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Nintendo Details Console Sales From NES To Wii U In Handy Infographic

nintendo_infographic_generationWith the publication of Nintendo’s 2013-14 financial results, the company has posted a handy infographic detailing each console generation’s life-to-date sales. Beginning from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the corporation’s current home console the Wii U, Nintendo has posted lifetime hardware and software sales for each device, including handhelds.

The current generation of consoles, namely the Wii U and 3DS have garnered the lowest sales, which is to be expected given that they are the newest consoles.  It’s also in due part to the number of rising smart phones and tablets Nintendo’s core market have acquired, as well as a number of other economic factors.

Currently all software sales have exceeded 100 million units, bar from Nintendo’s current home console. However, according to its financial report, Nintendo is hoping to rectify software sales by “enriching” the user’s experience on the Wii U GamePad and utilising its unique features through key software titles. You can take a look at the infographic above.


      1. I think I just had a boner…. thank you Richard for making my trip to the store to pre-order this even more awkward..

      1. NO, that 3DS is the king of video games, you wanna know why? Because you can experience all those new games like Zelda Albw,ReRevelations,BDFF etc. and all those amazing DS games like DqIX,DqIV-VI,MetroidPrimeHunters etc. on a single system and take it anywhere you GO!!!!!!!!

  1. the 3DS has a low software for each hardware sales compared to the other consols

    1. pretty much in line with the other handhelds

      it’s pretty obvious that software attach ratios are lower on handhelds in general

  2. hum saw that graph this morning, I just googled: “wii U sale sale to date” and that should be the first or 2 link. I was surprised by the sale of the super Famicom I would have though it will have hit 50 millions +. I though the game cube did better than N64 but get that one wrong (bad result from both console thou).

    I wish the Wii U will hit 50 millions units worldwide and sell 500 millions software. Can’t wait for Mario Kart, Zelda and X (playing xenoblade chronicle at the moment) to be release

  3. Wii U will have sold around 25 million by the end of its life…

    1. Sounds about right. I really hope Nintendo gets some new blood. Iwata and Reggie can take a different position in the company. This kind of misfire can’t happen twice.

      1. Iwata is the top of the hierarchy, no one can fire him unless enough investors decide to get him out

        Reggie actually seems to bring a certain “excitement factor” to the table

        Mario Kart will change everything, its the game everyone has been waiting so long to buy a Wii U for, if Mario Kart can’t save the Wii U’s commercial career, no game in existence can

      2. Like I said, only the Titans can decide ur Lord’s fate…

        I only want Lord Reggienator to put pressure on the Treehouse…

      3. Ah titans, so Iwata is the guy inside the walls, Investors are titans attacking there and Iwata with his friends Miyamoto,Reggie and Shibata are figthing against them but something happens to Iwata and he turns himself into Titan or investor if you prefer and fights the investors/Titans as a one of them. Man that would be a epic anime or manga.

      4. Indeed…

        What can a powerless Commander do on such situations…

        It’s useless…

      5. actually the board of directors can remove him.. the shareholdes (that is what you wanted to say i guess) cannot remove him.. they can voice their opinion about it but that’s about it

        i don’t think that reggie is the one to blame for the mishaps.. at the end of the day reggie is just small fries.. the real decision making happens in japan

      6. i wouldn’t expect stellar sales all of a sudden though

        it may be the saving grace of the system (financially that is.. i am very happy with my wii u as it is) but i don’t think anything, not even MK, can get the wii u even remotely in the vicinity of the wii’s success now

        but it may turn out to be a decently selling system yet

  4. What’s weird about this is that the GameCube and Wii both have phenomenal attach rates– the GameCube averages ten games sold for every console, and the Wii nine! And yet the GameCube is considered a misstep while the Wii was a smashing success. Also, this seems to disprove the myth that Wii sales were just old people who wanted Wii Sports, doesn’t it…

    1. I don’t know, I see it both ways. I see the core Nintendo Gamer having 20+ titles, yet the Grandma and Grandpa only having 2-3 (Wii Sports, Wii Play). The Wii did have tons of tremendous games though. The Wii U has solid amount so far, with the 2 biggest blockbusters set to hit this year (MK8, Smash). I think with both of those out, sales will spike for other Wii U titles (NSMB U, 3D World, Pikmin 3, W101, DKTF, etc)

  5. Tells how much great games Gamecube had. Almost 10 games sold for each console. :)

    1. Tell me about it. It’s my favorite console when it comes to the games. Tons of good quality games, I could make a long list of them…

      Which I will!!
      Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
      Tales of Symphonia
      Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
      The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
      The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
      Super Smash Bros. Melee
      Super Mario Sunshine
      F-Zero GX
      Kirby Air Ride
      Pikmin 2
      Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
      Final Fantasy: Chrystal Chronicles
      Luigi’s Mansion
      Starfox Adventures (I liked this game, to some degree)
      Mario Party (lots of good memories, mostly from 4 and 5)
      1080: Avalanche

  6. People talk trash about wii u NOW, but let’s talk again one year from now after they’ve released Mario Kart 8, bayonetta 2, super smash bros, zelda wii u, yarn yoshi, hyrule warriors, xenoblade 2 and other titles coming.

    Games cure all, they will move consoles after these are released

    A HERO

    1. Good trolling dear sir, but I can’t keep a straight face without laughing at the fact Sasori is a social reject

  8. What about the Virtual Boy? It sold 770k units. They should have included that to make the WiiU sales look better…

    1. So much for the Game Theorist Theory that that the Wii U would be the next Virtual Boy XD

  9. The graphic that is most telling is the regions graphics. The US sales (for Wii U and 3DS) are bad compared to all generation, while Europe and Japan seem to be on target with past generations.

  10. @rukia trap, how old is the DS?

    How long is the 3ds on the market? If there’s a new handhekd coming over 2/3 year. Then reach the 3ds the DS.

  11. WiiU has a pretty amazing tie-ratio.. and third parties say there’s no money to be made…

    1. You seem quite SMART for someone that has done so little research on said subject.

  12. an attach ratio of almost 9 for the wii? never knew

    even if you substract 1 for wii sports that’s still a very good ratio

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