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Six First-Party Wii U Titles Have Sold Over 1 Million Units Since Console’s Launch

Along with Nintendo’s annual financial results, the company has also published software sales figures on its first-party titles. The gaming giant has detailed its six top-selling Wii U titles, which have all sold more than one million units. Top of the board is New Super Mario Bros. U – a launch game for the home console in November 2012 – which has sold 4.16 million units worldwide.

Meanwhile, the stellar Nintendo Land has sold 3.09 million units and last year’s holiday title Super Mario 3D World totals 2.17 million units worldwide. There are also three other first-party Wii U titles, which have all sold over one million units from a culmination in bundled deals and downloadable software – New Super Luigi U with 1.76 million units, Wii Party U with 1.35 million units and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD coming in with 1.22 million units sold.

The runaway 3DS title from sales this year is, of course, Pokemon X and Y with a staggering 12.26 million units sold worldwide, though Mario Kart 7 creeps close with 9.62 million units over a number of years. As Nintendo announced in its 2013-14 fiscal results, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds sold 2.51 million units in total, while Mario and Luigi: Dream Team went on to sell 2.08 million units last year.

As can be seen, there’s a number of positives to be gleaned from Nintendo’s tough situation at the moment, plus we’ll hopefully see Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros in amongst these top-selling titles within the 2014-15 fiscal year.

23 thoughts on “Six First-Party Wii U Titles Have Sold Over 1 Million Units Since Console’s Launch”

    1. These sales does not really seem that bad and I believe that Nintendo is finally starting to make a profit off of the Wii U due to its strong 1st party software.

  1. Super Mario 3D World is the best Wii U game. It definitely deserves over a million sales! And Wii Party U did too? AND New Super Luigi U? $30 DLC sold over a million? Dayum… I can just imagine how Mario Kart 8 will sell. Especially with the new bundle. :)

  2. 3Ds for me was and still is the best handheld and videogame that I ever had, the library is perfect, the games are so fun, I’m not surprised for the total sales of its games..3DS is a total success.
    And besides WiiU hasn’t had a good hardware sales, the games have sold good. And WiiU has a lot of potential.

  3. Nintendo games still sell, even on a console very few own. Expect Mario Kart 8 to probably be top of that list by the end of this year.

  4. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze was awesome…clearly you haven’t played or seen it in person. It might not have sold many Wii U’s but it definitely will continue to sell, even if it is at a slow rate. Nintendo games are evergreen products.

    1. Well, maybe. I don’t think Donkey Kong sells that well compared to other Nintendo franchises, but it’s worth a try. I have never been interested in Donkey Kong until Tropical Freeze.

    2. I was interested but for some reason i don’t like new Donkey Kong games. Playing Tropical Freeze with friends is just horrible. I liked how in original Donkey Kong Country you had to find a barrel to get your friend back in game and you saved your lives all the ways possible. Now i buy 50 lives for harder stages because i loose lives all the time when my friend drops to holes in stages. I really hate those minecart and flying stages where i will loose 2 lives everytime i hit something and second player has no use at all.

  5. Im a day 1 ps4 owner but its just putting out games that are also on ps3 or could have been and im getting a steam box asap but im completely done with xbox after 1 yrs

  6. The sales doesn’t seem so bad for a year long term. In due time, those sales numbers will go up.

  7. “Donkey Kong: Coconut Inferno (2015) will do a lot better, so stay tune for more info at this year’s E3.”

    -Retro Studio’s janitor

  8. I never liked donkey kong or even the characters or donkey kong games at all in the past, but never got to play one except donkey kong 64. Anyways, I saw DK tropical freeze for wii u and I thought I looked good and when gamestop had an in store demo, I went and tried. After that I was instantly hooked to the series. I already beat it and it is such a great game with amazing graphics. Now I love donkey kong and everything about it ^_^

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