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Filsamech SpotPass Mii Visiting Nintendo 3DS Owners


Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime’s alter ego Filsamech is appearing on Nintendo 3DS owners console’s. The ultra-cool Filsamech Mii is visiting to inform Nintendo 3DS owners that Nintendo’s E3 digital conference is happening on June 10th at 9am PT. Have you had a visit from Filsamech?

Thanks to those who sent this in.


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    1. You need to make sure your Spotpass is turned on. And if you have an internet connection, make sure your 3DS is set up with the same security key (or whatever it’s called). In other words, if your spotpass is enabled, and your 3DS is already set up with your internet connection, then I don’t know what the problem is?

      You can also receive the special Mii’s via Streetpass at places like McDonalds and other Nintendo-Zone locations. I always go to McDonalds when I want to get more Mii’s.

  5. Ok, this might sound strange, but let me know if you saw anything like this… i see the little blue dot on my Steet Pass Plaza that let me know i received a spot-pass character. Cool. I turn it on, Regi is there, great. BUT then i get a notice saying “Congratulations your Street Pass population as passed 500!” WHAT? it’s taken me over 3 years to amass over 300 street pass characters. How could i suddenly be over 500? so i glance down at my total population at the bottom of the screen and its well over 950!!! i found this very hard to believe, so i started scrolling up through my population. Sure enough, after the usual 300 and some that ive been accustomed to seeing over the years scroll pass i started seeing hundreds and hundreds of street pass characters ive never seen before! Anyone else seeing this? Also, they did not appear for me to play in any of the street pass games. they were just there.

    1. They got invited via invitation. I have no idea what that means, but I know what you’re talking about.

      1. I notice I get a lot via invitation after playing online with other miis, for example racing others or playing ghost data on MK7

      2. I notice I get a lot via invitation after playing online with other miis, for example racing others or playing ghost data on MK7

  6. Does he come to PAL 3DS because when I found out, I left my 3DS on and he hasn’t come yet

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