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Ubisoft Is Warning Gamers About False Watch Dogs Reviews

Ubisoft has taken to Twitter to warn consumers that there are false Watch Dogs reviews floating around the web. The video game company states that the embargo for reviews of the game is May 27th, which is the day the game releases on the majority of formats. A Watch Dogs review leaked yesterday from WCCF Tech which is reportedly based on the beta.

95 thoughts on “Ubisoft Is Warning Gamers About False Watch Dogs Reviews”

        1. I’m going to side with Rafael on this matter. Publishers that hold embargoes until the last minute know their game is going to get ripped online which always affects sales; I’ve been a witness to this behavior since the early 2000’s.

          1. Didn’t Mario 3D World have a sane day release date embargo?

            Same day embargo’s don’t always mean the game is bad. Sometimes embargo’s are just that.

            1. The 3d world embargo was 3 days before release. That`s a big difference to same day as release. Ubi is worried about pre-order cancellations. nintendo had confidence in Mario Kart and believed early Embargo would create more pre-orders.

            2. Nintendo usually does an embargo for a game’s review till a few days before release and post game content on release.

          1. If the game was a 8-9 out of ten game then the Embargo would be set to sell more pre-orders. As it is it appears as though they are worried about pre-order cancellations.

        1. After they just boldly announce selling 6 million in undisclosed time?

          I feel they’re only denying reviews if they hear at least one negative part of it. Mario Kart 8 isn’t perfect either and has a couple of drawbacks but do you hear Nintendo popping out saying “its all false” BS?

          The other review I read about Watchdogs was saying the single player is overall great but multiplayer can get repetitive over time which is always a typical criticism you hear in most games with multiplayer mode. After hearing that, Ubisoft suspiciously goes into damage control mode and saying its all fake…the review sounds pretty legit to me.

          Ubisoft is becoming another sad 3rd party that lives in its own bubble and hate anything going against what they want to believe in. Sounds very much like Microsoft with Xbox One reveal/E3 last year.

          1. But if the reviews are based on the betA, then they aren’t real. You fan boys are the ones living in bubbles.

            1. They posted an actual picture album of their retail copy. It’s a legit copy. And they never signed an NDA.

            2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              Every time I hear someone use the term “fanboy” to describe a Nintendo fan, it comes off as the person using it trying to make their own opinion seem superior while making the one with a different opinion seem invalid.

            3. Speaking of bubbles, get put of yours and stop thinking Ubisoft isn’t damage controlling due to worrying that Watchdogs isn’t gonna sell to their expectations because of delays and Mario Kart 8 coming.

            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              Reviewers are allowed to play a copy of the actual game if they belong to a trusted website like say IGN.

        2. Lack of confidence . I have ben telling Ubisoft about hacks and trainers cheating in the game for months and they have done nothing .

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      I thought this was a joke by Ubisoft to promote the game. I’m still thinking it is…

    1. But the only negative thing about the reviews of Watchdogs is the hacking mechanic being dull and multiplayer grows repetitive in time.

      That’s it. They did praise the single being great but Ubisoft hearing one or two little criticism and they into berserk damage control mode saying its all false which I have a feeling that the reviews are right and Ubisoft is only sweeping facts under the rug because they know Watchdogs isn’t gonna meet expectations as they though so damage control plus delaying review dates while possibly bribing to rig reviews also = fake reviews itself.

      This is pretty pathetic of Ubisoft.

        1. Now you’re damage controlling their damage control.

          The reviews did spoke about single player being great while calling multiplayer repeptitive after a while. That doesn’t sound like a fake review to me. Its most likely expected and Ubisoft is saying is fake to control the game’s sales and expectations at the last minute.

      1. Finally got my account back.

        Also, if I’m a “Nintendrone”… then why do I play on all platforms?
        In other words, nice damage control Nostalgia_w but people know you sucked Ubisoft off for it so I give you a score of:


        Just because damage control ;)

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            xD Have you said one positive thing about Nintendo on this site ever? If not, you come off as just another troll in my eyes. Why else would you be on a Nintendo site where most of the people here will be Nintendo fans & say nothing but negative things unless you were just another troll seeking some attention?

