Take-Two Says Nintendo Is Still An “Important Business Partner”

Take-Two Interactive has commented on its relationship with Nintendo. Speaking to GamesIndustry, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said Nintendo is still an “important business partner.” The executive added that his company hasn’t divulged its latest plans concerning Nintendo. Earlier this week, however, Zelnick revealed that Take-Two subsidiary and Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games has a new project in development for the “new generation of systems.”

Nintendo is still an “important business partner,” said Zelnick, but “we haven’t talked much about it and have nothing announced at the moment.”


      1. Um…………(idk what to say about your post)
        (moving on…)
        A lot of developers say they still have relevant relations with Nin, it’s likely cuz they don’t want to rule them out in order to stay “relevant”.


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      1. Oh fuck I would dance all freaking night happy like a proud schoolgirl and will buy the port on day one, gimped/DLC- less or not. XD Although I hope a fully complete GTA5 Wii U port will happen.


  1. I don’t care. Show me the games or gtfo. Also, off topic. Has anyone noticed “Sasori” hasn’t commented in like the last past few articles? Did.. Did he finally come to his senses?! 0.0


      1. I really hope you notice what you are doing to the gay community by making comments like this. If you think you’re funny, you must have some kind of mental issue.


      1. I couldn’t stop laughing whhen I first watched his videos. It’s too funny. Lol. He sits in his cage all day making Nintendo hater videos and dreaming about his beloved Xbox that he will never have until he gets a job. XD XDD


      2. WTF is up with the intro? Was a swinging a plastic sword or something? XD And when he showed GTA V Xbox 360, I died. I need to stop watching these before I die of laughter.


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    1. Ever since the MK8 1080p news, he’s been living in the shadows only wanting to pop up a few times before hiding like a bitch again.

      Doesn’t matter if he grew back his brain, he’s still a major sore loser troll and a nobody.


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  3. So glad take-two is liking on Nintendo now. Now I can you take-two penises in the ass now. Thanks 👅💙💋mmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmm


    1. You know it! Ahhhhh the love of gameplay, truly there is nothing better in the world of gamers then having the greatness at your hands, the power to crush your foes into the oblivion, race to you’re hearts content, adventure to the unknown while at home, such beauty!



      1. who else have the money to make exclusive Sony ? Microsoft? the first is selling his own clothes to make profit next year and the later they lost their way with Xbox One they removed the kinect.


      2. Keep dreaming that we’re all “babies” compared to such a “big, strong, mature adult” such as yourself. xD Anyway, even if a GTA game is never a Nintendo exclusive, it doesn’t matter since Nintendo has games that are just as good, if not better, as GTA. Besides, I can just get a Playstation for a GTA game. The console needs something 3rd party that I like to play on it, after all.


  4. How, though? They haven’t done business in forever, so in what way are they still business partners? I think a word is missing in their statement. It would make sense if they said “Nintendo is still a ‘potential’ business partner.”


    1. maybe they are cooking something in the backstage you know nintendo to be inclined to not reveal nothing until is almost finish,


      1. Yeah, but they made the same exact quote back when everyone was wondering if GTAV was coming to Wii U…. look how that turned out.

        I think Take Two’s quotes about Nintendo are only to get Nintendo fans off their back. They really don’t plan on working with Nintendo unless Nintendo comes out with a system they would like to work with.


  5. Take2 could revitalize their Nintendo relationship even with ports, for starters. NBA 2K13 Wii U could have been followed up by another AAA title but they didn’t, instead they joined the EA bandwagon.

    Probably Nintendo’s recent announcement gave a positive vibe.


  6. gta 5 on U, would be the best version.
    read, sms, mails etc. on the tablett not on the screen.
    my screen is to fare away.
    i cabt read the mission stuff etc.
    GTA U its a dream.
    or maybe Mushroom GTA
    in toadsland with all nintendo characters :-)


  7. Watch, EA, Ubisoft and many of the other publish that didn’t want their games on the Nintendo Platform will start making games for the Wii U again.

    Watch, The Division, Battlefield 5, Star Wars: Battlefront 3, Evolve, Fallout 4 and so on will be coming to the Wii U thanks to Mario Kart 8 topping the pre-order charts.


    1. And we will not buy Electron garbage…

      Let them waste resources on our machines until they fall into ruins ahahahahahaahahah…


      1. If that’s the case then Nintendo won’t be getting any third parties at ALL even on their next console if we don’t support the devs. It’s a double edged sword my friend.


      2. I don’t buy games just to support a corrupted ignorant biased empire like the Electrons…
        If Ubisoft makes the worst version of Watch Dogs for Wii U, I’m done with them aswell unless they bring Prince of Persia to it…


      3. Sooo you wouldn’t even support the actually good devs? I hate EA just like you but I want to support the devs that create the games, that’s if it’s any good of course.


      4. Anything connected to the Electrons is off limits…

        Sorry for the developers that are good and are not corrupted but the money still goes to the Electron Army…


      5. Not much of the money though, some developers actually get paid MORE than the publishers they are with a times…. EA probably steals most of it but with the likes of Ubisoft, Bethesda and so on, they mainly give half or more of the money to the devs


  8. Yes yes now make games for our holy machines…

    Nintendo Commander’s Assistant
    Nintendo Commander Phazon
    Nintendo Commander Blarg
    1st Nintendo Commander Fouraxis
    Nintendo Commander Dick Siemens

    This is how a God or an Alien must feel like…


  9. Well, well, well, looky here. Mario Kart 8 running in 1080p at 60 fps even with multiple players… looks like Sasori has some explaining to do ;)


    1. OoOoOoh so the game’s already been released? wats that? It hasn’t? then how can u draw a hard conclusion from a demo.


      1. Only a casual noob or Xbot would cancel a Pre-order because of that sentence…

        This is why the gaming universe is going downhill because of noobs that can’t even have fun without winning 100% all the time…


      2. Stfu Blue Shell spammer go to hell.Nintendo makes the game easier for all the lil kiddos im gonna sell my wiiu and get another console im sick of the shitty nintendo community.


