New Super Mario Bros 2 Special Edition 2DS Coming To Europe On July 4

Nintendo UK has revealed on Twitter a new special edition 2DS Super Mario Bros bundle. The new white and red 2DS system comes pre-installed with the ever popular New Super Mario Bros 2, as well as 30 extra challenges with all coin rush downloadable content included in the bundle.

The New Super Mario Bros 2 2DS bundle joins the pink and white 2DS launched alongside Kirby: Triple Deluxe last month. Nintendo UK is yet to lift the lid on pricing details, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any new information that pops up. Perfect for any keen Mario player, the new 2DS bundle will be available from retailers across Europe on July 4.


  1. Didn’t like this game at all. Decent platform game, but really sucked after the standards set by NSMBU!

    1. I’ll never understand the comments about NSMB2 being the worst in the series, it had great power-ups and fun level designs, and the return of flying Tanooki was awesome, it’s by far my favorite installment in the series, far better than the boring NSMBU. If The console was Gold and red then I would have been all over this bundle.

      1. the levels are way too short and the lack of being able to download coin rush scores online put many people off. it made no sense to keep it as street pass only. the game could have had an insane amount of replay value

      2. Really? I loved NSMBU, best 2D Mario since World IMO! Level design was awesome, and it was hard enough to gather all the Star Coins, which actually unlocked something good this time!

        In NSMB2, the level design felt poor, there was so much money (focus of the game, true) that I had over 500 extra lives! The bosses was boring, and especially the last Bowser fight, compared to NSMBU. It was just… bad. I don’t really like the other games in the NSMB series, though, only NSMBU!

  2. Why? If you were going to buy a 3ds/2ds you would already have one by now and this game wasn’t that great.

    1. Yup. There’s not another person who would buy a console. They’d have it already. Same for Wii U. If they were going to buy one, they’d buy one already. Same for PS4 and the Dreamcast.

    1. For the sake of this argument, let’s say that the 2DS is “kiddy hardware”.. then who the fuck is gonna buy it? Kids, right? Right you fucking dipshit?!

      Go fuck yourself you piece of shit.

  3. Nice touch that it comes with the extra coin rush stages. Shame that the console isn’t a new design.

  4. It would’ve been cooler if, since the 3DS XL and NSMB2 came out on the same day, that there was a gold bundle.

  5. Worse game in the series- I would only buy the bundle if this was the same price as a standalone 2ds. Free game.

  6. This is the best they could do with this 2DS’s design?

    I would’ve loved to see this gold and red

  7. The fact that I don’t care about this game, AND the fact that it’s pre-installed instead of an actual physical copy would make me pass on this if it released in North America. Nintendo always screws their handheld bundles up by pre-installing software. Would it kill Nintendo to give people a physical copy? This is why I didn’t care about other bundles, such as the Mario & Luigi Dream Team 3DS XL bundle. It’s physical or nothing for me.

      1. A very rare and smart move by Nintendo. Too bad they screw up all of the 3DS XLbundles.

  8. Wow… am I the only one that really liked this game… I loved collecting shit loads of coins.

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