          2. Now looks who “NOT” damage controlling.

            And speaking of the last thing you said, you’re more wrong than Sasori who is just being stupid.

            Watchdogs is coming to Wii U smartass, Best Buy rumored it to come next month.

            Learn how to pay attention and stop sounding like a fanboy yourself hypocrite.

          3. WeakU? lol

            Mario Kart 8, the first native 1080p/60FPS game of the 8th gen resents that dumb statement. :3

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    -Maximum Ubisoftian damage control detected-

    -Research complete…-

    -Ubisoftian butthurt confirmed-

  2. Oh this is just too funny to read. XD Hackers hacking website to make “fake” reviews…

    I believe Ubisoft is getting desperate and shift into mamimum danage control because they know the game is gonna half-bomb itself being an overhyped GTA clone with hacking gimmick.

    Keep it up Ubisoft because we know how patchetic you are these days and this is what you get for screwing Nintendo/Wii U fans one time too many. Now watch and weep when Mario Kart 8 busts through the door and shits on you and your so called “anticipated” 6 million seller game.

    One word summary: Karma.

    1. This isn’t a GTA clone though. You don’t kill for mindless fun. It’s all for a purpose. I don’t know how well this game is gonna sell honestly, but it’ll probably sell decently. Oh, and speaking of Mario Kart 8, I just got 7 for 3DS, and it is not as good as I thought it would be… Mario Kart 8 looks AMAZING compared to 7. ._.

      1. floppy hoppy and the bullet skillet

        Maybe cause one is 3ds and other wii u… hmm… idk… that could be it.

      2. Open world sandbox + Playing as a criminal/vigilante + Guns + Hijacking/hacking vehicles + killing bad guys and civilians at will + Robbing money = GTA. Yup. I notice such a difference between games there. :/

        Mario Kart 7 is of course a portable game and may not be the best but its good enough for 3DS. :) Of course 8 is gonna make 7 look like child’s play.

      1. It clearly was not the beta, however. The reviewer played in areas in Single Player that were not in the beta, which was Multiplayer only.

      2. Its not beta genius but an early release of a game.

        And the dude reviewing only criticized the multiplayer being repetitive in time. Ubisoft jumped the gun to control the reception. Nothing but desperation I sense in them. If they hadn’t screwed Wii U again, they would’ve been fine and maybe forgiven.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          If no online multiplayer then still no…

          Only if it’s as good or better than the other current generation machines will I go back to a neutral/hostile state than my current extreme hostile one…

          But the probability of it being that good is about 5.7%…

      1. I would but wait until its preowned so they won’t get my money at all and if it sucks which I know it will due to being possibly gimped, I return that GTA cloned turd and it’ll be the very last thing I touch from Ubidorks.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Well it’s about the same since they won’t get your money…

          If they continue down this path, they’ll become like the Electron Army…

    1. Except it ain’t gonna sell shit there. Everybody is gonna be busy enjoying MK8 at full 1080p so why would anyone bother with this crap especially after Ubisoft pulled another pointless Rayman delay on Wii U fans.

      1. Can we stop with the “omg 1080p!” Crap, already?
        I know that mario kart looks great, but it’s the gameplay that will make it sell.
        I’m getting sick of all the swooning over 1080p. Let’s leave that to the brain-dead sparkle-loving-raccoon fanboys, shall we?

  3. I’m starting to feel bad for the people that are like really anticipating this game because it’s going to be just garbage

    1. Maybe its a good thing the Wii U version is delayed so then when we hear that it sucks or incomplete with bugs and lags, everybody on Wii U side will be safe to know about the game and not waste a cent and mimute on it plus MK8..nuff said.

    1. Actually sounds legit. They pretty much praised the single player and only criticized the hacking being pointless or not fully implemented in a clever way and the multiplayer being repetitive over time.

      Sounds pretty much a straightforward review to me and Ubisoft sounds suspicious and ironic by calling the reviews a fake and hacked by unknown source of how is that BS even gonna stick? I know Ubisoft is trying to sweep truthful reviews under the rugs for launch date which that doesn’t make sense to do. Why delay reviews for the same date as the game launch when its only gonna make people decide or deny late about getting the game plus what are the chances that Ubisoft is gonna rig reviews by paying people to only say good things about it just like what EA did with some mobile freemium garbage app I forgot its name.

