Wii U Logo Spotted Within Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Website Source Code?


Call of Duty themed blog Charlie Intel claims they’ve spotted the Wii U logo buried within the source code of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare website. The latest game in the immensely popular Call of Duty franchise was revealed on Friday. Amazon listed the game for pre-order but was only taking orders for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. So far we haven’t heard anything about a Wii U version, so hopefully there’s one on the cards.

Thanks, LucaPac


      1. its Coming to WiiU??
        *Devs then hiding behind the “WiiU is too weak” excuse
        *No DLC
        *Delayed to 2020 for WiiU version.
        *No Guns for WiiU version
        *No online

    1. Not even close. Even if it comes to Wii U, what are thw chances that it’ll sell when you have Zelda: Hyrule Warriors, X, Bayonetta 2 and even Smash Bros. 4 coming around the same time plus the fact that everybody ia beyond aick and tired of buying COD every year with no real change or break in the series and that its using cheap ass gimmicks like “similar but not so different” ripoff adaptions from other games/movies and also with hiring hollywood actors to get some stupid hype up…

      I wouldn’t be surprised that Advanced Warfare will sell less than Ghosts, then followed by Black Ops 3 maybe and then Ghosts 2 and so on. The series is a “dead” horse being further dragged to death and after death.

      1. thats because all you nintendo fanboys buy is just nintendo games. why are you stupid idiots crying when even ubisoft your biggest surpporter left wii u. you idiots were brainwashed to not care of third party surpport just like nintendo does.

      2. And that comment comes from a person whose nick is three naruto names stick together

      3. Whereas you were brainwashed to think that graphics and specs are everything, and swallow every load that ea shoots into your fat mouth.

      4. 1. WTF asked your brokeback gorilla ass to fart repeated, incomplete sentences again?

        2. Why mention Ubisoft randomly when its about Activision’s grand whored franchise?

        3. Ubisoft didn’t “leave” Nintendo yet and you can thank their dumbass decision to delay Rayman Legends from Wii U and then release with GTA5 when there targeted fanbase ran to that game and now they’re repeating the same mistake targeting Wii U fanbase entirely so research with common sense before talking in dead ass language.

        4. No 3rd party support in Wii U? There’s still some left so technically Nintendo didn’t abandon shit.

        Try again and next time, make sure the BS sticks like shit stuck inside your gorilla ass and on your mother’s unwashed XXX sized panty you’re wearing on your head.

      1. That wasn’t meant to be a slight against Nintendo. Of course cod will sell great on Xbox.

      2. I didn’t mean it to be but I mean come on, if this is the reason of it “sells won’t be very high on wii u” them it might not sell well on any of the consoles, PC might be the highest if that’s the case…lets face it.

    1. True for all WiiU games. Only less than a couple could be called a success. :/

      Loving Child of Light though!

      1. I hear it great. Should I get it? And what rpg could you compare it to?

      2. Its a turn base RPG like any other turn base RPG. Its really good and pretty to look at as well.

      1. Wasn’t it Nintendo Fanboys that cursed the other platforms for pushing DLC? Maybe that’s why these developer’s don’t give Ninth fans any DLC because you wouldn’t buy it either way, at least the majority wouldn’t.

      2. If DLCs weren’t so shallow and overpriced like all COD DLCs are, then maybe tje fans wouldn’t give it much gripe.

        COD DLCs is in fact still overpriced and reused for what its worth and offers.

    2. If these fuckheads at Activision would stop acting so damn greedy spamming COD every year to have suckers line up buying the same shit and give the series a three year break in between games, then maybe it’ll be different enough to show its originality and I might give it a shot.

      But now I’m more than fucking annoyed that I’m gonna be seeing COD every 6-11 months and shows no substance or change anymore. I’m hoping the sales continue to decline because this is getting fucking ridiculous and the series NEEDS and DESERVES to die.

      1. and what happened to nintendo spaming 5-8 mario games a year.

      2. how is your butt? i mean you may have a horrible pain, because we always kick your butt!!!

      3. Again, irrelevent brokeback gorilla is irrelevant.

        You still haven’t answered my previous question: Name one year or generation Nintendo made 5-8 Mario games within a year AND I want PROOF. Otherwise, you’re still the same pathetic jackass with a snipped package and dumbass junkie of a mother.

