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Is Atlus Teasing A New Etrian Odyssey Game For Japan?

Atlus could be teasing a new Etrian Odyssey game, according to a stealth spot by NeoGAF members. Taking a quick look at the official Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Japanese website, you’ll find a broccoli-shaped easter egg poking its green head of hair out near two of the 3DS title’s characters. Clicking on the link will sneakily take curious fans to another website which sports a 10,000 metre tree stylised under the Etrian Odyssey franchise.

With the font and a teaser title from Atlus Japan saying, “this is not broccoli #Atlus,” fans could be looking at a new Etrian Odyssey title. Hopefully Atlus will make an official announcement regarding the teaser site in the weeks to come. You can take a look at the website, here. Let us know your thoughts on the site in the comments below.

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