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Here’s 5 Minutes Worth Of Super Smash Bros Gameplay On Both Wii U And Nintendo 3DS

Tilmen from Nintendomination recently attended a press event where he was able to get some hands on time with a number of games that were playable on the E3 show floor. Among these games is Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. You can view footage from the Wii U version above and the Nintendo 3DS, below.

96 thoughts on “Here’s 5 Minutes Worth Of Super Smash Bros Gameplay On Both Wii U And Nintendo 3DS”

  1. this game is ugly af. oh my eyes both are bleeding out xC never gonna watch another trailer of this shiiity game MY EYES!!

    1. You do realize this was recorded with a camera making it look worse and then uploaded to youtube making it even more awful

    2. Yeah if you’re in THAT much agony of bleeding out of your eyes, do you have less pain that you feel than compared to what you exaggerated? Seriously, your whole statement is pointless when it doesn’t make any sense compared to what you’re trying to make it. Get off the internet you little punk. Go blow up on some other game or gaming company, loser.

  2. The 3DS version doesn’t impress me. I’m still trying to see what makes it so different than the Wii U one? Yeah, there’s Smash run or whatever it is, but that doesn’t impress me either. It has portability and all, but I have enough time to play at home. Stages are different, but I don’t buy fighting games for stages. I’ll buy both the Wii U and 3DS version, but maybe I’m thinking of only getting Wii U. Especially for the better graphics.

    1. the 3ds version exists for the sake of being portable, the wii u is real version also the games come out months apart so I can’t resist buying both

      1. Well, I guess since it’s coming earlier, I might get it. But if the Wii U version’s release is not that far away, I’ll just get other games and wait for it.

            1. Yuh huh. I can play Mario Kart every day if I wanted. In fact, I’m getting nowhere in Wind Waker HD because MK8 is too good to put down. Next up is Watch Dogs for me. The online will hold me off even longer. :P

    2. Not saying you should buy it for the stages but this is Smash Bros., if stages aren’t taken into mind maybe you should be playing Street Fighter instead… stages make up huge credentials to Smash Bros., just like the fighters and items.

    1. Me too, kinda. I don’t really care for it’s version, but it’s probably going to make more money between the two versions. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wii U version sells poorly despite being the better version. *sigh*

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 3DS version sells better either. The 3DS install base is significantly higher than the Wii U, and because of that, most people won’t even bother with the Wii U version because they can essentially get the same game on the handheld.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          No they couldn’t, it would pale in Controls and experience compared to the Wii U version…

          Personally, considering they will be released rather about the same time period, I will get the Wii U version first and the 3DS someday in the future…

    2. Yeah me too, if they had put that time towards the wii u version, we would have more characters, stages, items, assists, trophies and stages. I’s pretty disappointing to be honest, also there would probably be more sales for the wii u version

  3. i like the 3DS and the Wii U version… you guys stop complaining.. just enjoy what the game has to offer… and to the person who say his eyes are bleeding! then “don’t look, just Go.”. oh don’t tell me you gonna say next.. “my toes are bleeding..” ……oh common!

    1. Smash bros for the 3DS is literally holding back the Wii U version.

      And come on, just look at the 3DS’s graphics… it’s terrible, especially compared to the Wii U.

      1. I’m gonna be honest with you, I was hoping the Wii U version came first. I already knew for a fact that it was gonna be the better version, but if Wii U came first, even if it doesn’t outsell the 3DS one, it would’ve probably sold more. The reason why I’m worried about the 3DS one is because if I buy it, I may not want to get the Wii U version because it’s almost literally the same game. And if Im deciding between two of the same game, I’m obviously gonna get the better version.

        1. Trust me, if there’s one thing that differentiates the two games, it’s the controls. Smash Bros. is made for Nintendo home consoles, hell you can even say it was made for the Gamecube controller.

          The controls on the 3DS are nowhere near as good as what you can use on the home consoles.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            What if the Namconians are incharge mostly about the 3DS version?…

            That would just tell me that the Wii U version will not be a gimped version at all…

  4. even though i own a wii u and dont even give single heck for smash bros what soo ever. now i finnaly reached rank 12 on battlefield 3 and i killed over 400 people but died about 1500 times.

    1. No one here cares about your rank in your dumb games, Narutard. Everyone would rather care about proving you wrong and making sure you leave, emo bastard. Go snort some sand.

    2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Thank you for an irrelevant subject no one will care about in the next 2 seconds.

      Also by the way I exposed you more than how many Playstation 4s were sold than the 0 amount of times I didn’t expose you.

      Now that’s an accomplishment.

        1. No you is…unlike you, I know the guy. I’m the nicest guy in the world when he’s pissed off. I’m warning you man, you better do something to calm him down, if he can’t get you physically, He’ll get you cyberlly, meaning he’s do something to either red flag you or worse report your channel, hack it, or other thing he can do. I do this for the laughs out of you because I can prove you wrong in so many ways but him, your asking for trouble if you piss him off.

    3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      400 kills, 1500 Deaths, wow you really must be horrible at games…

      I’ve had about 1300 kills with knife only in any FPS game and less Deaths…

  5. Hey, who can supply me with information on getting in contact with that Sam girl from the treehouse(the e3 treehouse host) I’ve got this pitch I’d like to make!

    Anyways, who remembers those other two Nintendo hosts that would come out on the wii…,I know the dude was Gary and I think the blonde was Allison, what happened to them? They were alright.

  6. God damn it PS3 has one of the most suckish browser im trying to load this website I can’t see it its blank. My internet is full bar. Wii U is a beast best browser ever. I can’t wait foe smash bros also

  7. So apparently Phillips want the wii and Wii U banned from the US…
    Don’t know if you guys heard or read about it but since they won, they want it banned…
    Can’t post the link cause my stupid iphone is being a bitch right now…(excuse my french)

    1. Wtf? Are you serious? They aren’t getting away with that. I can understand now if they’re trying to sue, but ban? That’s on a whole nother level right there.

        1. Ahhhh, but the sad thing is they can’t really do that for the simple fact of the gamers. they last thing they need on them is over 40,000,342 people all over their asses saying “unban the wii u or your fucked” guns and pocket launchers and all pointed at their asses.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                And don’t even get me started on how the N-Dub Nation would react…

                But I’m probably even “worse”…

          1. Exactly. There ain’t no way in hell they’re gonna ban the Wii U here when gamers unite. Add to the fact that Nintendo is way bigger than Philips is now and ever was.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


            I can’t believe that I bought a computer screen from them like 2 days before we got the news about their lawsuit…


              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Too bad I recently reorganized my room so I probably threw it out…

                Oh well, but never again any Phillipsian products again…

      1. Yeah they are trying it… don’t know why this isn’t news…
        Sickr or whoever is in charge of posting news should check this out… now that is something that should be seen and talked about.

  8. Does anyone know if the 3ds version will have stock battles without time? I’m not the biggest fan of the timed matches.

    1. All versions smash bros allow stock battles w/o time. so will this this only shows the time limit because it”s a demo, i don’t think you’re able to changes those settings yet

  9. As long as this is better than brawl ill be a happy camper. Than again I shouldnt complain as I have been playing project m.

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