 years. look how pathetic nintendo online store and system accounts are.

    1. Wanted to play Mario Kart Wii (6) but refusing to try MK8 and calling an unreleased game garbage…

      Your mentality is beyond reason by humanity standards. IDK WTF you came from but go back underground for God’s sake.

    2. Nintendo’s online is a joke? At least I ain’t paying for the same shit I get everywhere else for free dumbass Xbot.

      And Xbox’s Live lasted 9-10 years? Actaully, if your dumbass actually knew how to research facts before talking dumb shit, the original Xbox’s Live was killed and moved into 360 on day 1 of 360’s release and the original Xbox only lasted for 4-5 years.


      1. He’s also unknowingly paying for suicide because when he finally actually gets an Xbox, it’ll explode.

    1. All GameSpy games servers are being shut down on the end of May, and all Wii and DS games used GameSpy servers.

    2. It’s called “lesser of the two evils”, meaning they are sacrificing the online play for casuals that play online to upgrade to the wii u, its a double edged blade, it might work, it might not.

  4. Big deal! I never played any Wii games online anyways. I find absolutely no fun in that.

      1. Clever name choice. And is that suppose to be funny? Your amatuer comedy makes Steve Carell sound funnier and he clearly sucks as a comedian.

      2. Finally someone else who thinks that…

        I have never found him funny at all…

  5. wii’s online always was a joke, but I can understand people wanting it to stay.

    Only game I played online was mario kart :D

      1. I just remembered the game I played online most!
        Goldeneye on wii, played for 30 hours online. Had a lot of fun with the precise controls(wii mote + nunchuck). Also played the conduit but not as good.

        Am staying with cs go and bf4 now ^_^

  6. With mario kart 7, and the upcoming 8, i can see why they’re closing MKDS and MKWii’s online, plus mkwii being as hack as the PlayStation network, there is no need for those games anymore, we have better mk games with more reliable and superior online functions now. But some of the other games tho….. :/ i play ssbb every day online. Sometimes is unplayable, sometimes hack, sometimes unfair and unsupervised this game also has to go, we’ll get 2 better ssb game fairly soon. If anything this change is for the better :)

    1. That’s just a mere opinion. Here’s mine, mk7 is more unstable than the wii version. And 8 is seemly downgrading version than MKW with ps4 graphics.

      1. WTF are you talking about?

        I have MK7 and I sometimes play online and have never, not even once, encountered any unfair races, glitches and shit. Probably your internet connection is trash. Time to ditch that crappy AT&T U-Verse ripoff.

        And MK8 being a “downgrade” of Wii (6)? Have you taken the piss recently?

      2. It’s best for you not to know about the latest glitches. As long you’re having fun. I think you’re fine. If you’re honest, of course.

  7. Godda love the way Xbox and Sony fans come here to hate. Seriously don’t you people have anything better to do? :S

    1. Nope. Like some of us with our Wii U, they don’t have many games on their PS4 & XB1 that interest them.

  8. I disagreed with Nintendo on that one. The Wii is still a successful product and I think Nintendo shot themselves in the foot by stop support on this console.

    Let’s face it, Wii U is good system but not a popular system. 3 DS sells start to fall due to external factors which are not completely Nintendo’s faults. Why so eager to kill the wii and the online services and hope people will buy the next console. it does not make sense for me. This decisions like this we see Nintendo’s weakness in term of online services/offering. Saying that in a more general term this is the reason why game with heavy online feature are bad and prove that Nintendo is right on focus its effort on multiple local players.

    Like many others mentioned a reprint of Xenoblade, the last story and Pandora’s tower will be very very welcome. It would avoid a retail price of £55 for each game (which is a rip off BTW)

    1. It actually makes sense. Not too long ago, Nintendo released the Wii Mini, which had gotten the online feature from the original Wii stripped from it. And Nintendo needs to focus on the Wii U. They aren’t releasing any more games on the Wii either so it would be kind of pointless to keep supporting it.

      1. the Wii Mni really!!!! did they managed to sell any???? that’s piece of sh*t. If you look how successful the product was, you try to get the most out of it and I still think Nintendo kills the Wii too soon. If should have been a year transition period like PS3/PS4 or Xbox360/Xbox 1. I am not a sony or MS fans but they got their marketing strategy right (otherwise how could you explain they sell millions of 1/2 games with a dodgy system).

      2. Lol you didn’t know the Wii Mini existed? Yep. I’m guessing that was there attempt to revive it or make it live longer or whatever. As far as sales go, I have no idea how it sold. I’m guessing not that much considering they’re killing Wii support. I actually laughed when I first heard about Wii Mini. I even laughed at the 2DS. But the 2DS actually makes ALOT more sense. Wii Mini is just a smaller Wii (as if it wasn’t already small enough) that has absolutely no online functions. You can only play disc games and that’s it. Lol.