    3. Actually it will because people got bored of ghost and now they want a more future and cool game

    1. you may not need it or consider it unimportant but being one of the highest selling franchises the wii u certainly needs it should it ever hope to get back into good 3rd party coverage

      ignore it, be done with it and be thankful for the people who buy it on the wii u should it be released

      1. Yeah, I’ll buy it to support the Wii U. I’m mainly only getting it because I haven’t really got into CoD besides MW3.

      2. BLOPS2 was actually good. I played through the various endings then play Zombie mode from time to time.

      3. It’s actually the second best game in the franchise first being the first call of duty modern warfare.

      1. As usual, Brokeback Mountain over here has no social life and lives/fucks with hsi gorilla mother.

        And BTW, its *as usual* smartass. Go educate yourself by reading “Grammar for Dummies” book.

      2. it’s either “the book Grammar for Dummies” or “a Grammar for Dummies” but certainly not just “Grammar for Dummies book”

        if you behave like a dipshit over someone else’s grammar at least do it right yourself

      3. “The book Grammar for Dummies”..”a Grammar for Dummies”

        OMG, the hypocrisy is strong in this one.

        If you’re gonna be Sasori’s white knight bitch talking about grammar or typo, at least YOU should learn how to type and capitalize phrases correctly first.

        Who’s next in line to play “Jackass” against me to be Sasori’s favorite? And BTW,..ewww.

      4. i’m not the one behaving like a dipshit over someone else’s grammar and then messing up my own ;)

        what a mook
        plague of the internet right there

      5. I’m sorry, but this is the most wrong correction I’ve seen.

      6. That’s fine, that just gives me a bigger question, why did even bother telling me then if you didn’t care?

      7. because i did care about what you wrote obviously? considering you’d *really* consider his grammar in that sentence correct and then bother to tell me.. it actually hurts to think about it

      8. Yeah that’s true. I should stop asking now since I’m not content with asking myself why I asked you that question and why doesn’t the galaxy Mega Dingo Banana exist and why there isn’t an evil antagonist named Lord Baron Esquire Dingle Berry Dingles.

  1. I don’t know why people think that they won’t release CoD on Wii U.
    They’ve been releasing every CoD on Nintendo platforms, so Why not Wii U?

    1. Because they think the console isn’t “powerful enough” and also they say it “won’t sell”. Now see if the game was done correctly and they actually made good use of the hardware, I would consider buying it myself.

      But since the days of CoD in past, it’s gone right down for me. Last good one I played for MW.

      1. its funny how third party devs utilize the wii u hardware but nintendon’t doesn’t.

      2. Looking at COD Ghosts and numerous ports from 2 years ago, you’re simply talking out of your unwiped gorilla ass again.

      1. Modern Warfare Mobilized.

        Look it up, MW2 for the DS. It was ass just like the other Mobile Cod games though.

      2. I meant the actual console version. None of those DS ports count.

      1. I don’t think is racism, everybody just want to annoy sasori, individually if he’s black, it’s only fun at him and like me i’m pretty sure others see this like a sport…in other words annoy sasori is a sport

      1. You must really hate being proven invalid at every “fact” you make, because in reality, your “facts” are merely baseless opinions that can be easily broken down and thrown right back at you. And by the way, read the definition of a “fact”, because you really can’t seem to grasp an idea of it other than the way that YOU WANT IT TO BE AND WISH IT TO BE, because again, in reality, it’s really YOUR opinion that you constantly fail to provide evidence of than a fact.

      2. Mike Lenduckway sorry but may I add a few sayings to yours?

        Ahem and that’s why you always fail to see it sasori, also I may add that you always put something so pointless as your crutch to blind hate against the wii u, I see no reason why to be truthful, you keep putting “Achievements”, “graphics”, and a few other things that don’t EVEN come close to what makes a real game “exciting”. You keep forgetting that the GAMEPLAY is the most important interface of a game. With out that, lets just say…you won’t even get to interact with it. “Achievements”, are just little itty bitty extra goals to challenge yourself with and don’t give you much for them, ok maybe a controller for the xbox or something else that’s not really worth it. “Graphics”…sigh the harsh reality of Graphics, all it is just make up for the game, that’s about it…as I said long ago, just makes the game look pretty. Without the gameplay, you don’t have shit.

        See you made me waste time on you but I BET YOU STILL WILL SAY THE SAME SHIT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

      3. ” I see no reason why to be truthful, you keep putting “Achievements”, “graphics”, and a few other things that don’t EVEN come close to what makes a real game “exciting”. ” the real game mario kart 8 is even barebones, barley any new good features, you can only voice chat for 7 secs before the race, the battle stages are ripped out from the racing stages, the character roster is lame and cheap and the gravity is a gimmick that didn’t even feel or play new.

      4. seriously you need a girlfriend and if you have luck it will be a social reject like you lol

      5. He bangs his own gorilla mother in his tiny ass basement room so I think his “girlfriend” is already covered.

      6. So, so, so damn wrong. XD

        First of all, the game isn’t out yet so why talk like you got the actual completed version of MK8 to talk about how long you voice chat before a race starts or if there’s any voice chat during gameplay at all?

