Game Informer Reveals First Screenshot Of Call Of Duty: Blacksmith (Looks Stunning)


Game Informer has teased the first image of the next Call of Duty game which is currently known as Blacksmith. The publication says that they will be giving an inside scoop on Sledgehammer’s game in their next issue which features twelve pages of exclusive and extensive details. This Sunday will see more information divulged and also an exclusive trailer so I’ll be sure to keep a look out.


    1. I hope they bring back the Dog! I know people laugh, but it was the most fun person to control in the whole game.

      1. Wow… another COD??
        Their COD Cow must be as skinny as a pen because there’s not much milk left from it.

      2. and he actually managed to maintain his shape after 33 years. Unlike pathetic COD which is massively younger. XD

    2. New Call of Duty game confirmed! Is this really what video game news has succumbed to just stating the obvious facts? Now if Call of Duty was cancelled for next year now that would be some real news!

      1. When people stop buying it. When you have millions addicted to the MmoFPS, guaranteed millions of sales, they are going to keep making it.

      2. Well obviously, I just wonder how many more they are going to make until people lose interest.

      3. Every year, plenty of people lose interest but at the same time plenty more gain interest.

        I know some people who stopped at Modern Warfare 3 but others who started with Ghost so yeah.

    1. I’m sure it can handle it if its just the graphics your worried about. Not like the game play is so bare it takes tons of space

    2. If Wii U can pull of the visuals we’ve seen on Mario Kart 8, then it can do anything.

      You’re just too stubborn to accept the fact that Wii U is quite powerful. You know nothing about hardware.

      1. “then it can do anything” LMFAO Wii U is powerful yes… but not superpowerful, no way it could run any PS4 exclusive in 1080p 60fps, let alone 30 fps.

      2. ^^^ Uh yes it can. It’s very powerful. Far more than what was previously thought for that matter anyways.

        Also, to loosen what you just said, developers are finding it hard to make a game run at 1080p 30FPS on PS4, yet alone 60FPS. Wii U has got the hardware to do it straight away.


      3. It doesn’t work like that. Every tech head already knows the PS4 is the most powerful console of the three, and just because the PS4 can’t get 60 fps does not mean the Wii U can run it at 60 fps. It is all very dependent on the number of character models, the physics, the a.i, the audio, background tasks etc. Do not say someone else knows nothing about hardware, and then spread misinformation that Wii U can do everything PS4 can on a graphical standpoint because it isn’t true. Sorry.

      4. Don’t even bother, it’s just a blind nintendo fanboy that can’t accept that Nintendo chose the wrong hardware for the Wii U. Before I get any replies of accusing me of being a Sony or Xbox Fanboy. I only own a Wii U, 3DS and gaming PC as my current gaming decives

      5. WiiU will destroy ps4 in graphics at E3 keep an eye on Retro studio’s new game and Zelda U trust me wiiu has 563.2GB of bandwidth ram at minimum and that makes for serious graphics wait for E3.

      1. Lol, Xbone and Ps4 is underpowered too, can’t run “True-Next Gen graphics” compared to my PC.

  1. Ghosts is barely 6 months old and yet another CoD is soo nto be released…

    And on top of that more American Patriotism garbage to fuel the already immense hate…

    Just die already…

      1. First learn the definition of racism…

        Americans are not a race, get that through your heads…

  2. Graphics mean shit. Let’s hope they change the formula a bit. If not they’ll be releasing the same game they’ve been releasing since 2001.

    1. Graphics are kind of important. Look at how many people are talking about how good Mario Kart 8 looks.

      1. Good graphics are just a bonus, though. If the game itself was full of glitches & messing up every 5 seconds, making the gameplay suffer, the game won’t sell anymore as word will quickly spread to others that the game sucks as far as gameplay goes.

  3. Graphics mean shit. Let’s hope they change the formula a bit. If not they’ll be releasing the same game they’ve been releasing since 2001.

