Nintendo And PDP Partner For Gamecube Style Controller For Smash Bros Wii U

PDP, the leading third-party manufacturer of video game accessories. has announced that they have partnered with Nintendo to release a number of GameCube inspired controllers to coincide with the launch of Super Smash Bros on Wii U. The new line of  controllers are wired and plug directly into the Wii Remote External Extension Connector. The Wired Fight Pad for Wii U will also feature iconic Nintendo characters and will retail for $24.99.



      1. No because Brawl was made 6 years ago and therefore wouldn’t have capability.

      2. You clearly didn’t read the article (paragraph)

        Yes, it will work for brawl

      3. You didn’t read it obviously. It said it was for Smash WiiU not Brawl.

      4. It didn’t say it was FOR anything. If anything, its going to be a different version of the Classic Controller Pro.

      5. Gamecube controller works for brawl on a backwards compatible Wii with ports for gamecube controllers. The Wii U does not have any kind of controller port, only USB. The article states this will be a wired controller. It will either be wired and connect via USB, or be wired and connect to a Wii Remote and then wirelessly to the Wii U like a classic controller. If you read the article, no information is given as to if this new model of controller will work with Brawl. The question is not that of game compatibility, but rather that of system compatibility. It is, however, safe to assume that the connector for this controller will be in no way related to that of a gamecube controller.

      6. Actually, if you click on the ‘partnered’ link, it goes into detail about compatibility. It says those that can use the Classic Controller (this includes Brawl) can also use this one. So it WILL be compatible.

      7. Even then it will probably work for brawl. This new controller will probably just be a “skin” of the classic controller. And since brawl supports classic controllers brawl will support this.

      8. This is not new news people get informed

        It will work on brawl this was already made by another 3rd party when wii with no gc support came out.The add on acts like a ccp in game. so you plug the add on into the wii_mote and than you plug in the gamecube controller in. Please get informed before you post comments.
        also obama fans exposed

      9. Are you people serious? “The new line of controllers are wired and plug directly into the Wii Remote External Extension Connector.” THE DAMNED ARTICLE IS ONLY THREE SENTENCES LONG. IT’S THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF ROCKET SCIENCE!

      10. smash bros brawl will probably read it as a wii classic controller dumb ass

      11. Nope, that’s not how that works. If you read the linked ‘partnered’ link, you would see that you are in fact, wrong.

      12. It might. Since the controller is plugged into the Wii remote, it might act as a classic controller pro. Which means any game you can play with the classic controller pro should work with this one, but only if it will recognize it as a classic controller pro.

      13. Ah, I just read that it will work that way so yes it will work with brawl.

      14. I actually have the MayFlash adapter that already lets me use my Gamecube Controller on my Wii U (The Wii U sees it as a Classic Controller) So I can just use that instead.

      15. I’m glad they’re finally doing this, I was going to buy a Mayflash too

      16. It actually should, seeing as it plugs into the wiimote. It should only be a remapping of a classic controller, basically.

    1. I’d be happy if it didn’t have to be plugged into the wii remote, but nintendo had to FUCK UP this as well

      1. Complaint, complaint and more complaint, don’t you have an Xbox Done to go buy?…

      2. As i said, i’m the one with the wii u, i got it on a fucking launch day, when there were ALL kinds of promises about online, great 3rd party support, steady flow of games, and so on, i expect to see nintendo do something unexpected, something fucking great, but everytime it seems good, there seems to be 10 things wrong, so fuck you, buy a wii u, AND THEN tell me why is it so fucking great

      3. You complain about everything Nintendo related not only the Wii U so your comment is invalid…

        If you only complained about the Wii U, in a civilized manner, I would have agreed with you to some extent…

        And I’m buying a Wii U in about 3 weeks…

      4. I have a Wii U and I find it quite good, just because there are somethings that aren’t the best doesn’t make it bad, look at the things that’s good with it instead of bad

      5. Everyone should try to be the best they can, and nintendo CAN do it, but they choose not to

      6. Why couldn’t you commnet like that before in all of those threads?…

      7. I have a 3ds as well, so i can criticize whatever the fuck i want, i also have a gamecube, wii, n64, dsi, snes, gba, gbc, fuck of to a jungle

      8. And by “criticize” I mean “Expose as much of my butthurt as possible”

      9. You don’t have a Wii U, and yet you say his complaints aren’t valid?
        His opinion about the Wii U is already more valid than yours because he actually has one.