        Battle Stages ripped out of race stages? Okay, one its called race tracks not stages idiot. Second, I so doubt you watch any trailers or read legit newpapers to know the battle stages are different from racing, just taking place in similar environment but not directly the same track.

        Character roster is lame? Boo hoo that Boo, Petey or Diddy didn’t make the cut but that’s still not the issue of the game nor an importance when you’re only gonna be concerned about the race itself.

        Gravity being a gimmick? Guess what sherlock? Mario Galaxy did the same shit but its part of the gameplay which made it a phenomenal hit just like MK8. COD Ghosts used gravity/space gunfight as a gimmick to make fools think the game is more exciting shooting guns in space. Not only thats fucking impratical on the fly but that shows IW has officially ran out of ideas ripping a page off from “Gravity” movie and throw guns in the mix. That’s a gimmick and an unnecessary one like Kinect 1&2.

      7. So you think but that is where, again, you are blind at…See unlike you’re…xbox, we really don’t need voice chat but you know what, we are happy we still get one. Like me, I said it, I’m gonna use the fuck out of it…do I need it? NO! Character roster, I couldn’t care less. Why? Because it doesn’t really matter who I am, all I need to worry about it the size of the character, what kart or bike is good and how I’m gonna race. Racing on older stages in a mix verity is actually good. Plus new racers that never got to race on them before now gets a chance to experience what made MARIO KART famous in the first place. By the way, want gimmicks? Look at your Xbox’s achievement system, look at you’re Kennect, LOOK AT YOU’RE FUCKING XBOX LIVE GOLD! Dam son I just called out 3 on the system itself and you only called out a small one in a game, you just been destroyed. Seriously, get a brain.

      8. my facts, evidences and opinions exposes you social rejects everytime.

      9. no as a matter of fact you always expose yourself as an ugly fatman and idiot

      10. “My opinions” not “My facts”.
        You are such a silly black boy.

      11. The only thing your ugly gorilla ass exposes (sorta) is your ugly gorilla ass on videos giving people eye sores, headaches, blindness and even seizures.

      12. Naruto man is right. You nintendo idiots are too weak for COD. You will probably buy it and then be like “where is marion? I want to look at a picture of mario, and drop logs in my pants. Wahhh, i pooped my pants and now i’m shaking my poop down my pant leg. Wahhh” that’s what you’re all like. Belive it or not, COD is manly game for big boys with big muscles and penises. Wii U is going to die, abd then you’ll be sad and probably cut you’re wrists and put black nail polish on and eyeliner and then play break downs and scream lyrics about your dad. Be a man and shoot people in the face, little faggots.

      13. And yet, you so called Manly men can’t even handle a kids game without your so called manly buddies to say “waaaa ha ha, look at the little faggot playing a kiddy game!” Right? You sir cracked me up when you said “Believe it or not, COD is manly game for big boys with big muscles and penises.” If your penises are soooooo big and you a biiiiig boys, you would play it regardless

        But I don’t think you can handle it. So you’re here to make yourself feel gooooood by saying “you got a biiiig penis and you like to show it off”, reality? Its too small…


      14. wii u isn’t even getting sinper elite 3, distiny , battlefield 4 or call of duty. not fps exculsives but just mario over mario over mario. you dont even get any innovative game besides the wounderful 101.

      15. No Sniper Elite 3? We sure as hell don’t want another 90 percent stripped port at full price like SE2. No Battlefield 4? Not only we don’t want that disease Origin near or touch our console but BF4 is a bigger glitch clusterfuck than Skyrim. Call of Duty not coming to Nintendo? Every COD game except MW2 made the cut so far so I wouldn’t count on that to happen with Advanced Warfare, not that any of us care about that deadbeat repeated garbage of a FPS spam franchise. Sorry but we Wii U gamers don’t want nor play incomplete garbage like you do.

        So go have fun paying full price for an unfinished product on a last gen Red Ring DVD player.

      16. Oh so you think shooter, shooter, shooter, and shooter are innovative but when it comes to Mario, there is nothing? Proves how stupid you are once again. I didn’t even need to bring out facts for that one…burned once again.

      17. Lolololol

        More like TROOOOLLLED!!!!

        The saddest thing is that I can write such ignorant drivel and noone questions if it is a legitimate person/comment. This is because actual people like this exist by the spades here.

        I am glad that bit about muscles and penises made you giggle. I had a chuckle about it when i wrote it too.

        Also the breakdowns about your dad part.