    1. I haven’t even opened my copy of The Last Story yet (though I had opened the collector’s stuff). But even though I got my Wii @ launch & played it quite a bit, I never went online w/ it, mostly because I didn’t have any internet. Didn’t matter anyway since most games were single-player affairs. My previous console experiences had no real use for it anyway: GCN’s; I don’t think the PSone had online capabilities; the 64DD & Randnet were JPN exclusive; Saturn’s NetLink cart was über expensive; Satellaview for Super Famicom was JPN exclusive. So online was either too expensive in of itself, or simply out of reach. I certainly see the appeal (& all my friends have either scattered, no longer play videogames, &/or have changed brands [mostly w/ casual results]). But, I made do before, I can make do now.

      I didn’t really like MK Wii (hated the bikes & the A.I. felt cheap; DS version was better). & my boredom w/ AC: City Folk would likely have been unchanged had I gotten online (DS & GCN versions were better). Now, MK7 & New Leaf were huge improvements, but, while I dabbled w/ online for those versions (& MK DS), it didn’t really change my experience much (mostly because I’m the only Nintendophile I know who games as much as I do). & thankfully, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, S&P: Star Successor, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, & The Conduit had engaging single-player modes. Out of the 59 Wii games (not including Wii Sports) I have, only 7 were online, & they all remained offline. But every Wii U game has it in one way or another.

      I liked how other players were incorporated into ZombiU’s single-player mode, but meh. I fought others in Ninja Gaiden 3, but meh. The others I have seem to just have Leaderboards or Miiverse as an online component. The only game that interests me that also has a compelling online component on Wii U so far is Dragon Quest X, but it might never see a U.S. release. If Project X is going to have a similar setup, then I’ll include that, too. I plan on getting MK8, but I’m unsure how compelling it’ll be playing against racers that happen to be human but are strangers (as opposed to meeting & questing w/ online personas).

      All in all, the most important online feature for me that will still function on Wii is downloading games. But if it wasn’t for Club N & my Wii U, I probably wouldn’t have downloaded any Wii VC games (Paper Mario & F-Zero X) or WiiWare. Waiting for them to move some games to Wii U, regardless of Wii’s online multiplayer being shut down.

      Another online feature I like is DLC, but only when it actually enhances a full release.

      Man, all that crap makes it sound like my gaming habbit is unhealthy. Nanban hikikomori for life.

      1. Not missing too much from The Last Story’s online. As long as you don’t care about 100%ing the game, you won’t need to make a mad dash for the extra stuff like the animated inks. The online was sadly held back as it only involves boss fights & competitive play. It would have been more awesome if we could have started in the beginning of a dungeon & worked our way to the boss. But nope. Just straight to a boss fight. It was fun, none the less, though. They had the ability to “talk” to people by using the characters’ lines from the main game for commands & such to your fellow players.

      2. Last Story online is great fun, I play it every day. I do deathmatches mostly and it’s extremely addictive, specially certain maps and on team battle mode

      3. “But every Wii U game has it in one way or another.”

        lol I didn’t notice that by looking on the back of the WiiU game cases in the stores. Most of the Wii U games are single player only, local multiplayer at best.

        New Leaf is improvement only on the surface level (the added accomplishments). Regarding the core game, and the core “do-what-you-want and witness-random-things-happening-every-day” experience, City Folk is MILES better than New Leaf (I play both).

        You can check this for yourself on acc forums, people are BORED with New Leaf within 300 hrs of playing. NL is a very “goal-oriented” game, which is a new addition to the series, but also it’s own worst enemy. Once you accomplish everything in NL (which is deliberately stripped to be easier than ever before) you find out that the core features that were rich in City Folk (emphasis on rich personalities & conversational situations of villagers), you find yourself left with a tedious and boring game without the dimension the previous installments had.

      4. pardon, let me rephrase that,
        Once you accomplish everything in NL (which is deliberately stripped to be easier than ever before) you find out that the core features that were rich in City Folk (emphasis on rich personalities & conversational situations of villagers), are barely existant in the New Leaf (ie. if you wanna talk to someone it is done also as yet another task – you have to literally trigger it each and every friggin time with “Let’s talk” in order to get the animal to talk), and you find yourself left with a tedious and boring game without the dimension the previous installments had.

      5. –“But every Wii U game has it in one way or another.”

        lol I didn’t notice that by looking on the back of the WiiU game cases in the stores. Most of the Wii U games are single player only, local multiplayer at best.–

        Sorry. To be clear, when I said ‘it’, I meant online. & ‘in one way or another’ meant the whole range of online features, whether it’s online multiplayer, leaderboards, or just the ever-prevalent Miiverse, so even a single-player game or one w/ offline-only multiplayer has some online component. For me, online interaction–multiplayer or otherwise–lacks excitement. It’s just incomparable to playing w/ a family member or real friend & in the same vicinity. Again, I understand the appeal (I mean I’m interacting here), but when gaming w/ strangers, even “friends”, the stakes feel lower, it’s too quick & focused, & in that context, too one-sided.

        Regarding AC: City Folk:

        I felt traveling to the city to be a chore, & that characters like Redd should’ve appeared in the village & on random occasions. I’ve played 4 Animal Crossings, & the GCN version to me was the best one over all. I miss the igloos & tents, the lottery, & especially the NES games. Sure, being my 1st enhances its appeal & becomes a standard by which I judge the rest, but I guess my mood is important, too, & City Folk felt cold to me.

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