        1. Look at the mirror and tell yourself the same thing repeatedly because I smell strong hypocrisy in you.

  4. They are just pissed off that it got a 7 and they want it to get 9s and be bigger than GTA V. And now they are using this, using the word “hacker” to promote the game.

    I’ve lost respect from Ubisoft with this game, they have this big ego with the game “We’re gonna sell 6 million!” and then put the PS4 and Xbox One versions first than the Wii U to treat them specially since they know those are the gamers that buy these kind of games, and then put the Nintendo fans aside and then they try to say they are “giving” more work to the Wii U version but it’ll still be the same shit.

    I hope when the “real” reviews come, it do gets 7s so they shut up about this game and for having such an ego about it and put Nintendo fans last they learn their lesson! And funny how a bad review appears and they say it’s not legit, damage control much?

    1. Ubisoft will never learn. This is the same mistake repeated from Rayman Legends and do you honestly expect them to learn from that and after this when their plans blow up in their face again? No.

      This is my standing as a Nintendo fan: Ubisoft has gone off the deep end and I’m not supporting them just to repeat the same BS again and turn their franchises into CODs themselves by milking them annually. This year is the last time I’m touching anything from Ubisoft. Shoving Wii U fans aside repeatedly while obviously lying in everyone’s face that they somehow care and see potential in Wii gone out the window.

      I really do hope this game falls flat on its face to shut Ubisoft up like Rayman did which was their own fault. They’re becoming another EA, nuff said.

  5. Now now, everyone, let’s wait for the official reviews, which had me thinking, How is it possible that they made the Review for Mario Kart 8 if Watch Dogs comes out first? let’s not forget the marketing of this game and it’s hype was huge and any media gamer would love to do the first review.

  6. I don’t get it. Why is everyone bashing on the game? It’s been in development for 5 years guys, and it hasn’t even been released yet. Give Ubisoft a break.

    1. a game developed 5years ago it should have come to ps3/360 they delayed so they can ported to ps4/xboxone and deceive people that watchdogs is a next gen game when is clearly not.

    2. Not only delayed it twice which killed the hype but its also Ubisoft shining moment when they screwed Wii U fans for the second time not having this game the same day without explaining why they only pushed Wii U version from the others.

      So yeah. There you have it. Ubisoft has a dumb, cocky ego of talking about having a huge dick without showing it and turning down what’s more important just to become the next EA/Activision.

  7. This is probably a viral campaign. They claim that “hackers” have “infiltrated” their system. Yup, this is definitely a viral campaign set up to promote Watch Dogs. And, yes, it WILL sell 6 million. WD is the spiritual successor to the AC series, the same way the AC series is the spiritual successor to PoP series. This game means a lot to Ubisoft, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. AC1 was not perfect but it set up a glorious foundation for numerous iterations.

    1. The sad part is that, of the three, PoP was the only good one, IMO. AC is a PoP ripoff, and W_D is an AC ripoff. W_D is a ripoff of a ripoff. Honestly, still my opinion of course, Ubisoft hasn’t had a good game they made since PoP.

  8. Yeah those bad reviews? Just ignore those, totally fake. The game is great.

    The great reviews we bought from IGN and Gamespot will be released on May 27th. Please go by those reviews.

  9. At first I was hyped for this game but Ubisoft is putting this game in your face everyday, I’m no longer interested like I used to. Watch Dogs doesn’t feel fresh anymore.

  10. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    Is this true? Or is this just Ubisoft trying to damage control the bad reviews? Either way, it matters little to me since I don’t really let reviews effect my decision. And that’s if I even still have an interest in getting Watch_Dogs for Wii U. As I’ve said a few times, I’ll only get Watch_Dogs for Wii U if it by some chance is better than the other versions. Maybe I’ll finally get Gamefly, so I don’t have to worry about ever being burned by a bad game again. Sorry, Ubisoft, but you screwed yourself out of one person buying the game on Day 1 of it’s Wii U release with yet another immoral decision.

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