        As a side note, Naruto does actually suck in my opinion.

        Also, nintendo rules. I bought a Wii U last month and have had a 3DS since launch. Quality stuff, coming from a former 360, PS3 owner. No bias, it’s just the truth.

      18. Big boys huh? Then why is when I play it on any system I have to suffer children whining about being out amped with a broken shotgun? derp

      19. ^ read above.

        He is trolling.
        Probably actually like 55 and a professor of law at Harvard.

        Law professors frequent this site often.

        Also, “big boys huh” is three words.

        Half Life 3 confirmed.

      20. …Facts…facts? lol XD

        You’re like Fox News of gaming, sucking Xbox (Republicunts) dick for Kock “The Cock” Brothers (Microsoft) dirty money to survive on a daily basis when in truth you’re just another sad ass Brokeback gorilla of a retard living/incesting with his gorilla mother after dropping out of grade school which explains why you’re typing a 7 year old.

  2. it probably will come out for Wii U, remember last year when Ghosts was announced, but the Wii U version was announced at a later date. Personally I dont play CoD, but i can see it being announed before/at/after E3

  3. With Mario Kart 8 coming out and HOPEFULLY bolstering the Wii U online community (and system sales in general), as well as with Smash on the way, it DOES make some sense that COD would take one last chance on the Wii U. Not saying it will, and if it’s not successful again this would definitely be the last time I think.

  4. lol whocares laggy pile of shit non wii remote optermized dudebro auto aim TRASH with bullet bending software assisted bot aim twin stick fps IS A JOKE…. robot cam robot aim and twitch on hits

    give me tight laggless smooth precision wii remote not the tacked on CRAP and a x360 port…

    wiis cods had balanced smooth wii remote mouse pointer controls wiiu has ported xbox BOT AIM TRASH and thrown together wii remote

    i stopped twin sticking fps games in 2006 give me NEXT-GEN mouse pointer controls and get rid of the hopeless lag

    1. The Wiimote had noticeable delay so GTFO with that bullshit. Why not ask for Activision to make Sledgehammer use the gamepad so you can use the touchscreen as a mouse.

      1. Not unless the games have multiple sensitivity options that changes all of that Wii Remote “lag” problems.

        Its the controller detection in softwares that’s slower not the remote itself. COD already proved that with many sensitivity options for Wii Remote in the game and yes I’ve tried it. The setting really help make the remote respond a lot faster.

  5. make it a wiiu version with wiiu optermizations NOT PORTED AUTO-AIM TRASH wii fps players are not DUMB BRODUDES

  6. confirmed sub HD xbox 360 port running 600p or 860x720p incomming


  7. I’m positive it will come. I’ve played CoD since W@Wii. This is standard. The much smaller 3arc team is forced to prematurely stop patching the previous game in order to start porting the next game. This step has already happened with Ghosts. With Ghosts, they also found the source code within the website. This was because it had not yet been announced, but once it was, it was actually view-able by anyone on the website.


    yes, it will be coming.

  8. Why do you Nintendo fans always shit on CoD when it’s one of the only 3rd party game that still is supported on your console continuously. The Wii U doesn’t deserve quality 3rd party games, because all you Nintendo fans do is say how bad it is and you don’t ”want it contaminating, the Wii U library”.

    1. Because Call of Duty is the exact same thing over and over and over again and the fans are all rabid 12 year olds with a desire to call everything and everyone gay.

      1. Nope, it’s because you can’t accept the fact you have a love/hate relationship with the franchise

      2. I do have that feeling for COD and wish for the series to be like COD4 again but since its clearly never gonna happen and Activision is plainly whoring out COD for quick easy millions from dumbasses with lack of taste and skills in gaming, I quit the series myself.

        You wanna damage control what the majority of fans are feeling and few million more will follow year after year, then that’s your business and lost because eventually, you too will get sick of wasting near $200 on the same shit with reskin tactics that tries to be “original” when in reality, its ripping off another game and hire hollywood actors as their stupid ass gimmick to sell their already dying franchise to mindless, fandork drones.

      3. how is it the same thing or do you mean the same fps game play? its mario thats the same thing every year.

    2. Really we probably should stop blaming 3rd parties for nintendo Wii U difficult to program system. While games would look comparable to current gen tech such as ps4 xb1, itd take more time and therefore more money. I think the wii u is amazing and underrated but is a disruption to current AAA production cycles yet I believe if they would put more money into r&d… it eould pay off…

    3. You mistake fans and fanboy/fangirlisum…I’ll correct you.

      Fans = want 3rd party support but not the same thing over and over. (CoD in this case…)

      Fanboys/fangirls = just Nintendo games only, get that trash off our system. No 3rd party support period! (meaning no more games but nintendo’s)

      1. Sasori did not listen to logic.
        Sasori is immune to logic because of an empty skull.
        It is super effective.

