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Kirby: Triple Deluxe UK Review

The adorable pink puffball pulls us into his latest adventure on the Nintendo 3DS with a winning entry to the franchise. But as far as platform games go, this Kirby colour bonanza misses its opportunity to sparkle with repetitive boss fights and easy challenges.

After twelve games in the series, Hal Laboratory presents players with the thirteenth instalment in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. With four new copy abilities including Archer, Circus, Beetle and Bell, plus the phantasmagorical Hypernova mode, climbing up a beanstalk with Kirby is just as charming and pleasurable as its predecessors. And while its superb level design will bring bundles of joy to players of all ages, those with more experience may question where the game’s real challenge begins.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe’s story mode grants six playable areas with a total of 100 Sun Stones to collect. Though players won’t be breaking into a sweat under the Sun Stones heat, many are delightfully hidden and require an enemy ability to uncover. Amidst the glittering stones are equally enticing key chains, but aside from adding to the puzzle elements of the game, they merely serve as an accompaniment to the game’s completion.


Wouldn’t get a whiff of his breath if I were you, who knows what Kirby’s sucked up.

However, where the title really blooms is in Kirby’s Hypernova mode. This ridiculously fun mode is exhilarating to watch in breathtaking stereoscopic 3D.  And with its well-paced usage in levels, sucking up trees, trains and multiple enemies in such a voracious manner never gets old. It’s such a simple mechanic, yet it screams to the gluttonous inner child within, where even a gargantuan-sized eel doesn’t stand a chance against this addictive ability. Even though its main use is to suck up anything and everything standing in the puffball’s path, Hypernova mode is utilised fluidly in puzzles, whether it’s creating a wind storm to move a raft, or building a snowman, it still brings joyous results.

It’s no small feat to create a perfectly designed game, and though Kirby suffers from occasional blips – where weapons move through walls or the ground – Hal Laboratory has developed a stellar platform game. Stand-out levels such as Stage 3 in Endless Explosions present a clever change of pace as a copiously spiked wall advances, while Stage 4 in Lollipop Land enchants with a dastardly hall of mirrors, as well as music that mimics the circus’ creepy underlying tone.

But as players advance in story mode, these pace-changing levels are few and far between, with previous bosses popping up here, there and everywhere in order to fill the idea void. As such, the later levels often become repetitive, lacking the imagination seen at the beginning of the game.

Kirby Triple Deluxe

This colourful tree just doesn’t stand a chance against Kirby Beetle, no matter how many roots it sends our way.

Boss fights are where Kirby: Triple Deluxe suffers the most in terms of challenge difficulty. Players can merely avoid the flying projectiles or ground pounds by floating to safety, landing afterwards to button bash them into oblivion using a Kirby-specific copy ability. There’s little incentive to learn their patterns when they can be defeated with such ease, but luckily the final boss delivers twofold.

Aside from story mode, Kirby Fighters and Dedede’s Drum Dash serve as great additional modes. The former sends players into Super Smash Bros territory in order to hone your skills with Sword, Ninja and Cutter as well as various other copy abilities, while Drum Dash is a quirky rhythmic game where timing is crucial to hitting those big scores. Defeating story mode will also open up new modes, such as The Arena and the more challenging Dedede Tour – perfect for cementing the game’s longevity.

For fans of Kirby’s adventures, Triple Deluxe is a treat best served in Hypernova mode. Though story mode grants gorgeous aesthetics, it’s missing a small spring in its step to ravenously pull players in for the long haul.


43 thoughts on “Kirby: Triple Deluxe UK Review”

  1. For Kirby fans in general this is a really good game. Just got it yesterday on a whim thinking it wouldn’t be that great but the levels are fun, the bosses aren’t too hard but aren’t too easy either and the minigames are addicting. Anyone who loves kirby would like this.

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  2. infamousplumerwithbanjo

    I would give this game a 9. Excellent soundtrack, fun gameplay, great new powers (except Circus), awesome boss battles (THEY MADE A GOOD WHISPY WOODS BOSS), good visuals with a great use of 3D, and a nice difficulty curve from easy to challenging. Especially in the True Arena.

    1. ^This, better explained than the junk I put lol. Not to mention the bosses make good use of the 3d, background and foreground and some even mess with the screen. Not to mention the game utilizes the gyroscope as well.