      3. You call “not easier to be first” easier?…

        Somebody get this Xbot an education…

        It’s so the opposite…

        Only a true gamer would stay first all the time or almost while having all these weapons against it and not complain…


      4. Funny how you call people that dont agree with you Xbots or casual.What is this avatar btw a Robot monkey from planet of monkeys ?


      5. Because that’s what you all are…

        Can’t even take the smallest of challenges without crying like a baby and rage…


        Only a Nintendo fan and Nintendo lovers knows what it is…


      6. thats why games like wonderful 101 and ninja gaiden dont sell on the wiiu because all the ninteno Lovers and fans dont wont to have a true challenge.Nintendo games are not that hard IMO.


      7. Still harder than the rest of the crap…

        And I will buy TW101 whenever I can because I’m not a noob…


      8. He probably dies on the first level of the original Mario Brothers game, leave him alone.


      9. Exactly, Snowman. If you reach that point where you can’t catch up, it’s time to restart the race. If it happens again & again & again in consecutive rows, it’s not the game, it’s you.


      10. I don’t know if you’ve read it yet but I’m getting my Wii U in mid-june…

        Prepare to be boarded, hoarded, cornered and owned!


      11. You do know you can destroy the blue shell, also note this… IT’S HARDER TO STAY IN FIRST PLACE… meaning kids won’t be able to stay in first place constantly so in other words.

        Your score is :
        Casual Granny Driver :D



      12. And yrt when they do deliver a challenge, lets say DKC, you fuckers still bitch about not being able to beat a level without dying once.

        This goes to show that you don’t know shit about challenging or easy games anymore. But rather play COD camping in a fucking corner all day thinking you’re the best.

        Bitch please! XD


      13. Wow. Not buying a gamr because you’re afraid of a little challenge? ^^;

        You’re such a dumb pussy, a COD kind of dumb pussy. XP


      14. I don’t know what shitty demos you’ve played, but the demos for the games I’ve played were always just as good as the full game. The best demos out there are ones that are a small piece of the actual game removed as a short play to entice people to buy the game. You must have Nintendo’s demos mistaken for shitty 3rd party demos that trick people into thinking the actual game is as good as, if not better, than the demo.


    2. What explanation he’s got?

      “Mario Kart suks, its a rehash, 720p confirmed” XD Please.

      I bet he’s stupid brokeback gorilla ass is hiding in shame and I hope he stays there.

      Mario Kart 8 is gonna rock all the hater’s world. I guarantee it.


  10. This information comes from person, who works at Nintendo Europe in Germany and prepares few elements for upcoming show. Sorry for my English, it’s not my native language.

    Nintendo Digital Event will be something between Nintendo Direct, and classic E3 stage show. This will be something like TV Show hosting by Nintendo executives (Iwata, Shibata, Reggie etc.) and with live audience (most of them will be Nintendo employees).

    Nintendo knows, that upcoming E3 is the last moment for saving Wii U, so most of the time, they gonna tell about Wii U games, but of course there will be time for 3DS games too.

    They gonna be two biggest stars of the show: new Zelda game, and Smash Bros (especially for Wii U).

    WII U

    New Zelda game – As they said, Nintendo will finally show us brand new Wii U Zelda. They gonna show us CGI trailer, and also a few minutes of gameplay. It will be true open world Zelda (Elder Scrolls style). It will have two regions, one dark and edgy. Second more colorful, just like Skyward Sword. Game will be playable at E3. Release date: 2015.

    Smash Bros Wii U/3DS – They will reveal release dates for both versions (SB Wii U in November). Show more gameplay, and presents all fighters and stages. They will also talk about Smash DLC and NFC Figures.

    Monolith Soft X (Xenoworld) – Open world jrpg with story mode and cooperation similar to Monster Hunter Games. You can play it alone with AI companions. Release date winter 2014 in Japan and march 2015 in the west.

    Bayonetta 2 – Trailer and release date (fall 2014)

    FExSMT/Yarn Yoshi – first trailers and release dates (first half of 2015)

    Hyrule Warriors – first trailer, release date is October 2014. Hyrule Warriors is final title.

    Fatal Frame/Project Zero – first CGI trailer, “coming soon”

    Retro Studios Game – New IP, sci-fi action adventure game, first CGI trailer, “coming soon”

    New Miyamoto’s game – Lots of Gamepad and NFC gimmicks.

    Mario Party U – Nintendo’s holiday game for casual gamers, classic Mario Party, but with NFC figurines.

    Pokken – first trailer, Pokemon fighting game from Namco, 2015


    Smash Bros – more details about 3DS version

    Pokemon Omega Ruby/Apha Saphire – trailer, details about game

    Tomodachi Life – trailer, details

    Yokai Watch/Dragon Quest VII – west release announcement, trailers, details and release dates (autumn-winter 2014)

    Metroid 3DS – developed by Next Level Games, classic 2.5D Metroid, trailer, release date: December 2014


    Star Fox – reboot of the series, developed by Platinum Games. First trailer, CGI and gameplay. Game is mix of Star Fox Adventures and classic Star Fox games. Release date: 2015.


      1. Oh hi fake Ice guy :D

        I see you’re trying to disguise yourself as a different person this time, that fedora must be stuck on there tight XD


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