Here’s The First Look At Tales Of The World Reve Unitia On Nintendo 3DS

Bandai Namco has given gamers the first look at its latest Tales title for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is titled Tales of the World: Reve Unitia and was showcased at the Tales Festival in Yokohama, Japan. Tales of the World: Reve Unitia is a strategy based role-playing game which features an assemble of Tales cast. The game is due for release on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on October 23rd.


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              With that said, all home consoles have been doing poorly in Japan these days.

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  2. 3DS needs a full blown Tales of game, but I guess this will do for now. I don’t think it will come outside of Japan though :/

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                1. Yep. Wii U has some of the best games I’ve ever played. And by this point, I just had to get a 3DS. Too many great games. As for PS4 and Xbox One, they feel like upgraded PS3’s and 360’s. I’ve always wanted a gaming PC, but not just for graphics. Because of the huge amount of games you can get. PC doesn’t even have to upgrade. I can play an old classic all the way up to a big AAA on the same platform. It’s gamer heaven!

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  3. I am a huge fan of anime, but it gets a little bit boring when almost every game that comes out of Japan has anime styled characters.

    Do they realize that it makes their games seem less special and like they put less thought into the game? Just look at all the games that Bandai Namco itself creates. The wide majority have anime characters.

    Same goes for CAPCOM, Atlus, Square Enix (though they get the styles of Akira Toriyama), Tecmo Koei, SEGA (until they stuck with just Sonic games), Game Freak, most Japanese indie developers.

    Only Nintendo, Sony and surprisingly Konami seem to be able to produce games, consistently, with their own unique styles of art. Makes the generic anime style seem cheap.

    1. Agreed and is why they don’t port the majority of these games to the west since the west don’t really care about these games as much as a non anime styled game…

      1. And maybe if you didn’t watch so much yaoi hentai, you wouldn’t be stuck with an ugly boyfriend like Sasori.

    2. It makes it hard for me to recognize some of these games. Also, am I the only one that assumes every time I see anime style characters in a video game that it’s an RPG? ._.

      1. Same here. I recognize a lot of video games by their art style. When the majority of Japanese video games are anime, it makes it hard to think of each game as a separate entity.

        I also directly think anime style graphics are linked to RPG styled gameplay.

    3. Dude, there is different styles of anime too. Compare the difference between DBZ and Sasori’s rehashed Naruto, they are in anime category, but they don’t the same style, or Sword Art Online and lucky Star, in the same area, but style is still different. If you want to complain about something not special, look at western developers with realistic graphics bullshit.

      1. DBZ is really the only one out of all the ones you mentioned that has a “different” Japanese anime style. Naruto, Sword Art Online and Lucky Star are all relatively the same. Lucky Star is slightly more chibi looking, but it still really generic looking.

        I’m complaining, because the anime style has long been getting old and it doesn’t sell well all over the worlds so the Japanese gaming market is paling in comparison to the West.

        Some people are all about the music in games, some people are all about the gameplay or online, etc, etc. I am all about the art styles in both the background(environment) and the characters. So when I see typical art styles coming out of Japan over and over, it makes their games seem less special and boring.

        Seeing realistic graphics all the time doesn’t bother me, though. Must have something to do with the fact that people are naturally impressed by things that appear super realistic whereas people are impressed with surrealistic artwork due to it being both original and impressive. If artwork loses it’s originality, then it becomes bland.

        1. Sword Art, Naruto, and Lucky Star do not have the same styles. What were you looking at? There is being in the same area, but not in the same category.

          1. Fuck worded that wrong. What I mean is, they are using the same basic root, but not the same style(if I am explaining it right). And Lucky Star does not like look the same style as Naruto or SoA.
            Bobobo has a different style than Naruto.
            Afro Samurai has a different style from Code Geass.
            Samurai Champloo has different style than Inuyasha.
            Mekaku City Actors has a different style than Chobits.
            They are not all the same generic style, there are different anime art styles, there isn’t only one manga artist in existence of the world.

          2. Okay, well they aren’t different enough for me. They have the same face shapes, the same large eyes, the same shading techniques, the same facial emotions. They are all clearly based on the typical anime style. They may be slightly different from each other, but I prefer people to come up with their own art style instead of just modifying an already used style. It’s uninspiring and I can’t help but feel that the artists are lazy, because they can’t come up with something of their own.

            1. Okay, that’s a legit answer. I just really didn’t like how you stated indirectly how your opinion is fact. I understand where you are coming from, but I can see the differences in styles that they are using.

            2. Do you know that anime is actually modeled after Walt Disney’s own artstyle? The first anime artist was inspired by Walt Disney’s own artstyle. That’s why you see some similarities between Disney toons & anime.

      2. Thank you!! Call of Duty, Battefield, Dead Space, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto (to an extent,) Watch_Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, Infamous, Saints Row… Is it sad these are the only 3rd party games that I can actually name? I could swear there are more.

          1. Artstyles. Unlike with anime, I don’t really see too big a difference between those titles’ artstyles that I can see with anime.

    4. As much as I agree that anime art styles are often overused in Japanese games, if any game series was to maintain the style, it would be the Tales games! Tales was the original anime-RPG, designed to feel like playing an anime. The Tales series manages it anime-style well, and has been doing it for years. Now, those NIS games on the other hand…

  4. I like the “Tales of” series but this game looks really lazy…
    Loved Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss.

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      1. Pussy is also the euphemism for a Virginia, so you’re saying he gets laid more than you do

      2. I don’t agree with some of the stuff Croxynd says, but he isn’t a troll unlike sasori & Joe P. Wait. Which one Joe P are you? If you’re Sasori of Insults, this explains why you are attacking Croxynd.

  5. i like tales games. nice to see that something is coming on 3ds. most of tales games are not master pieces, but pretty good jrpgs.

  6. Can you guys stop replying to obvious trolls? There are like 5 legit comments and the rest is garbage. Have to scroll down past the stupidity…
    On topic: looks like your standard Japanese fare… could be a hit!

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  8. I Wonder what other people think about this game
    i’ll take a look at the comments section
    oh no wait its full of trolls

  9. lol another rpg trash for the 3ds LMFAO. is this all what the 3ds is going for, rpgs, crappy indie games and nintendo rehashes.

    1. Dumbfuck, get back into your cave or under your bridge. Apparently you’re just another FPS fanboy, the MOST GENERIC genre of video games.

  10. Damn it, looking pretty good, I’m always down for a Tales Of game. Wish it was traditional style not like turn based on a board…but still might get it…though I don’t have the money for it!

  11. I own and played just a few minutes of one “Tales” game (Tales Of Symphonia), and that was enough to never care about another. Horrible battle system. And I just can’t relate to (or care for) anime characters. They all look the same. With over-sized eyes and stupid hair styles.

  12. Hm. Another multiverse game. I MIGHT get it. Not really sure yet.

  13. Where’s Emil, F***ING LUDGER’S VILLAIN is in so far, and yet NO EMIL?

    Oh, almost forgot
    *engages Flame Shield*

  14. Looked cool, then I saw the grid.. fuck man, will have to let this slide, I don’t like SRPG :(

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