Swords & Soldiers HD For Wii U Arrives In Europe And North America On May 22

Two Tribes has officially announced a release date for Swords & Soldiers HD. The upcoming remake of the side-scrolling strategy game was reportedly due for release this week, according to a Wii U eShop listing. But the Toki Tori developer has now detailed the game will arrive on Wii U on May 22, in both North America and Europe.

Launching for the minuscule price of $2.99 / €2.99 in the eShop, fans will be able to enjoy the game in lovely high-definition. The game also features a custom touch scheme on the Wii U’s GamePad, as well as a multiplayer mode playable on the GamePad and TV.


    1. True, but it looks like it might br my kind of games. After Rush and Toki Tori 2 (and not Edge…), I’ve started liking Two Tribes!

      1. Yes. everyone has different tastes ^-^. I have no doubt it will be good and fun, but i dont think it’ll be as unique as much as games like child of light, or other special gameplay elements in upcoming or past indies, cloud berry kingdom was fun but not a must buy aswell. > .>

      2. No, i’s not unique at all, from the trailer I saw. But if it’s cheap, I’ll get it. It’s very similiar to the flash games one can play online for free, only with more work put into it.

        I’m still not 100% sold on Child of Light, thwy should make a demo! Looks good, though!

      3. There are demos for child of light on every console the game is on,except wiiu… sigh as if it’s hard to get demos on Nintendo consoles, at least 1 demo each 2 weeks? is that too much to ask for

      4. Have I seen you in IGN before? I’m not sure… Just thought I saw that username there before

      5. I have the same name there, yeah. I think my picture is a blue Royal Crest from Zelda!

  1. I enjoyed this game on the Wii and even got some life out of the multiplayer mode. The Wiimote is not my preferred controller, but I beat the game with it regardless and had fun. Even with the advanced Gamepad functionality, (kudos to you Two Tribes for adding this by the way it really adds to the game) I wasn’t going to get the game again due to budget. Then I saw it was only going to be 3 dollars. That is certainly going to be hard to say no to. Playing with the touch screen is going to be great, Gamepad/TV multiplayer is going to be great, 3 dollars is well worth it for this game regardless if you had the Wiiware version or not.

    As for Child of Light… The choice can be made simply. Do you really like RPGs? Well get this game and play on the harder setting. The RPG elements are similar to Paper Mario and are solid. Do you like pretty graphics, beautiful music, fantasy stuff in general, or old school gameplay? Get this game and maybe play on the easier setting. It’s a fantastic game, and a casual player can even join in and make use of the firefly with you. To say more about the difficulty, the easier setting is lacking in challenge, and the other one make sure not to omit it even early on. I think that most all experience gamers will want to go for the harder setting though or the fighting may get boring. The game has a good design for healing, auto-saves all the time, and the many boss battle deaths you will have will not punish you much if at all. This is a perfect game to challenge yourself with, you can’t get frustrated while also being a man.

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