  4. Jessie = xbox division, James=Sony playstation division, Meowth= PC gamer trolls not real PC gamers.

    Jessie: Prepare for trouble!

    James: Make it double!

    Jessie: To protect the world with devastation!

    James: To unite all people within our nation!

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    Jessie: Jessie!

    James: James!

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    James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!

    Meowth: Meowth. That’s right!

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  5. Looks stunning, but its another Call of Duty… I have never found them interesting at all XD

  6. If it comes to Wii U or not, I do not care. I didn’t get the last two, and is probably going to skip this too. Cod is SO overrated!

    1. I enjoyed Zombie mode in BLOPS2, and I did find controlling the dog fun in the latest, but I never get my $60 out of the game as I’m not a twitch, FPS gamer. I’d probably skip this one unless they bring the dog back and give him a bigger part.

  7. Wow… this actually looks… different…. Guys, you can’t deny that this one actually looks unique for once.

    I get Crysis from this game not Call of Duty

    1. Just because it looks nice doesn’t mean the game play will be nice too. And by nice I mean appealing to any other people who love CoD

      1. This is a new company, not TreyArch or Infinity Ward, lets judge the game when we get to see some hands on with the game.

      2. Who cares who they are…

        Cod is still Cod…

      3. i don’t see how this makes any sense

        what does a name have to do with anything? people who think names make an iota of difference are also those who believe nintendo games are just rehashes because of their similar titles

        who knows what they can do with the franchise

        i’ll anticipate it with mild scepticism

      4. So you are saying I’m calling Nintendo games “Rehashes”?… Your comment doesn’t make much sense. I’m just saying we don’t know what these guys are capable of because they haven’t really done any drastic work with call of duty yet so who knows, they could make it better or worse.

        I’m just saying we shouldn’t judge it on the game, if we kept doing that the gaming industry would die.

      5. Super Mario is not the same as Mario Kart or Mario Tennis or Mario Party so your commnet is invalid once again…

      6. And yet you fail to distinguish the difference between the Main franchise and the spin-offs. Your argument is invalid.

      7. What Quadraxis said. If you want to look at games that are truly rehashes, you should look to Fifa, Madden, WWE, Need for Speed, etc. Oh & your precious Forza, in your “honor,” is another game on this list.

      8. Haven’t we all been judging the CoD games for a decade now?…

        Just because it’s a new company, doesn’t mean that they have the freedom to do whatever they want…

        They are still being commanded by the Activisionists…

      9. Actually, from the looks of things and the fact they are given 3 years instead of 1 year and a few months is pretty much freedom. Again, judging a Company just because they are developing an infamous game doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad all the time.

        Like I said before, you need to shut the fuck up and wait for some god damn gameplay…. I’m not saying it’s going to be good but I’m not saying it’s going to be bad either.

      10. actually infinity ward and treyarch were each given 2 years since it was a 2 year cycle

        but still.. 2 years is very little time to make an engaging AAA game with a decent amount of content
        so we might see an improvement for that alone

      11. But those franchises haven’t been milked as much as CoD…

      12. you’re once again drifting off into bickering over names

        it’s a NAME
        nothing more

      13. More than 15 games proves my statement, it’s not just the name, the games are just the same no matter what they claim it to be…

      14. nothing proves your statement as this is a completely new team with, hopefully, new ideas

        you’re such an ignorant self righteous prick it really pisses me off

      15. For once I am disagreeing with you. Yes it is CoD, but like he said, it’s a different company, which means new minds, which also mean new imaginations and ingenuity.

        I don’t doubt this one will be similar to every other CoD, however I and a lot of other people could be wrong.

