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UK Retailer Lists Amiibo Figures At £12.85 Each

UK online video game retailer ShopTo has started taking pre-orders for Amiibo figures and has them listed at £12.85 each. Estimates were at the £6-£12 mark, but of course this is subject to change. ShopTo currently have these figures available for pre-order: Link, Kirby, Mario, Zelda, Peach, Pikachu, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Samus Aran, Animal Crossing Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Pit, (Kid Icarus), Marth (Fire Emblem) and Fox McCloud. The figures will be used for a range of titles, including Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8.

129 thoughts on “UK Retailer Lists Amiibo Figures At £12.85 Each”

    1. The price is ridiculous. That’s $23.40 in Canada, plus 13% tax comes up to $26.44 for ONE figurine! I think that I’ll be passing on these.

      1. Don’t convert the prices from UK to Canada or to US. It will basically be $15 in the US and 15 Canadian Dollars.

        The UK is always more inflated compared to the Americas, because our economies are different.

      2. It’s a fucking joke. If Nintendo did achievement or a battle point system Luke street fighter. This is diabolical

  1. If they’re this price in the US ($21.81 converted), I won’t be able to buy them all like I planned. That’s FAR too expensive.

    1. Nah, it’ll be more like the Skylanders pricing – to compare, the standard ones at WalMart over there are $10 compared to £8 at ASDA here (ASDA is part of the WalMart family, thus this comparison) ($10 = £6ish, £8 = $14ish), whilst the SWAP ones from the latest game compare from $15 to £13 – so the prices don’t quite convert like that. I’d imagine they’d be more like $15 over there.

    2. I’m guessing $12.99 to $15.99 in US, hopefully more like $12.99 to compete with Skylanders and Infinity.

    1. Except fpr the fact that they are just like Skylanders figures which run 9.99$-14.99$. I am hoping these will only be around 10, any more than that and I will probably skip them.

  2. All the money they spent on this gimmick, should’ve instead been handing capcom a couple suitcases/burlap sacks in exchange for some juicy IPs….Megaman, Maximo, Resident Evil so on and so forth…..

    Amiibo: Things you gotta have, down the road you never wish you did, Disney infinite, Skylanders, same ‘ol s***

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      You know, Everything empires create actually COSTs far less than what they sell them for…

  3. All the money they spent on this gimmick, should’ve instead been handing capcom a couple suitcases/burlap sacks in exchange for some juicy IPs….Megaman, Maximo, Resident Evil so on and so forth…..

    Amiibo: Things you gotta have, down the road you never wish you did, Disney infinite, Skylanders, same ‘ol s…

  4. $15 is fine for me. I’m going to buy every single one of the Smash Bros figurines. I hope they make a figurine for every character!!!

    As for amiibos of other games. I could really care less. I just want the Smash Bros ones.

        1. Amiibo is cross game capable . So there is no “smash Bros set” and “Mario kart set” the same figure works with all amiibo compatible games. The more games u use him in the more bad ass they become.

  5. Guys, stop sticking £12.85 into a currency converter and worrying about the price. You Americans get everything cheaper than us Brits. $15 max, and that’s if that listed price is right, which it may not be.

  6. I’m glad the Amiibos aren’t required to unlock stuff in the games. They’re just they’re for you to add even more to your games. Plus, you get a nice figurine of awesome characters. I’m going with Greninja and probably Mario when they release.

    1. I agree, it’s like training your own pokemon! ..but it’s not a pokemon.. unless you get a pokemon of course.. Regardless! I’m glad it’s not required for DLC or extra content in the game. It’s just a fun thing you can do in Smash and will eventually be another fun thing you can do in multiple games with the same figures, so you won’t have to keep buying these things every time new content comes out. That’s brilliant.

      1. They are very well made, but i think more about packs, packs of specific universes, like mario packs, pokemon packs, zelda packs, with each character of that universe you know…..also sold separately.

  7. 5 to 10 sounds fair to me. 15 and 20 is a bit steep. Especially if it’s uncertain what that actually do. Smash bros it just seems like they’re ghosting.

    1. No, You can use them to transfer data around from 3DS to Wii U. You can summon them in a local player match to fight along side you and you can use them to make harder CPU’s to train against.

      You know how usually CPUs go up to level 9? Well amiibos can go up to level 50!!! Which means they are harder than even human players, because they can actually learn from your moves and devise a strategy against you!!!

      1. …Wow. Remind me not to mess with my Amiibo then.. I can barely surpass level 9. Lvl 50? Screw that! Lol.

  8. Will if you don’t like the price don’t buy it until the price drops or bundles since you guys didn’t buy the Wii U at $350. Yet because of the knowledge of PS4 the most powerful system money doesnt matter all of a sudden. After all it wasn’t the games at to why the PS4 is selling its the power.