      10. Actually, not really. I looked back at my argument, its actually less valid because I over-exaggerated it by a lot. Sorry.

      11. “I’d be happy if it didn’t have to be plugged into the wii remote, but nintendo had to FUCK UP this as well”

        Can you please point out to me exactly where he complains about ‘everything Nintendo related’? Because I don’t see it.
        The article is about a Wii U controller, so it’s fucking common sense that him saying “this” refers to other Wii U related stuff, as opposed to everything Nintendo related.

        Also, whether he complains in a civilized manner or not, his point remains the same, so you would have agreed anyway, even if you didn’t like the way he presented his point.

        So: his comment isn’t invalid at all. Yours might be…

      12. Clearly I’m not talking about this topic alone…

      13. That was not clear by a long shot considering you brought up several points from that specific comment: bullshit.

      14. Are you new here? Because I’m thinking you haven’t seen all the other posts.

        Commander isn’t referring to what was said in this post by itself. He’s referring to the cumulative postings.

      15. I’ve been visiting this site for a pretty long time actually, but I don’t read every comment section because it’s pretty hellish. However, based on his post in this thread, I absolutely can’t disagree with him, since I too have been left disappointed by Nintendo after getting the Wii U near launch. At the moment things are looking up, which is great, and I’m eager to play a lot of brilliant games of which I’m certain this system will get them, but I wish I had only bought one around now (or maybe even at SSB).

        So basically: if he isn’t trolling (which I don’t think he is, since I can totally relate to him and I’m a huge Nintendo fan), I can understand his frustration.

      16. You shouldn’t be talking then if you don’t even own a wii u. Your just a troll with no system hahaha

      17. Tell me why is an Xbomb so great when all it did was explode. Tell me why a Ps4 is so great when I HAZ NO GAMES for 6 months. Go find some logic AND THEN tell me why I should think the Wii U is underwhelming compared to those underpowered PCs that my own PC can ass stomp.

      18. And you already lost the argument. Thank you for the debate, you seem to have a very healthy mentality.

      19. That’s what you want to think.
        Again, you have a very healthy mentality.

      20. I love to watch the ones that cannot see their own flaws…

      21. The flaws are insurmountable in this yet-to-developed sub-species.

      22. That’s what happens when I let my mind wander by itself. Oh me, you are so stupid.

      23. Woah, dude relax. They’re just video game consoles. There are way better things to be that passionate about. Consumers are stupid cows and will buy what they’re told. Use all that misplaced rage for a better cause.

      24. Just put the damn Wiimote in your pocket. Stop bitching, its really not that big a deal. At least the port isnt stationary like the Gamecube one.

      25. Actually there was a wireless gamecube controller, and 10 years later they can’t make one???hmmm, yes, it seems that it makes total sense

      26. MAYBE the reason for making a controller this way is to allow its use in both vWii and Wii U modes.

        They could easily make another wireless controller but then we have the same limitations as the Wii U pro controller in terms of vWii compatibility.


      27. No?wii is dead, they have 2 controllers already that go in the wii remote

      28. Yeah I agree, two controllers… Still people complained about Wii U’s lack of GC controller support after removing the physical ports. This could solve it.

      29. and yet the wii u uses the same controllers as the wii and added a pro controller that uses the wii u only, name one game on the Wii and the wii VC that uses the pro controller…please, by all means, correct me.

      30. Prepare for incoming exaggerated complaint that isn’t as bad as he wants you to think.

      31. I think the point is that if you wanna use a GC for a Wii game being played on a WiiU, now you can. If this GC controller connected wirelessly straight to the WiiU, Wii games wouldn’t recognise it.

        It’s a way to make up for the fact that the WiiU plays Wii games but can’t use one of the controllers people liked to use on the Wii.

      32. It’a also only 25$. People need to stop being so fucking demanding, do you realize how fortunate we are to be even given these? No other company would ever dare releasing an old controller as an option for a new system.

      33. It is called product placement. Once this sells, they can manufucture the limited edition Wavebird WiiU.

      34. There’s a difference be between the right to complain and abusing it.

      35. How can you abuse complaining about nintendo, you fucker?

      36. “complaining about nintendo”
        Did I say “Complaining only about Nintendo”?
        No I did not. I am referring to complaining in general, and complaining about Nintendo only just happens to be all that your complaining about.
        Also insulting me really doesn’t help your counter argument, it just makes you look like an uncivilized ape.

