Wii U System Update Goes Live, Adds Quick Start Menu

Nintendo has unleashed a new system update for Wii U. Version 5.0.0 U contains multiple tweaks and adds several features, including the Quick Start Menu, which is displayed when users press the GamePad’s power or home buttons to power on the console. The feature also allows users to start recently-played or newly-installed software directly from the Quick Start Menu. Below is a list of all the improvements brought forth by the latest Wii U system update.

New Features

  • A Quick Start Menu is now displayed when users press the GamePad POWER Button or HOME Button to power on the Wii U
    • Users can start recently played or newly installed software directly from the Quick Start Menu
  • Wii U GamePad Alerts (special notifications from Nintendo) can be displayed on the GamePad when the Wii U is powered down
    • Users will be notified with an audio ringtone when a new GamePad Alert is displayed
    • GamePad Alerts that have been received can also be viewed through the Quick Start Menu

Changes to Standby Functions:

  • System updates will now automatically install after download when the Wii U is in Standby

Changes to the Wii U Menu:

  • The User Settings screen now displays when users select their User Mii from the Wii U Menu
  • The design and layout of the Users Settings screen has been updated
    • This includes the ability to switch the active user from the User Settings screen

Changes to System Settings:

  • Quick Start Menu options have been added to Power Settings
    • Wii U GamePad Alert options are located within the Quick Start Menu options

Changes to the HOME Menu

  • A Notification icon is now available on the HOME Menu, allowing users to launch the Notifications feature from the HOME Menu

Improvements to system stability and usability:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience


      1. You never needed to change the settings to component, and if you hold down b while the system starts up it’ll go to Wii mode, no TV required, it was added in 6 months ago

      2. You needed a tv to start wiimode. Only way to do it without a tv was to put video settings on component because hdmi knows when it is and isn’t connected. So for example I used to take the wiiU to my room to play in bed but if I wanted to go to wiimode I needed to first change settings to component and then start by holding b. It was the only way and probably still is. I don’t have a tv in my room so I couldn’t plug the wiiU into a tv there.

      3. you can play all wii games directly on the gamepad screen, that’s why there’s a sensor bar on top of the screen.

      4. I know that, but to go to wiimode without a tv you need to change setting to component video, turn off the system, and turn it back on by holding B.

      5. ever tried plugging the hdmi cable into something else that’s handy in your room? like a laptop for example?

      6. my pc is in the living room. I want to bring the wiiU into my bedroom and there’s no hdmi connection here. too many walls for the gamepad to keep a good signal from the wiiU so leaving it connected to my tv is not an option.

      7. I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. I definitely do nit need to do that!

      8. he’s talking about using the vwii mode without the wii u being plugged into an hdmi port i.e no TV connected

      9. Have been able to use the WiiU controller as a screen for Wii games for ages, I frequently played Mario Kart Wii while my wife watched the TV in the run up to Mario Kart 8 release.

        And you don’t need to change any settings to fire up the Wii mode either… :S

      10. Not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about going into wiiMode without the use of a tv. Hdmi sends information so if you try to go wiimode by holding B when u turn on the console it’ll know there’s no hdmi connection and won’t let u. So I change the settings to component and it’ll work. It’s the only way to go to wiimode without hdmi being plugged in.

    1. Nice update, but did they really need almost a year to do this?holy shit, no wonder wii u is missing so many features

      1. And no wonder I’m an idiot for not looking at the bigger picture.

      2. almost a year? they announced this 4 months back and they let it be known from the start that it would arrive in summer

        this is a substantial update changing some core functionalities of the system (like connected standby install) so it’s no wonder that it took a bit longer

      3. announced, yes, but do you remember the last big update?it was in falll 2013, so yes, almost a year, ya imbecile, wow, such features, do they really need that much time to do that

  1. Been reading about how there is a point in the update where you actually have to turn off the Wii U and let it process before it can be turned back on and the quick start can continue that true and if so..where in the update would I get that message and do I just turn off the Wii U by pressing the power button and it will turn orange?

    1. Yes yes yes and yes . just leave it be for a while and your gamepad will glow when ready

      1. Just so I mean I dont have to turn off the Wii U when it gets to that point.? Just leave it alone and the gamepad will glow when ready or do I just turn off the Wii U when I see that message and the gamepad will glow when ready

    1. Go see, you dumb shit, why’s that even a question, if you own a wii u, you can see for yourself and download, if you don’t, then why do you care

      1. Ironically, why was I so much of dumbass to even care about this comment.

  2. meh i want achievement/tropies not no quick start menu. i do like how my account icon shows white instead on that blue/orange color.

    1. I hate that my mii was dancing like an idiot in the log in screen. If I can’t change that shit I’m gonna turn miiverse into my rant wall.

      1. I don’t use miiverse anyway so they can go ahead and ban me

      2. Still a better community than the PlayStation and Xbox Community

      1. Twerkie, could you please stop impersonating me and lying to everyone about us having a relationship? Seriously, your annoying and creepy, also what the heck does putting up a video of a girl who looks nothing like me suppose to do?

    2. So you want digital items that no one really cares about?…. you are a social reject.

      1. I never cared for those pointless things either, but some of them can be really funny. I looked down to see how much time i had until the bomb was going to explode and then the thing popped up and said “Achievement unlocked: Uh-oh” Lol

      2. Still, it’s pointless and it’s just there to make a very short game longer because devs are too lazy to make anything else.

    3. So in other words, you want confirmation from a computer that you are a “good” gamer just like all the other shallow retarded insecure Xbots, Sonyans and misguided Nintendites…

      1. I think it just makes the game have better replay value, i personally don’t like them because i find them distracting sometimes.

      2. I’ve played a lot of games with an achievement system and only Starcraft manages to get me going in that department from time to time…

        But if anything attracts a game it’s online multiplayer…

  3. I thought it was pretty quick already. But I will most certainly download this and check it out.

  4. Stiil a long way to go… I want to now what friend coneccted not just that a “friend” conectced… And I want my chat with Friends without opening the whole Miiverse app

    1. Cutting board? Lol, that’s nothing my ps4 can’t even grill food, now that is last gen.

  5. is there a particular reason why i can’t create folders?
    im able to do that on my 3DS XL, but can’t on my Wii U… why?

    1. Hopefully coming soon, as I have a lot more games (mostly Indie and VC games) on my Wii U than on my XL!

  6. This update is awesome :D
    Just downloaded it there and it’s great and the Wii U seems to run faster :D

      1. That wouldn’t surprise me seeing how the Wii U is running on a HD 6000 series GPU which is great for overclocking.

  7. This update is pretty cool to me. I like how the GamePad will alert me of any messages or I can go directly to the game I recently played.

    1. Yeh it’s a sweet update. To be quite honest, I knew about the update but it left my head haha Great to see that they are getting ready for next week and that they are updating titles cause of Mario Kart 8 when they download their free game :) It has a nice interface!

  8. This update seems kinda useless to me. Maybe I’ll like it once I get used to it. But I had no problem with the way it used to be. The glowing message button on the Gamepad is interesting. But when would I ever receive messages?

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