      2. that logic that exposed you nintendo fanboys lol. too bad my wii u is collecting dust.

      3. Sasori lacks the brain capacity to sell his Wii U.
        Sasori only exposed himself.
        Now that is a fact people. ;)

      4. Not when you’re wasting your undeserved life making dumbass 2 minute blind, illogically hateful video trying to show your ugly brokeback gorilla ass on screen to hopefully murder somebody with your horrific Frankenstein face.

  9. I don’t knwo why Activision expects these games to sell when they never announce their games for Wii U, only for them to later subtly show it’s coming to Wii U.

  10. I see no reason why it wouldn’t come to the Wii U, unless they’re worried that it might not sell.

      1. Yeah, what I meant was that if they don’t release it, it won’t be for technical reasons.

      1. Ghosts sold less than BO2 golbally and considered the laziest and shittiest COD since MW3.

        I sp doubt it’ll get better after that and I ain’t holding my breath for suck wishful thinking for Advanced Warfare a.k.a “Titan of Duty: Mechless Warfare” or “Black Ops 2.1”

    1. Except drones willing to throw stripper money for a reskined rehash of a spammed series.

      1. yet nintendo fanboys throw $60 for another mario game.

      2. That’s a complete game and doesn’t require shitton of patches and ripoff DLCs.

        Try again.

  11. And it’ll sell under 100k copies on the wii u and they will break even on the port for the wii u

  12. I don’t see why people are so excited for a game they already bought 6 times…..

    1. IKR? I stopped at BO2 when I should have stopped at MW3 which was a clusterfuck of unbalanced garbage.

      At least I know Treyarch actually tried to make the series balanced and refreshing again with Black Ops 2.

  13. it’s not like it’s inconceivable that the game will come out for wiiu. anything is possible in the gaming world.

  14. E3 where you are, we need you, show the power of Nintendo! We can not be patient to E3.. where youuuuuuuuuuu!! ;-)

  15. Where is my hotline miami on my wii u? It’s actually begging for the wii u pad.

  16. I went to gamestop today and almost bought Modern Warfare 3 for 10 bucks. I was too embarrassed to take it to the counter to buy it. I have never played a Call of Duty game beforeand was thinking about checking it out. Just to see what Hype is all about.

    1. Dude, starting at MW3 is a big mistake. I bought the game (and regret it) and let me tell you, the balance in that game was a huge fucking mess, even worse than MW2 and both Black Ops games COMBINED and Ghosts isn’t any better than MW3 anyway.

      COD4 however is the best COD game to start and probably the only COD game to stick with. Multiplayer features maybe basic but the balance is great and not too much chaotic noob tubing, camping and spraying happens in that game.

    2. i played mw3 at my friends xbox 360, its alot of fun. i was stuck on the african level in the campagin.

      1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, “FRIENDS”?
        come on man, we know you’re a social reject with no friends, girlfriend or something!!!! you’re great with those jokes, seriously!!!

      2. What friends? XD A clan of roaches?

        You’re like the Roach Coach of Powerpuff Girls. A shitty slub of a worthless fatass gorilla sitting in a crappy apartment hating the world for no reason other than ignoring the sheer fact that you’re a shitty person.

        And you saying playing MW3 = fun is like saying playing BF4 at launch with shitty stability problems is still fun. You got no fucking brain remiaining and I pity an epic fool like Mr. T. And you’re stuck at the Afrian Militia level? lol Are you kidding me?

        That proves you suck at games period. I beat all 3 MW games on Veteran although it was a bitch but I did it and I don’t need any cheap ass virtual achievement metal to do nor prove that.

  17. Nintendo doesn’t deserve third party games due to the stubborn and pathetic mentality of its fans. Never buying 3rd party, ect. You made your bed… Now lie in it. Lol

      1. You want a funny troll who can make a complete ass of himself? Look no further because there’s an ape infamously known as “Sasori”

        He talks so much random dumb shit that he makes himself look like Bill OReilly of gaming: A reality warpped retard ranting at the sky like Clint Eastwood arguing with a chair.

      2. keep on crying stranga, he wont admit he’s a fraud.

      3. hahahahahaha, good one!!! and it’s a sport (at least for me)

  18. Why does that logo look so fake? Why doesn’t it have the ”TM” symbol at the end? I mean, it’s close, but it’s not the real one. Look at the ”U”, it’s wider. The font is one that can be found in the Internet.

    Well, enough with design talk. If the console gets this game, you guys be lucky.

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