      37. Not to mention that complaining too much can make you look real hateful towards anything your talking about. That’s how you can abuse it, Its good to complain but over little itty bitty small details can automatically calls you a “hater” in most fans eyes. Like the small wire that is too connect to the wii remote.

      38. And to add on to that, in the end, its really not a big deal really.

      39. Are you arguing me about arguing about nintendo?wtf?you’re not even trying to defend them

      40. No I’m arguing that you are nit-picky and complain about the smallest inconvenience possible, and just like in any debatable subject, complaints like your’s are nothing but exaggerated complaints and in the end, not a big deal as you want them to be.

      41. Ok, I think they did it this way for cost reasons. The Pro remote with the wireless built in is like $50. By building the GC remote to plug into a Wiimote, they basically are saving people the cost of the wireless hardware using something most people already have.

        I really think that’s why they went this route.

      42. It’s the fact that the controller is still wireless that bugs the shit out of us. Imagine going to a tournament in where you bring your own controller with hundreds of other consoles trying to sync controllers and whatnot. Then tell me that being wireless isn’t a MAJOR problem.

      43. Solution: Use the Wii U Pro Controller. Its great and wireless on its own for 80 hours of use.

        Stop whining and go look for other options.

      44. I have one, but i would get this one as well, now i probably wont

      45. To bad i can’t reply to some of your comments, but here i can, first off, i believe that you haven’t made one argument in nintendo’s favor, you actually called this a bad move, by saying it’s an inconvenience, your points are that there are no point and so you blab about how i’m wrong, where are your arguments about the matter

      46. Saying I have no point when you already gave me overwhelming evidence to your failing logic and then going on to say when I’m wrong really does not help the case you are trying to argue against.

      47. so you’re still arguing my logic and not giving any compeling arguments

      48. Again, you continue to fascinate me with your very healthy mentality.

      49. Why is it a good argument? Because I fail so much at life to figure out that it’s a passive aggressive insult! Lol, I’m still full of butthurt.

      50. Why? They are keeping it simple and cheap, it’s not like it’s such a big deal to have a wire connected to the Wii remote… It would have been worse if it plugged into the console.

      51. Were you born in 2002 or what is the meaning of that number

      52. *experiencing inner butthurt because my insult failed*
        Fuck you.

      53. No, I’m a total bitch with extreme butthurt unable to admit that I am wrong and over-exaggerating the smallest problems that only my mind can barely grasp the concept of.

      54. No, feel free to fuck around more, I like to expose more of my exaggeration with unsupported evidence.

      55. You do realize, you can just use regular gamecube controllers if you didn’t want to plug it into the wii remote. So honestly quit whining.

      56. Doing it that way means you don’t have to pay as much for the controller, because it’s likely that you’ve already got a wiimote.
        Quit whining over a nitpicky issue like connecting to the wireless wiimote.

      1. No, just found it…

        I’m planning on doing my own videos of similar things soon…

  1. …aaaaaaand here it is, finally announced. Really wish it didn’t have to be plugged into the Wiimote but I figured it would. I’m gonna try my Wii U Pro Controller but I think i’ll probably be using this.

    1. If I can use this thing to play virtual console games on the Wii menu, I’m getting it… If not… Probably will still get it. Lol

  2. Oh my goodness! NINTENDO! ^0^
    See? This is why you’re the best gaming company IN THE WORLD :)

      1. That’s actually the first movie, not the new one…

      2. Not as impressive as my total domination over you in every game we will have in common…

      1. Yup, that’s what I meant. I still have and play my gamecube, but it would still be great to have them on the VC as an option for others who haven’t played it yet, and when I’m too lazy to go to my basement to play the gamecube haha..

  3. I think the pro smashers wanted it to be wired to the console, due wireless getting bumpy if their if there is too much interference

    1. This isn’t the issue.. The Wii Remote is already wireless – so there will still be potential for interference.

  4. That’s cool I guess, but I have a WiiU pro controller that just sits around, I’ll just use it. (or the game pad)

    1. to many the gamecube controller holy controller. Though it’s s pad is shit, other wise its good controller. Many smash fans can’t learn to adapt, so they ask for that it…alot. i can use the wii mote and nunchuk and still kick ass

      1. Ah… I liked the GC controller, but since I’m cool adapting to a new controller type, it’ll just save me $$$ ;)

  5. This could also mean we’ll have a GCN Controller to play Gamecube Virtual Console titles!

  6. Nice, i’ll pick up 2 so I can smash my bro till kingdom come… in style

      1. Nay, I shall have blood, if not than my name is for naught

    1. Same here going to preorder 3 of them flash drives for more game storage as well as plugging in controllers.

      1. Yeah… Not much apart from charging the pro controller which does not occur very often. Such an amazing battery life!

  7. Why couldn’t Nintendo just fucking make it themselves. The controller is 3rd party it will fucking suck and will most likely have issues.

