Nintendo America Shows Off Three Mario Kart 8 Commercials

Nintendo of America has uploaded three lovely Mario Kart 8 TV commercials that should certainly be watched. The first commercial – which we published earlier – showcases the game’s unique feature, the anti gravity mode. The others two trailers showcase the Boomerang Flower and the immensely handy, Super Horn. You can watch all three videos, below.

Thanks, N Dub Nation


      1. Not even, we still got Smash, and then Zelda. And then X. If those fail theb yeah the wii u is dead.

      2. Who cares though? Only trolls do tbh. It’s all about getting fun and enjoying the console and it’s great games. What’s the point of trashing a video game console? That’s just sad and pointless.

      3. It will pick up but wii u needs just a steady stream it will pick up in the holidays mk 8 is just the start

          1. Virtual Boy is close to over two decades ago. And the Gamecube wasn’t a big success but it wasn’t a failure either. Besides, even if the GCN can be counted as a failure, 2 failures spread so many years apart is not going to destroy a company. But by all means, keep dreaming! I can’t stop me.


      Also, when does Mario Kart 8 release? I should preorder that soon.

  1. Hopefully they show these commercials on more than just Cartoon Network. Show it on about 500 channels. Make them see. Make them SEE!!! MAKE THEM SEE THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey SickR a update is available for 3DS it made my pretty fast I do say so my self Damn the eshop loads fast

  3. there will be 1 more.

    but they NEED LONGER comercials as well……on the MAIN channels and at EU too D:

  4. Do I need to buy the dumb-looking tablet to play Mario Kart 8 or can I just use the regular controllers?

    1. 1 its obvious youve never had one in your hands if you think its a dumb looking tablet. 2 it come with every wiiU so no you dont have to buy it but when navigation on a wiiu your gonna need it. 3 nintendo has multiple controllers to choose from so you dont have to use the gamepad while playing mk but its not a bad option.

    2. You can use the Wii remote, Wii wheel, Wii U Pro Controller, and the Gamepad to play this game.

    3. You can use a Wii Mote, Gamepad, or Pro Controller. Gamepad is the best controller out there excluding its battery life. The Wii U wouldn’t even work if the Gamepad wasn’t present.

      1. acting like some afro ninja, and making videos about comments….That intros gold sir

    1. It was going so well until the end… he had to mention Nintendo didn’t he.. A leopard never changes it’s spots I guess -_-

      the Pokemon community is still very much alive and X/Y did actually save Nintendo from losing even more money because it’s best to have one console succeed than have both of them fail.

      1. Yeah I agree with the whole Minecart thing, but everything else.. no. We’ll see once MK 8 comes out. Maybe he’ll change for good?

        He says he’ll never buy it but we’ll see, we’ll see.

    2. this guy doen’s know what he’s talking about even though I agree minecraft let’s plays are spammed over youtube

    3. “It’s just like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, when will that die off already?….Actually I enjoy Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it’s a fun simulator.”

      HAHA…Every sentence that comes out of this kids mouth just contradicts himself.

      1. Yeah! He’s been saying “I might return this or I might return that, who knows”, for the last 5 or so videos, but he’s never returned back the games he hates! (Mario 3D World, NSMBU)

  5. Clearly Nintendo believes this is the game to bring back Wii U as they have never gone this hard on a single game before… like ever. Mario Kart 8 has gotten more advertisements in a single day than the Wii U has gotten in a whole year.

  6. Main objectives to get on Wii U–

    1. Mario Kart 8
    2. Bayonetta 2
    3. Sonic Boom (Big Red Button)
    4. Xenogears: Origins
    5. Super Smash Bros. U

    1. 1.Mario kart sell like 10k
      2.Bayonetta2….like wonderful fail 101 only 3 games sold
      3.Again Nintendofags dont buy 3rd party
      4.Nintendrones dont got Xenoblade on Wii=Xenogears:Fail
      5.Super Smash comes out before the Weak U version and so no one is Gonna buy it
      6.Nintendo is done #Confirmed

      1. Actually, Nintendo has more money than Microsoft and Sony… just saying…

  7. These could have been worse. I hope Nintendo caters to the violent side of Americans.

    1. What is the violent side of America?…

      There is no calm side…

  8. I like how they showed the Gamepad and Wii U console right next to each other, and boldly stated “ONLY FOR WII U”. This is key.

  9. Eh, the commercials could of done better. Its all cheesy and dumb at first then later it became better like a badass Nintendo commercial should be. Like what the hell? Did they had like two directors making the commercial? One good and one bad?

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