Nintendo Has Added A Bunch Of Cool Things To The Nintendo UK Store


The official Nintendo UK store has been updated with a bunch of interesting Nintendo products including a Metroid Gunship for £189.99 and a Ganondorf figure for £281.99. There’s also quite a fair bit of Nintendo merchandise for sale, so be sure to check it out.

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  1. NINTENDO!!!!!!! I CANT AFFORD THAT! no way I will even get for my b day……oh well.

    those are awesome!!! ( if I won the lottery I would spen 10 000 just from this Nintendo store…….if they add more XD)

      1. what does that mean? Don’t wanna look it up cause it might be something I regret/

      2. what’s the difference between old fashioned hentai and new hentai? Less tentacles lol?

      3. No, its even more tentacles with tentacles within tentacles within tentacles and surprise buttsex with…
        Actually I’m just going to stop right there…

  2. who would really buy this shit, already nintendo fanboys would abuse their credit cards to buy $200 toys as usually.

    1. I’ve bought 2 things from f4f. The ryo hazuki figure and the tanooki mario. The figures in the UK store are from that line.

    2. You wanted a Zelda poster, so I wonder why your being hypocritical…again. Oh yeah, that’s right because in your head, the wheel is still spinning, but the hamster is dead. Figures much.
      You sure love to keep on repeatedly exposing yourself.

    3. $200 for an action figure is barely anything some people spend well over a thousand on 1 broke bitch poor nig

      1. ” some people spend well over a thousand on 1 broke bitch poor nig”
        racist nintendrone confirmed

      2. as a matter of fact as far as i know there’s no black character on naruTARD


      1. and what people is not sasori’s business!
        i mean, he want to kill me because i own a Wii U, he said that he will kill everybody here.
        and he does not have the balls!!!
        even, I heard that he will start a lonely riot this upcoming may 30th because he does not want people buying Mario Kart 8.

  3. These gifts where made to cater to the Jews of lower Manhattan. Fucking sickens me..

  4. That’s crazy expensive. And what’s with the gold-faced Link riding Epona?

  5. Nothing for Canada again.
    I would buy everything that has a Boo on it.

    1. I kind of agree.

      however I do think its Nintendo’s way to dig into this HORRIBLE gaming market.

      I hate living in it lol.
      fifa…cod……EVERY DAY I hear at school!!!!!!!!!

      ver rare and occasional games aside from those annual top 5 + smash /mk.

  6. Reggie Fils-Aimes deserves to be fired for not showing the US some love. I hope Iwata calls you into his office and as you walk In you hear grunting and panting only to find your wife sweating up a storm and making fuck faces as Iwata splits that plump “princess peach” oh hers and coins bangs it to a 1up!! And then looks you in the eye and says your fired “please understand”…

  7. Whow. wow. WOW. Is this happening? Is Nintendo seriously hyping people up for Metroid Prime?! God I hope this actually means something.

  8. We have pretty much all of those things, except for the huge figures, in stores here in Germany. I’ve seen all those shirts, keychains, wallets, bags etc. (and even more than what that online shop has, tbh) in one single electronics retail. There are a few other places that sell that stuff too.

  9. I understand Nintendo has a right to their intellectual property, but it’s still a little weird that they’ve removed all credit from the sculptors. From what I can see (at quick glance) there’s no reference to First4Figures in the listings. In fact, the F4F logo has been REMOVED from the images. Compare please:

    Ganondorf figure image from

    Ganondorf figure image from

    1. Info about Ganon figure says: “Working with the official Twilight Princess game files has allowed First 4 Figures to faithfully recreate Ganondorf’s distinct style and add fine detail.”

  10. Take a look at this really cool gadget called GoKey. It attaches to your key ring and can charge a phone with a built in battery, can locate your phone or keys with an app or button on the device, and it has a built in flash drive. I just bought the 32gb version of it and it only cost $59. Here’s the link.

  11. £189…. £282 wouah I just want to know who is the strategic pricing manager…… Hum for that price I can have a wii U and the bundle. Does mario kart bundle is £239??????

    With that money I can get a 32″ LED TV or 10 games…… Well it kind of show you that Nintendo UK is really sh*t and don’t have a sense of reality.

  12. Metroid prime ship costs:$299.99 + $45 shipping if you live in UK and buy it from First 4 Figures. It’s not Nintendo UK’s fault.

    1. well I guess that Nintendo doing us a discount cause if I take the worst case scenario it will cost us £227.7…. hum I can get between 6 or 10 wii U games for that price…. go figure LOL

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