Check Out These New K’NEX Super Mario Toys

414021 38221 PKG01 Nintendo Super Mario Mystery Series 3 polybag

Toy manufacturer K’NEX has revealed their latest range based on the Super Mario series. These toys will be based upon the New Super Mario Bros U and Super Mario 3D Land games, rather than early titles. Here’s a look at some of the sets which go on sale in the fall.


Thanks, Adam


  1. Are they in league with the Legos?…

    Otherwise I can sense a big butthurt coming along…

    1. Hey commander, add me on wii U since you bought one by now. We can play some mario kart with that brand new wii U you bought

    1. Yes kids will want this, problem?…

      And you Sonyans do play with toys aswell, all these pre-order “bonuses” you get for all games…

    2. … then explain why Kratos, Nathan Drake, Ape Escape and Little Big Planet have toys then?

    1. What is so wrong for a person over 20 or 30 to own these? Are you seriously that stereotypical? No one complains when a child (i mean like 7years old) watches a horror film or plays mortal kombat, COD, or anything pretty gruesome, and you yet complain about an adult watching a pixar film and collecting figurines and plays a nintendo game. Da fuq with u?

      1. He’s sad because the PS4 has no note worthy games other than Generic Hack N Slash, Generic Adventure Game, 2 Generic Shooters and Little Big Planet… LBP being the only fucking good game.

    2. Yet Sony’s PS4 has been over run with kids whilst the Wii U seems to be the only next gen console with adults playing on it… I don’t see why people bother with the PSBore and the Xboned

  2. I don’t need these. I got Amiibos to look foward to. XD Lol I cannot wait to line up the Nintendo princesses (Rosalina, Peach, and Zelda) and make them talk shit to each other. XD

  3. I would rather have them in Lego form

    Lego just appeals more to me

    But I will have all the Amiibos, the entire shibang

    1. Lego is great, but K’Nex is too bad, just thank the lord they didn’t choose Mega Blox or KRE-O…. *Shudders*

      1. Knex is fun, but not that character and set driven as Lego. Lego could do magical things together with Nintendo. Sad that they didn’t…

      2. Don’t forget that lego is also expensive to the consumer and the publishers who allow their licence to be used.

    1. Pokemon should use Amiibo :D That would be epic like a few Special Pokemon that you can’t get in the game can come in Amiibo form so you can use the Amiibo portal to transfer it onto your 3DS :D

      1. Don’t give a shit, never gave a shit when Skylanders did it or Disney Infinity, so why should I care if Nintendo did it?

        They could give them away as say a free gift if you own Pokemon Z or something like that, if you don’t you can get a bundle with a 3DS XL or 2DS, the Pokemon game, the NFC Portal and the Figure itself.

  4. The trolls here suck even more than before. I remember the old day when trolls were actually offending people. This is probably the next best thing after Lego, better than Playmobil at least. Hope they make Zelda too, then perhaps people would shut up about it.

  5. I hate the ones that come in those little mystery bags, where you don’t know which figure it is inside. I’ve actually tore some bags open in the past just to make sure they weren’t the ones I already had. I’ve seen others tore open too. It’s stupid to not let people know what’s inside. I get SO pissed off when I buy a duplicate!

    1. The only reason fast food places get away with giving you a random toy is the fact you are paying for the happy meal, not the toy. So I agree with you which is why I don’t go for stuff like that.

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