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NES Remix 2 Video Asks Viewers To Spot Luigi

Nintendo has released a new promotional video for NES Remix 2. The one-minute clip challenges viewers to spot the 8-bit version of Luigi, who is hidden in several stages within the game as well. NES Remix 2 also contains Super Luigi Bros., which is essentially the original Super Mario Bros. with the high-jumping Luigi as its star. NES Remix 2 is available in the Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

22 thoughts on “NES Remix 2 Video Asks Viewers To Spot Luigi”

    1. NintendoCore - MusicLord

      90% of the reason I come to this website is to find out about games….

      The other 10% is for the commenter,
      i.e – TrollPolice

      Funny, kinda

        1. poor idiot, he got butthurt because his “warning” about mario kart was shit and now he’s making silly comments to forget the butthurt he suffered because of it. as a matter of fact if it looks like a xbox 360 game. it could be a good thing for you. because you want a xbox 360…a past gen console. exposed!!!

  1. Does anyone think that the Wii U is currently the best next gen console around? Off TV Play, SM3DW, MK8, WWHD, W101, all those cool indie and download games, virtual console, they make me a happy Wii U owner. I have a PS4 and Xbox One, but the only games I liked on them were Titanfall and FFXIV

    1. If it hadn’t been for Nintendo’s bad reputation, they would probably sell a lot more… They have the best games IMO, and as I only has time for one console, they are the way for me. Also, PS4 and Xbone id currently selling on hype only..

  2. Hello guys my Phone ask the viewers to find a big pack of money or MK8 bundle! Better news i
    made then this!!

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