    1. I wouldn’t mind if they came in 3 in a pack, but Sakarai did say focus on the ones you want so I guess it’s fair.

      Sucks to be a collector then…

      1. To be honest, I’m mainly getting Amiibo’s because they’re awesome toys. I’ve always wanted mini Nintendo character figurines. I’m gonna buy as many as I can!! Hey, I may be 16, but I’m still technically a kid. Don’t judge! ;)

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Sasori is a social reject from birth confirmed, making his statement invalid confirmed and exposed.

            2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Said the ultimate social reject making a 40 minutes long video about how butthurt he got from our people featuring Admiral Glados…

            3. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              xD It amazes me at how stupid you are. Quit mistaking everyone here for yourself, dumbass. #bansasori

  9. Now didn’t Playstation Now increase the price and yet I don’t hear Sonyans complaing as much. You Nintendo fans didn’t buy the Wii u because it didn’t have games and yet PS4 doewn’t have games and already at 8 million. What do you Nintendo fans want? Then bitch about the trolls coming all the time. You guys didnt support the Wii U so it is what it is. PS4 fans support Sony with no games.

    1. It’s funny that you say that. But I bet at least a good chunk of that 8 million, probably 2-3 million, are also Nintendo fans. We can’t support the Wii U alone. If we’re on a Nintendo fan website, chances are we actually care for Nintendo. We are doing our part to make Wii U successful. We just need more recruits for our army! Then we shall bring forth total Nintendomination! My body is ready!

        1. … No. XD I want the PS4, but that freaking Halo Collection… Ugh. I told myself that Halo was the only thing that would make me buy one, and then they come out with not one… but FIVE Halo’s. I just love Halo so much! I wish Microsoft didn’t own it. RRRRRR!!! But I know that if I buy an Xbone, I’m probably gonna be stuck with a console that I don’t really like and lackluster exclusives… I might sacrifice my beloved Halo though if it means being here with you guys though on the Nintendo/Sony force. *sigh* …

  10. I hope this shit flops. No need for overpriced baby toys being forced in every game because of dirty man children. GROW UP LOSERS LMAO!

    1. 1: it’s not forced, it’s an optional thing for local only.
      2: skylanders toys did amazing ( sales-wise), so why should these fail?
      3: please stop trolling here, we do not recommend you being here, or sasori might have an influence on you…

    2. Ya, i’m one of those dirty man children.
      Grow up why don’t you. I’m 31 years old, I just like playing games, watching cartoons and collecting Nintendo toys.

      go go ga ga

  11. The only reason why I want it to be successful is because it has NFC in the GamePad and that controller is the only thing unique that can bring Wii U sales. Though they were too dumb not to think of a system to support 4 gamepads in 2008. Yet wait for the Fusion to support 4 gamepads. That was dumb. I hope they are at least estimating how Powerful PS5 will be and not make it just more powerful than ps4.

  12. Here’s how dumb Nintendo is: Hyundai has an all new 2015 Genesis. Kia has a 2015 k900. The Kia has more features and horsepower than the many 2014/15 German cars priced at 80k or more. How did Kia do that? Because they estimated what features and addional power making the Kia K900 needed by the time 2015 got here which was like six years ago….. That’s how a successful manufacturer is supposed to think. What fool would make something in R&D and focus on making somthing more powerful than a 2014 rival?

    1. You take this stuff too seriously. If it bothers you that much, just go play some games. No one’s forcing you to like Nintendo.

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        He’s clearly an idiot. He’s made like over 3 comments in just one article harping about power. As if that’s ALL that matters. >.<

        1. Not all that matters huh? Will when both Wii U and PS4 launched they both had/has shitty line ups. Only difference is Sony thought of how powerful their rivals could be while Nintendo just focused on PS3. As a result one console relies on software to sell and the other one doesn’t. But I’m an idiot. Oh and I have not seen a PS4 commercial in a while and its still selling.

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            I was going to say nice try ignoring the marketing factor. Then I saw your damage control of that with the last sentence in your comment. But yeah. You’re an idiot for thinking power is everything. lol

            1. I’m an idiot? Will lets see PS4 is the most powerful system then Xbox One then Wii U. Funny how the best sellers are in the same order from strongest to weakest. Interesting. But it’s not power.

              1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                Oh & the fact the PS4 & Xbox One has more enticing extra features than the Wii U has absolutely nothing to do with it, eh? >.< One of the main detractors I hear from a lot of people is "Why doesn't the Wii U play Blurays?" "Why does the console not have an achievements/trophies system!?" "Why doesn't it have this, & this, & this!?" If I didn't own a bluray player right now, I'd so go & buy the Playstation 4 for that feature til the games I do want come to it. Not to mention the other features it has like the WWE Network. A lack of games isn't a huge problem when it has so many other features to keep people busy. Do you hear people bitching about a lack of new, great games for their high end PC? Hell no because the thing allows them to go online, play solitaire, play other games that come already on the PC, use Netflix, Hulu Plus, Youtube, play old games using Steam, flash games, porn sites, etc etc etc!

