You Can Now Get The Original Bayonetta With Digital Copies Of Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 Director Yusuke Hashimoto and Producer Akiko Kuroda have clarified on Facebook that those of you looking to purchase Bayonetta 2 digitally will now be able to get a free copy of the Bayonetta remastered for Wii U. The same applies for those who purchase Bayonetta 2 at retail.

The original version of Bayonetta will be available via a digital download on eShop when you purchase Bayonetta 2 (either a box version or digital copy of the game).


  1. Heh. Who’s going to buy the lame digital version anyway? -_-

    Really looking forward to the game though.

    1. I recently had a bad experience where one of my game disks somehow got a spot on it that was subjected to too much intense heat.(how in the f, right?)
      It became unplayable as a result, and I found myself wishing I had had the option to buy it digitally.(It was a third party game that isn’t sold digitally)
      Normally I prefer physical, but digital has its perks.

        1. It was less than a year old, but I guess it’s possible…
          I burned the disk-spinning motors out of two Wii console, during last gen, just playing Melee and Brawl, after all.^^;;

      1. I got the white 8GB Wii U at launch because black was sold out. So I went and got a 2TB hard drive and downloaded some games. Then I just stopped and started buying my games physically because I get absolutely nothing for going out of my way to buy an $100 hard drive for digital games. I don’t understand why Nintendo limited it to only one Wii U model. It’s basically pointless to buy the 8GIG version now. And I can’t buy the black one now because they are downloaded games on my console and Nintendo doesn’t have the right type of account system for me to get rid of my old one and redownload. WHICH SUCKS. >:(

        1. We can all agree that Nintendo needs to get around to fixing it to where we can move our NNID to another Wii U, letting us transfer our data through the internet in the process. The Wii U does have an option to let us bring an NNID from one Wii U to a different one, after all. But when we go to use it, the feature itself is not there. Nintendo really should have added it in when the system released. I don’t want a major problem the Wii had: game data with online features were tied to the system & couldn’t be transferred so was lost if it ever broke or if a new color that you wanted came out.

    2. I prefer the digital version,
      1) first off I get points back to buy new games
      2) my hard drive is USB 3.0 and can load games faster then a disk
      3) for Nintendo’s next system ill be able to down load all the games again
      4) when I travel (which I do a lot) its far less to carry and keep track off
      5) It makes the quick start menu worth using

      And now its the reason why ill buy bayoneta 2

  2. I only buy digital… I’ve made nearly $100 through the digital deluxe program! No brainer to me.

      1. Wait are you two the same person? Your picture is based on your email address isn’t it? And it’s exactly the same…

          1. No, ive been around here for about 2 years reading news and posts, but its my first time writing! And yes u dont need an email to post

    1. I’m averaging less than $20 per physical game. Apples and oranges. I would prefer digital, but I’m not paying 2 to 3 times the price for digital vs retail sales. For example. I’ve paid less than $40 and sometimes less than $30 for all Nintendo first party titles through preorder offers etc. $11 for Lego City Undercover, $4.89 for Splinter Cell… all new and sealed. Why am I going to pay full price or lame digital sale prices for the luxury of digital? Also I sell my game sometimes and turn a profit on the best case scenarios like those listed above. Digital is unfortunately not all that. If they would price more aggressively so that the prices were comparible, I would go digital.

  3. See, High Command has started to listen to our people…

    A tad late bit better late than never…

    And to the Sonyan leaders, 84% went from PSP to N3DS…

    2 can play that game…

    1. xD If you have an article that proves that, you should send it in to Sickr or someone else at My Nintendo News.

    1. See? And some idiots say Nintendo doesn’t care or do things right. Well, here’s your proof of that opposite BS. ^_^

      1. For Nintendo to listen, someone must complain. So all the people who think Nintendo is perfect can thank those of us that speak up. ;)
        I’m glad to see Nintendo paying more attention. There may be hope for them yet!!

  4. And so, once again, the world is saved… thanks to Nintendo and Platinum Games. So long, everybody!!!!!

  5. This is great news, I was pretty bummed when I heard that the original Bayonetta wasn’t available as an eShop download.

    Personally, I love downloading games via the eShop, and unless there is some really cool bonus that comes with a retail version, I’ll never buy retail again. Not only can you download the games at midnite the day they come out (which is actually 9pm the day before for me since I’m on the west coast), but also I love being able to just turn my wii u on and pick the game I play without having to swap discs. Furthermore, having all my games on my console makes it a lot more portable, which is great because if I bring my Wii U as a carry-on on a long flight, I can plug that shit in at the airport, and treat it as a semi portable console using the game pad. Haven’t tried this on an airplane yet, but the next time I fly on a plane with power outlets on the arm rests, I’m willing to risk a bitch slap from the flight attendants to have the A+ nintendo catalogue at my fingertips.

  6. happy they changed their tune. I won’t buy physical ever again. I slammed them with tweets and emails. I hope someone got fired.

    1. Not sure? Ha ha. More room space, don’t have to lug around physical copies when they travel, can play the game at any time without the need to put a disc in to play it, and a few other reasons why anyone would buy a digital copy.

  7. “Nintendo doesn’t listen to their fans!” You were saying, bitch troll sasori? In fact, didn’t Donko & Nostaliga_w also once say this?

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