      16. It’s called Blacksmith and the code name for it was Patriots…

        Surely that’s an indication that it will be an even bigger piece of garbage…

      17. Oh yes because it clearly looks like it’s based in World War 1…. seriously, you’re a fucking idiot…

      18. Do you work there?…

        You take this too personal…

        Take a chill pill or whatever makes you relax more…

      19. And I don’t give a crap about any CoD, they are all about brainwashing the already brainwashed western idiots into believing in the American war propaganda anyway so I don’t care what you think of me…

      20. but isn’t Nintendo brainwashing you to buy 5 Mario games a year or the 2 pokemon version games a year. lol

      21. I don’t even buy every single Mario or both versions of Pokemon so your comment is invalid in my case…

        I might love our empire but it doesn’t mean I have to buy everything they make…

        That’s the difference between being a sheep and free to buy whatever you want…

      22. Funny you should be saying that, since you buy every Naruto rehash possible. sasorideidaraobi exposed.

      23. That’s what they said about every damn new entry in the CoD franchise…

        And exactly what they said about Ghosts the minute it was revealed…

      24. Yes, thank you for a good comment! I think that people should at least give it a shot.

      25. Actually, Sledgehammer Studios is made up of the Infinity Ward team that didn’t leave during the whole IW Activision debacle. So it’ll pretty much be the same thing they’ve been doing for a while

      1. And it’s sequel will be called:

        Call of Duty : Agent Smith

      2. Aerosmith doesnt rock, they suck. Steven Tylor looks like a freakin Janice Dickinson. Thank god Ace refused to be a opening act for that terrible band!

      1. And their games take a really long time to get good at too. I suck lol

    1. Maybe its a typo? Maybe there should be space, which would make it Black Smith?

      1. That’s even more indicative of some kind of racial highlighting.

    1. Well technically they’ve not ruled Wii U out, but there is no doubt they probably won’t do it for the console, which makes this article pointless and your comment valid.

  8. antony higgs went form other M to call of duty. I still don’t care about him

    1. Win…

      …Win Win Win Win Win Win

      But seriously, you’re probably right. The character in the article image is probably another generic black warrior stereotype.

    1. All CoD games have been on our machines regardless of opinions or sales…

      I doubt this will change…

      And if it truly does, it’s not a big loss at all…

    2. It most likely will be on a Nintendo system, when was the last time COD skipped Nintendo consoles?

  9. Might get it if it comes to Wii U. I was interested in Ghosts, but ended up skipping it. BO2 BORED THE FUCK OUT OF ME. I couldn’t even finish the campain…

  10. One of the worst game series to ever plague the game industry. Thanks to its braindead gameplay, where dumbasses think they’re pro, and can talk shit to each other without consequence.

    Unfortunately, CoD is partially leading the path to the future of the game industry. No longer will games be about creativity but rather lazyness and pseudo realism. People want games like CoD, games with braindead and dull gameplay, games with no sign of quality whatsoever, games that release annually forcing companies to rush them, games with mostly recycled assests but sold at full price, games with extremely expensive terribly done DLC. They want to waste their money on crap and that’s what they’re doing, buying every CoD, Fifa, and AC over and over again.

  11. Fuck cod fuck bf4 fuck ac fuck madden fuck those ugly 3d cartoon looking street fighters fuck nba2ks fuck batman games gaming is dead unless you are a Nintendo fan.

  12. its soo sad Nintendo fanboys can’t even appreciate even any third party game that comes to wii u.

      1. Haha, seeing sasorideidaraobi all most killed me!! Seriously I almost died of laughter!! xD

      1. mario kart 8 is lame. this is my thoughts on mario kart 8.

      2. Key word in your argument: “My thoughts”

        So therefore, they are not facts and you will be ignored because of your bullshit. Your argument is deemed unhelpful and unnecessary, now please leave.

  13. I couldn’t help but notice that the game’s emphasis character is black and the game is called Blacksmith….

    Coincidence? Or no….

    1. I noticed it too. Coincidence? I think not!

      On the other hand, does our noticing his skin color and the ambiguity of the title ironically make us the racially discriminative ones?

  14. Good for Activision. I’m glad they have proven to be successful. It’s only good for the video game industry as a whole.

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