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Here’s A Video That Shows Off The New Pikmin 3 Update

NintenDaan has created a video which shows off the new GamePad touchscreen controls in the recently updated Pikmin 3. The latest update allows you to throw those adorable Pikmin with the Wii U GamePad touchscreen and the stylus. The update is already available for the game so go on and download it now, that is if you’re not too busy with Mario Kart 8.

36 thoughts on “Here’s A Video That Shows Off The New Pikmin 3 Update”

  1. smart move to advertise new things for pikmin 3 by nintendo, after mario kart 8 and a free game that comes with it.. after all pikmin 3 has some dlc ;) .
    i traded in pikmin 3 because i didnt like time limits and how it limited exploration, but with mario kart 8 and pikmin 3 for free im gonna give it another try..

    1. That’s because it’s an RTS. If there were no time limits, the game would be way too easy. You would finish a whole area in one go.

        1. I didn’t play Pikmin 2 but 1 and 3 both had time limits. It felt fun to me knowing that I had to perform a set amount of tasks before the Bulborbs feasted on the Pikmin haha.

    2. there is no time limit, you just need to collect enough fruit to survive each day, so it has since of getting things done each day, there is a since of exploration, you don’t have to get every fruit in the game, I always like pikmin 2 and 1. Three has elements from both, but three doesn’t have 2’s exploration

  2. Heh. I’m getting this game eventually but I doubt I’d use that control scheme. I’m probably gonna use my Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

    1. That is what I picked, it was either that or Wind Waker but I already played the living crap out of that on Gamecube, so I figured why not get something new instead.

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    1. Yet you’ll play games like Call of Duty which is just the same shit over and over again. Also, if MK8 failed, then why did the sales of the Wii U go up? Sounds like a Win to me.

      Butthurt Ryan is Butthurt.

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  5. i dont really care for nintendo games and i will keep avoiding their games. i hope battlefield hardline comes to wiiu.

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    1. Hey just a question I’ve been wondering, if you want to avoid nintendo games why don’t you avoid nintendo websites too?

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

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  6. I played with this new update yesterday (since MK8 didn’t arrive until today…) and I don’t really like it, it’s hard to get used to and on the mission mode it really slowed me down. Nevermind, but always interested to hear new updates for Pikmin 3, hopefully some new DLC content eventually, maybe for the 1 year anniversary?

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