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Photos With Mario Now Available As Free Download In North American eShop

Update –  You’ll be able to purchase a $10 eShop card, where three Mario AR cards are included at Target for the application. Thanks to those in the comments below for pointing this out.

Photos with Mario is now available on the 3DS eshop. The stealthy release, which is only available in North America, can now be downloaded for free and makes use of specially bought Mario AR cards. The application was announced in a Chotto Direct last year and featured Mario, Princess Peach and Goomba AR cards for its launch last April.

The photo-snapping app allows users to interact with the characters, moving them into different positions and prompting their classic animations seen in various Mario games. Target will reportedly sell the special AR cards for $10, though we’ve yet to receive official confirmation whether that pertains to a pack of three or sold singularly. There’s no word on whether Photos with Mario will reach European shores, though another stealth release could be on the cards in the future.

55 thoughts on “Photos With Mario Now Available As Free Download In North American eShop”

  1. “Target will reportedly sell the special AR cards for $10 each”
    That’s CRAZY. No way. What a rip-off.


      Well it isn’t official but yes, I would hope they are not that expensive as well. I am not paying $10 for one AR card. No doubt, someone will scan them anyway and you will probably just be able to print them out for free if that is the case.

      1. They are already all on the internet. 10 dollars? Ridiculous. They should have done the deal where you get the eShop card, and get a Mario code free of charge like Japan.


          Yea it is ridiculous, maybe for an entire pack I would be okay with that but not one card.

          I wonder how they plan to price their NFC toys.

          1. Hopefully not 10 dollars, but now, it could be anything. It all matters on what it actually provides though. If it gives you bonus’s in various games and whatever, I won’t mind. This game however is pointless, which is why it’s such crazy pricing.

  2. Ten dollars for one AR card? Or is that ten dollars for one PACK? Because that’s insane if it’s only for one card.

  3. I doubt they will sell only one for 10, it will be the whole pack..
    why they don’t make one of Legend of Zelda, I’ll happily buy one of LOZ.

  4. nintendo digital event leaked says that majorsmask is being remade but they are just rumors and not official

  5. because the listing is officially not going to be real who really knows grezzo is really remakeing majorsmask for the 3ds the nintendo digital event is not rumored it is not going to happen because it is not a rumor or even going to happen because it is not a rumor because it is comepleate rubbish

  6. Nintendo is my Blood

    Aw quit your whining, you American’s with your prissy problems, you’ll back 10 dollars for a burger but not for cards WHICH MAY BE A PACK

    You wanna know how much a pack of gum costs here in South Africa? R14.99, wanna know how much for meal from Macdonalds? R36 for a Happy Meal, wanna know how much the majority of people make in South Africa per month? R800

    If $10 is “too much” I wish I could reach across your screen and slap you

            1. well, looks like you need to come here, whatever you get, you must be rich when you get here…though I hear that in some places a 10 cent dime can buy you luxury, but I have to see it too believe it.

    1. Sorry dude but paying 10 dollars for one card is a fucking rip off I understand if you paid 10 dollars for 10 cards that makes sense but not 10 for one card that’s fucking dumb

    2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      >.< Like the people complaining that 5-10 bucks for virtual console games is "overpriced." I don't know about other countries but I bet the main ones whining about the price tag are from my country. It's tough living in America when the loudest people in the country are fucking idiots.

    3. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      *United States of America. Fixed. I don’t want to jumble the other countries in the Americas with us.

  7. I can’t seem to find it in the Canadian e-shop….I searched for things that were free, I looked through applications and searched the title itself… results. Is it entirely possible this is US only at the moment?

  8. Alright, calm down people. I looked it up. 1.Only Peach, Mario, and the Goomba are advertised…2.The cards are bundled with $10 eShop credit each.

  9. This app was BURIED in the eShop. I found it by searching “Mario” then going to the last app on the last page.

    I think I can use the cards from the internet, so this turned out to be a great deal. ;)

  10. You can find the app in the eshop under Applications on the second page. For some reason it has a release date of 07/09/1981. The description says that some $10 eshop cards sold at Target double as the AR cards for this application.

    If you follow the original link on the article there is a link to access the cards online.

    1. I got the 6 mario characters to work from the online photos, but the Pikmin and Animal Crossing AR photos did not work. My kids are having a blast taking photos around the house.

  11. To all that are getting mad with the $10 fee, it comes with the $10 ESHOP cards, so it’s not just the AR Card you’re getting. This article fails to specify that. Consider it to actually be a bonus.

  12. I downloaded this today. But I have a feeling I’m just going to delete it later, since I never cared for the AR Card stuff. Why did Nintendo need a new app just for this? The 3DS already has an AR Card reader mode/game.

  13. I’m gonna give it a try, but it doesn’t seem like anything I’ll make use of often. The AR cards look to be included with pre-paid eShop cards, not necessarily $10 for the card itself. It’s probably safe to assume that Nintendo is going to be doing the same in America. I can’t imagine they’d think this app would be popular enough to just sell the cards. So yeah, you may pay $10 for the card, but you get $10 credit on the eShop, so you’re essentially getting is a bonus for buying stuff on the eShop.

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  15. also, each AR eshop card features one of three characters. That way you need to buy three eshop cards to collect all three from the first edition releases.

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