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Natsume’s Bringing Alphadia Genesis For Wii U And A-Train: City Simulator For 3DS To E3

Natsume has confirmed via press release that it is bringing Alphadia Genesis for the Wii U and A-Train: City Simulator for the Nintendo 3DS to E3 next week. Presumably both games are being localised for the west. Natsume has yet to reveal a date for either, but expect one at E3.

Combining the best of both city simulation games and transportation simulation games, A-Train: City Simulator for 3DS is sure to be a hit with fans of both genres! As the newly promoted head of the local transportation agency, it’s your job to make sure that both the city and its transportation system run smoothly! From buses, trains, and subways, you’ll have to think about the best way to incorporate these into the city while avoiding possible bottlenecks and frustrated citizens!

Natsume is also pleased to reveal their first Wii U game, Alphadia Genesis! Boasting a rich, complex story starring Fray, a member of the local guild, and Corone, a knight. As their journey progresses and conflicting national interests come to the forefront, it becomes apparent that it may take more than a little work on both their parts if their relationship is to weather the foreboding storm on the horizon.

Update: They are also bringing Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley

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  1. So.. instead of a Harvest Moon, they’re porting an android game as their first Wii U title. I can hardly contain all this wonder and excitement.

  2. Looks like I have an RPG game that can go alongside X from Nintendo’s Monolith Soft.

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