    1. Indeed…

      While Melee was great, I think Brawl was a bit better…

      1. What are you talking about? Brawl was a floor tripping, online lagfest of a clusterfuck mess.

        Sure it has more characters and content but still how is it any better? Melee actually felt fast paced and competitive. That’s the Smash Bros. I enjoy playing the most and I hope the next one feels more fast paced like Melee.

      2. I mostly played local so I don’t really care about the online…

  8. Fucking finally, beign wireless is not going to go well with the Competitive players though, specially for competitions. At least we get our GC controller I just wished it was a 1st party controller.

  9. Sounds like Nintendo maybe heading in the right direction to pump up the hype for Smash Bros. :3

    GameCube coming back from the dead. :D Oh yeah.

  10. Only itemless stock players want gc controller support anyone not playing smash4 with the gamepad or pro is doing it wrong the pro pad is 1000 times better then the gc pad hell I played brawl with the wiimote and nunchuck but those days are over now pro all day

  11. Gay Commander you shouldn’t comment about wii u at all you Atheist faggot because you don’t have one.

    Therefore your comments on Wii U are invalid
    Like Donko said

    “fuck you, buy a wii u, AND THEN tell me why is it so fucking great”

    Don’t be like a faggot whose never tasted sweet big black female booty and tells us black booty is sweet.

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    1. Someone remove this nazi humans waste of existence?…

      I can’t stand primitive apes…

  12. Never got the hype with the GameCube controller. It’s alright, nothing special.

    1. It has the best button layout for Smash Bros… I literally cannot play Smash Bros without a GC cotroller. It’s too hard.

  13. Just make a pro controller that look like a game cube add the L button, make the analog sticks click…you should have done this for the Wii generation you retard.

  14. This got me stoked but after I read that it only functions as a classic controller, I was kinda pissed. Why can’t they make a Wii U pro controller instead.

  15. Has anyone not clicked on the original link and seen the image?

    This is the image included of the “wired” controller:

    Look how ugly that piece of crap is and tell me if you would seriously play smash without a secondary analog stick.

    1. It says “here is their controller for wii” its not the gamecube controller they are doing for wii u

    2. Piece of shit controller right there. And here I was getting all hyped that I would be able to play the next smash bros with a gamecube like controller. Seriously, why doesn’t somebody make a proper gamecube controller for wii u?

    1. It’s not the amount of controllers you have that matters, it is about having a controller that has a button layout that is similar or identical to the gamecube controller, because the GC controller is the best controller ever made and it is almost impossible to play Smash Bros well without it.

      1. I love the Wii U pro controller, and even though the GameCube controller is good, it’s overrated. Also, as long as I get to play SSB, I don’t care. I’m not one of those “hardcore” gamers who only plays to win, I play mostly for the fun!

      2. But winning IS fun. If you don’t win then there is no point in playing…

      3. Sure it is funnier to win, but I’m not buyi g two more $60-$70 controllers just to win in a game. I’ll buy the game, practice, and become as good as I can with the Wii U Pro Controller!

        I wonder how good that controller is going to be for this game, some of the people joining the tournment at e3 can probably share their opinion on it, and how it is compared to the GCN one.

      4. Wrong.
        If the match isn’t fun, then winning it is the same as a hollow victory.

      5. Uh… I play Brawl all the time using the Classic Controller, amd even the Wii Remote held sideways. I can play perfectly fine either way. All you need is an analog stick or D-Pad to move, 2 attack buttons, and a shoulder button to guard.

  16. I gasped in amazement at the headline. Then I clicked and read the article. So disappointing and such a wasted opportunity. Nintendo seriously cannot get anything right. Or maybe they can’t get anything Wii U-related right.

      1. That controller looks terrible… Nintendo can’t be serious…

      2. No, that was a controller made for the Wii…

        They just used that picture because that company made that controller…

      3. Read the original article posted…

        It says right above the controller:

        “Here’s the controller they created for the Wii:”

      4. Well I didn’t read the original article. That is the whole point of gonintendo and mynintendo news. So they can tell me the information after reading it themselves…. not my fault gonintendo failed to tell me the controller in the picture is not the one the article is talking about.

