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Aonuma Talks Briefly About The Scale Of Zelda Wii U’s World

Famed producer of The Legend of Zelda, Eiji Aonuma, has briefly spoken about the scale of the environment in the next Zelda title for the Wii U. Aonuma says that when he thinks about the scale of the world within Zelda Wii U he always thinks of Kyoto

MMGN: This is the first truly open world in a Zelda game — you showed how Zelda has progressed since the NES in terms of map layout and movement — so in the biggest world yet, how “big” can we expect?

Mr. Aonuma: “In terms of the scale of the new Zelda world on Wii U, I always think of Kyoto as my base. Do you know Kyoto?”

110 thoughts on “Aonuma Talks Briefly About The Scale Of Zelda Wii U’s World”

          1. GTA V is open world and the load times are almost non existant. Well, at least after you start playing anyways… I hate the 2 minute load screen at the beginning. Lol.

        1. it was confirmed on his youtube channel the idiot talk with himself while walking on the streets and even talks to his pc. the idiot is crazy.

      1. All alone because you’re faming over that brokeback bitch of a sad troll? Is that why you speak to yourself?

          1. Unless they use the same type of visual tricks they used in xenoblade for wii to make it easier to load the giant map.

      1. For the sake of comparisons, gta v is approximately 100 square miles. Kyoto is 319,65 square miles. If Gta v was huge, imagine this new zelda game.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      xD Ye of little faith. Then again, I can’t recall you ever saying anything good about a Nintendo game.

  1. Kyoto eh? well, I’m all for a big world, but Only if you can move through it quickly. I still remember sailing in Wind Waker without using the Sail. It was pretty tough stuff. If this Link game is as big as the overall world in Wind Waker (Which would be awesome) then that is a long world to cover. They should give Link a bird so that you can fly at super speeds and then use the horse for shorter distances. Let’s not make this the next Final Fantasy XIII or White Knight Chronicles as far as travelling is concerned

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          What you two call boring, I call rather relaxing. I enjoy sailing about the ocean. In fact, the sailing is the calm before the storm so to speak in Wind Waker since the combat system is way better than the slowness of Twilight Princess. I’d prefer Wind Waker’s sailing over Twilight Princess’s horse riding any day. BUT Zelda for Wii U will actually make me enjoy horseback riding again in a Zelda title since the environment is so beautiful instead of bland colored like Twilight Princess’s overworld was. But I do hope the fields have more life this time around unlike TP, so I can actually enjoy the field when I do feel the urge to fight something. I hope Aonuma is getting Monolith Soft to help develop the game because they know how to do huge fields teeming with life.

            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              Let’s not be too harsh on Hollow & Stranga now. They are our allies in here after all against people like sasori, Nostalgia_w, & Donko. Least I think that’s the real Stranga, anyway. With that Stranga poser running about, we can’t really be certain.

            2. Hey, I’ve got patience! I just don’t like sailing everywhere I go. It can be relaxing at times like Tallon said, but other times I just wanna get out of it. The thing I like about the Swift Sail is it’s ability to automatically change wind direction. I hate stopping every few minutes, avoiding cyclones, enemies, etc, to change it. Ruins the flow of the game for me. Swift Sail FTW.

      1. I absolutely loved the sailing in Wind Waker! I never used the fast sail because I enjoyed traveling slowly. It really gave me the impression I was lost at sea, a feeling I never got from another game.

    1. I imagine one way to deal w/ quick travel later in the game will come with finding the now Zelda-tradition Sky area: Skydive to the general area of your choice, then see how close you can land to your specific location.

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          Hm. Epona for horseback riding through Hyrule or a bird for flying through Hyrule. Tough choice for me. xD

          1. Agreed, it’s definitely a tough call! Perhaps both can be in the game and Epona would be used for medium-short distance travels while the bird would be used from going to long distance places. (Like country to country while Epona can be dungeon to dungeon)

  2. I don’t know Kyoto. As long as it’s got structure and denseness to it, I’ll be happy. I don’t want another great sea, or worse yet, just random landscapes with no notable landmarks like Skyrim.

