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Wii Sports Club Getting Boxed Release In Japan, Also Has Baseball And Boxing


A packaged version of Wii Sports Club is coming to Japan on July 17th. The physical copy of the game will include golf, bowling, tennis, baseball and boxing. Currently only golf, bowling, and tennis, are available on eShop, so hopefully baseball and boxing will be added soon. Nintendo has yet to confirm a western release for the package.

29 thoughts on “Wii Sports Club Getting Boxed Release In Japan, Also Has Baseball And Boxing”

  1. It’d be interesting to see how this sells compared to the original now that alot casuals are gone.

      1. Eh. I think the Party series is genuinely popular because it’s basically Mario Party without the Mario.

  2. holding the game pad in the air while you see a baseball coming at you using the gamepad as the glove the other player hits the ball using the TV screen with a wiimote… this is real next gaming. I give the N credit for holding back and not allowing Microsoft and Sony to know what the gamepad is really going to be used for

  3. I need to get resort again I bought it and I didn’t get a chance to play multiplayer with anybody and I traded it in and now I have more people coming around so I need to pick it up cause its so good

    1. I had it when I first got my Wii because I got the Wii fit bundle and this was included with it but I lost it so I bought it t a few weeks ago. The game is still great especially when you play it with a group of people !!

  4. I want the boxed version, HD and Online are too tempting but I refuse to buy the license separately

  5. We need this in America. I wouldn’t mind digital version but I feel more comfortable with a disc version.

  6. I’d rather just have the DLC versions. I wont be playing golf. and I rarely play baseball, I’ll just play the free 24hr pass and that’s it. Tennis, bowling and boxing are my favorite, so I’ll be playing those more. much better than paying $50 (or retail price of what looks like may be $49.99 with tax). I’d save +$20

  7. Cool might get it. Would be even better and a great seller if they added the popular games for sports resort as well but still good.

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