  3. I’ve always had to kinda force myself to play Kirby games because of the difficulty(too easy).
    I guess they still haven’t fixed that :(

    1. infamousplumerwithbanjo

      Surprisingly enough this is one of the more challenging Kirby games. Not saying it’s super hard, but it’s definitely more difficult that RTDL. Also, the True Arena is unlocked sooner than in RTDL.

        1. Give it try, but this game is super easy. Even easier than previous Kirby games, just wait for a price drop unless you really like Kirby games.

  4. I’m cool with a seven, I bought the game and I enjoy it a lot and I don’t say that much about nintendo.

    Fuck Ign and Jose the guy that reviewed this game. when other reviews from WiiFolderJosh, Gamespot(who I usually hate), and GameXplain give this game a good review, you know something is horribly long with Ign.

    1. I just watched and I really regret it, are they really that retarded, this is lost world all over again

      1. Lost world was not very good. It was okay at best, but Sonic Team made so many mistakes. The Wii U version was ‘ok’, very flawed and everything was so repetitive and boring. But the 3ds version was downright broken, everything was awfully designed and it was all horrendous. But if you like Sonic Lost World, that’s fine, but Sonic Team did make a lot of mistakes here.

  5. Thinking about this and a 2DS to my 4 (soon 5) year old little sister. It seems so perfect for her, and I can borrow it then!

      1. That’s what I thought! She really likes New Super Mario Bros. 2 and NSMBU, but both are a little to hard for her. Kirby seems to be the perfect platformer!

  6. 7? That’s a bit generous, the game deserves a 5. Its not as great as the GBA iteration’s. The game is to easy, even easier than the GBA games and those were easy. Its not a bad game but you can actually pass the game with no or the same power.

    Iterations have to improve from the previous instalments, and this one has barely any upgrades. Say what you want (to who ever replies to me) but a lot of these first party titles for the 3DS have been disappointing (Paper Mario, Mario Party, New Yoshis Island, Mario & Luigi) and Kirby Triple Deluxe. They’ve all felt like downgrades from previous entries.

    1. Dream Team easily surpasses the previous M&L games, and Triple Deluxe ranks higher than it’s GBA iterations too.

      The only ones I agree with you are Paper Mario and Yoshi. Mario Party was okay.

      1. I could not stand all talking that went on in dream team I got bored 2hours in and never touch it again.

    2. infamousplumerwithbanjo

      I actually like Dream Team a lot. It wasn’t Bowser’s Inside Story but it was still a great game. Also, Triple Deluxe is now kinda my favorite Kirby game.

    3. You can beat almost every kirby game without power ups. I don’t own the game yet(plan on doing target’s triple deal), but my understanding of kirby is pretty solid. Amazing mirror was great fantastic kirby game. The bosses in those games aren’t hard either, but they were awesome(i don’t count nightmare in dream because thats a remake of nes game). The only kirby games I find hard are 64, and superstar(only because it dragged on also superstar ultra can count. M&L DT is a good game but it drags on for too long( its better then partners in time). Mario party is almost never favorable among reviewers, but this one did take far from the path just a little to much. I agree about paper mario being the worst in series in my opinion, and yoshi I can’t say, but from What I’ve seen in a play through its bland compared to first game.

      1. Tbh, I got bored of Dream Team really quickly, but at least I didn’t have to look up online how to get an item to beat the next boss AFTER I’ve already tried to beat it and failed (thats Sticker Star in a nutshell, not a bad game, but no where near as good a Super Paper Mario or TTYD; tbh, Sticker Star is one of those “guide games”)

    4. I don’t think the game should be based solely on its difficulty scale, what may be easy for you, may not be to others. But it does factor in. SM 3D World got it just right, whereas Kirby flounders somewhat. It will be a sure hit for kids though. :)

  7. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I’ll pass until it’s cheap enough in the future and if nothing better is around at the time…

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  16. I’ll be frank: I don’t care if the bosses are too easy. That’s been pretty much every Kirby game. The challenge in Kirby comes from getting all the collectables (Rainbow Drops, Love, Crystal Shards, Gears, Sun Stones.. etc.) Which you gotta admit, it’s not easy getting everything.

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