      5. So you’re going to blame the website for your failure to read the source article because you wanted to go with a knee jerk reaction?
        How is that even remotely fair?
        It said the pictured controller was for the wii in the source article.
        If others could spot that, why couldn’t you?

      6. Thats just the controller they released for the wii a few years ago. They havent released anything regarding what their gamecube controller will look like but if Nintendo is helping consult them I dont think anyone has anything to worry about

      7. uh, no, that is a controller that they made for the WII years ago. It says that they’re developing the product and that it has icons on it, what could possibly lead you to believe that this was the gamecube-inspired controller?

      8. Because it had the A and B buttons diagonally next to each other which was the same as on the gamecube controller. I thought that, that alone was similar enough for me to believe it was the gamecube-inspired controller…

      9. It doesn’t matter. It plugs into a Wiimote and is third-party. That means it’s basically just another Classic Controller Pro.

        They could have reshaped the Wii U Pro Controller to look like a GC controller but noooooo. That would make them too much money.

        I can buy an adapter for less than $15 that lets me plug in REAL GC controllers I ALREADY have into my Wiimote. That is a better option than this, and is way more affordable.

      10. Too bad I can’t buy GCN controllers anywhere or I would probably have done the same…

      11. You never had a GameCube?
        You can buy them off Amazon or eBay. Wavebirds are slightly difficult to buy though, because sellers sell it in pieces; controller, battery pack, receiver.

      12. I have a Gamecube but my controllers are so broken because I’ve played the hell out of them…

  17. The controller doesn’t look “exactly” like a Gamecube controller, but it’s button layout is definitely more similar to the Gamecube controller than the Gamepad is.

    I’ll probably pick it up!

  18. Wish they would have made it a USB controller. Now we are still dealing with potential input lag purely due to the nature of wireless bluetooth. :/

  19. My dreams have come true! I was dreaming about this sort of thing only a few weeks ago! My only real qualm is the lack of a c-stick representative, but we have more buttons now, so it might not matter.

  20. I wish someone would go to Nintendo Commanders house and put a fucking bullet in his head

    1. That would be the end of you and your mongrel race of apes that infects this planet…

  21. I actually have the MayFlash adapter that already lets me use my Gamecube Controller on my Wii U (The Wii U sees it as a Classic Controller) So I can just use that instead.

  22. What’s the point? They aren’t actually “wired” if they plug into the Wimote. You’ll be tied to AA’s, still get imput lag, still have issues in a tournament setting, etc.

    These should have been WiiU Pro controllers in a GC shell, that could connect to the WiiU through USB. This is ridiculous and ultimately useless.

    1. If wireless controllers have input lag then why do all consoles use them? I have never had any input lag in any of my controllers. Something must be wrong with yours.

  23. It’s funny in how the person who was butthurt about nintendo products is someone who has all of them, so he claims. (The irony is real with this one). On topic though… Fucking All Of My YES to this.

  24. YES! Day one purchase for me. Hopefully it’ll work with Mario Kart 8, too. The Gamecube controller has always been my favorite.

  25. bullshit, the design is just like the fightpads for the xbox and ps3 made for street fighter.

    gamecube inspired my ass, goddamnit i really wanted a GAMECUBE controller not a unorignal knockoff

  26. People are dumb the controller is designed to look like a classic game cube controller for the wiiu for the new smash bros people keep saying will it support brawl it’s only for the wiiu idiot’s dosent

    1. Your wrong it will work for brawl i can almost promise you that.

      I think your wrong

      #1 A another 3rd party already made this add on when the wii with no gamecube support was launch.

      #2 the add on acts like a ccp in game.

      #3 you plug add_on into the wii remote and then plug in your game_cube controller.

    2. First of all, learn how to spell.

      Second of all, this controller plugs into the Wii Remote and functions like a Classic Controller, meaning it will work for all games that support the Classic Controller.

  27. I hope the controller will have analog R and L bumpers, just like in the original classic controller

  28. Am i the only one wonder why the fuck would you have to connect it to a wii-remote instead of just making it wireless? so if you dont already own a Wii U and want to play this game with your friends you need to buy the Console, the game, 4 wii-motes and 4 of these controllers?

  29. No, you can also use any classic controllers you already have, or get pro controllers, or even just the wiimoyes and nunchaku attachments.

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