      1. There is no way this Zelda game is going to be 3 times the size of GTAV. That’s approaching Just Cause 2 size!

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      *just came back from google* Well I’ll be. They did change their name to that in Europe. I only saw it being for the UK, though, but chances are it will be all of Europe.

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      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        A footage of Sasori exposing himself would be the world’s best news ever on a Nintendo Direct…

  4. Honestly, it won’t matter how big it is. It already seems to be pretty big and even I know it won’t be Skyrim-sized unless they want to have large gaps without meaningful space.

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  6. this doesn’t tell us anything.. kyoto is big.. 830 km²
    there’s absolutely no way zelda is that big without using procedural generation (which, considering we’re talking about nintendo, it definitely won’t)
    skyrim was already considered huge and it was about 1/20th of that size

    maybe he’s talking about the historic districts?

    his statement makes no sense to me..

    personally i don’t expect it to be quite as big as skyrim
    doesn’t have to be either

    1. You’d be surprised. The graphics and power engine on the wii u is really flexible. Just look at how pretty the graphics were on Zombie U.

      1. what does that have to do with graphics?

        i’m talking about the amount of work
        it would be impossible to handcraft the landscape in any reasonable timeframe, let alone develop the actual game alongside it

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      Agitha would go NUTS! That’s where she must develop her super powers that allow her to take command of an army in Hyrule Warriors. She develops the powers of RAGE! Like the Hulk!

  7. I don’t care if it’s as big or bigger than GTAV. I don’t care if is bigger or smaller than Skyrim, I care how it plays.

      1. kyoto citiy limits are still over 800km² in size

        just cause 2 was that big because it used procedural generation and the landscape was bland because of that to say the least
        nobody could have hand built that in any reasonable timeframe

        there is not a chance in hell nintendo will screw up a zelda game by using procedural generation and making bland landscapes
        what we saw in the trailer didn’t look like procedural generation either
        i expect everything to be fully hand crafted, just like skyrim

        however it will probably be smaller than skyrim (~40km²) .. we shouldn’t forget that this is nintendos first jab at a fully open world game with vast landscapes.. wind waker doesn’t really count with all that water

        and to fill that landscape with exciting stuff is a very tough job

        but even if it’s just half the size of skyrim it would still be plenty for a zelda game (morrowind for example was about half the size of skyrim) considering that all previous zelda games combined would probably only amount to those 20km²^^

  8. Then running is not an options he he he Link will always need a horse and would probably be best with a bird. The game could load like Wind Waker or even Lego City, but you won’t notice it when riding a horse or bird.

    Take your time Nintendo, we know you do quality work and not half-assed releases followed by DLCs after DLCs.

  9. Reblogged this on TeamStealth Reborn and commented:
    I’m very much looking torward to the release of this game,i don’t like that it’s on the Wii U and you have to spend about another $300 in order to play one of the good games on this shitty system. Other then that,I don’t mind. Although it does make you wonder about the LoZ timeline created in the Book “Hyrule Historia” Unless of course it takes place currently as of now.

      1. What does desperation have to do by saying a bundle of joy? I wasn’t being sarcastic or rude. I just think that individual is pretty entertaining. ^^ i’m sorry that you have to be a troll online because of how things are in real life. I truly hope things will get better for you.

        1. there’s plenty more great games on the wii u already released or about to be released
          that it’s a “shitty system” is your personal opinion

          if you don’t want to buy the system because of one game then don’t, you have every right not to, but don’t expect others to agree with you when you call a system shitty just because it doesn’t have any games that interest you

  10. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    The pain of waiting. Oh well. Least there will be tons of games to keep me happy til then.

  11. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I bet the Electrons or someone will make another game with an open world that is the size of the US just to compare male genitalia sizes…

    Human Males are the most pathetic life forms on this stupid planet…

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