      1. Ignoring Kia beat Huhda in a quality testing. Also ignoring Kia Sportagr, Soul and Cadena ranked highest in their class for best quality but Kia sucks….ignoring Kia’s quality beat BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Caddilac, Chrylser

  13. I’m still going to collect them all. Those figures looks so cool to be displayed on a shelf.

  14. What a lot of you seemingly don’t realise is all UK prices include VAT, unlike in the US. Minus VAT (20%) these cost around £10.18, or $17.29 USD.
    Still pricy though.

  15. God you guys are cheep, these aren’t going to be happy meal toys. Whatever Nintendo will price them at will be fair. Nintendo is always just when it comes to money.

      1. Ignoring $349.99 was just a cheap excuse not to buy the Wii U and yet PS4 was $50 bucks more and its still selling high and still no games. Sonyans support their products yet you bitch about toys from Nintendo trying to do what they can to sell their hardware and price is too high ignoring its NFC tech inside. Sonyans would just save and buy them.

        1. Also didn’t Sony raise the PS4 price in Canada? And the PS4 is still best selling home console. This just shows you who really backs Nintendo and doesn’t.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Meh. Let them whine. It’s not like I’ll be missing out on something because these few people on here are cheap.

  16. lol you grown men want to pay 15 bucks for toys. LMFAO social rejects want toys to play their pathetic fighting series.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      xD Says the true social reject on this site. Go take your meds, sasori. You’re clearly having delusions again.

    2. It’s not about the toys it’s the pathetic Nintendo fans. Nintendo Commander didn’t Pay $59.99for Pikmin 3. So he waits for the price cut so Nintendo will have to sell it for less for his benefits yet he worshops Nintendo. Sony fans buy Sony games right away. That’s why there is more PS4 games at top ten best sellers. Nintendo fans must be poor. All I see is Mario Kart 8 at top ten.

          1. I’m just kinda irritated my Nintendo I guess. This just seems to me that it’ll have a big impact on these amiibo sales

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      If you expect to get something with a chip that can do a lot of shit for a video game for 5 dollars or less like say memory storage, you’re fooling yourself. I guess you want an SD card that can hold over 32gb for 5 bucks, too.

    2. Another Nintendo fan complaining about prices. Then gets happy about Wii U sales in Japan selling 2k more than PS4.

  17. I’d be more upset about this information if the Amiibo figures only worked for one game per figure, like Skylanders, but even at 15 dollars it could be more then worth it. To me, it all depends on how many games each will work on.

    For all we know, some maybe more then others. Like Mario and Link maybe more expensive by a few dollars because they’d likely work in a lot of other possible Amiibo games, while say, Mr. Game and Watch, will be cheaper because he’d only be in smash bros.

    Either way, a 10$+ price tag didn’t stop people from buying a character they never heard of in Skylanders, why would it stop people from buying something similar with more iconic characters?

  18. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I would buy these if I had Resources to waste but I’d rather buy new games to get new experiences…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        10$, i nreality I didn’t want to pay one cent because I don’t like the Ubisoftians anymore…

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            You really don’t get it do you?…

            You’re like the N-Dub Nation, sheep that wants gimped games…

            1. You don’t get it, I want 3rd Party support on Wii U. Yup people like you made it so Platium studios next game won’t be on Wii U. Enjoy your W101 you paid $10 bucks for. Let me guess you are going to wait 18 months to buy Bayonetta 2. Since Nintendo fans are so chheap I’ll blame y’all if Bayonetta 3 won’t be in the works.

                1. Who said I was rich? There is a thing called saving? For example, if I know Super Smash is coming and Treasure tracker late this year, I’m saving for it. Duh.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Enjoy being as ignorant and stupid as the rest of the blind sheep and Ninteneo haters because I lost all respect for you just now…

                1. I’m no lost sheep. I’m an Israelite from the tribe of Juda. You know Esau’s twin brother Jacob? I was a lost sheep but not anymore. Though if you are a homo I got to assume you are a decendent of Esau or an Edomite. I know all the 12 tribes of Israel and I know where they are located today. I also know the other naions such as Edomites, Ishmalites, Hammites, Moabites and more. Also don’t be a homo God doesn’t like that you know. Also I know the real color of Christ and he is no Edomite. Don’t belive me Revelation 1:12 and Danial 10:5. Also read what God calls the Jews today Revelaion 2:9.

                  1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                    *facepalm* He was referring to video games, not religion. This isn’t the time or place for that. And I say this as a Christian myself. Stay on topic.

          2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            xD Ubisoft delayed Watch_Dogs long before he got his Wii U. Besides, why buy a game he obviously doesn’t care for? Buying a game so 3rd parties will support a console is not the way to go, especially if said game is not interesting to the buyer or is badly developed. Sorry if some people actually like to be careful with what they spend 60 bucks on.

  19. I’ve been very confused about something. What’s the point of using these amiibo figures in games like Smash Bros., when all of these characters are already in the game normally? They never really explained that.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Amiibos are not to replace characters or anything like that, they are used as your personal recording figure…

      Let’ssay if you play as Mario, if you have an Amiibo Mario figure it will record your personal way of playing and then you can send this Amiibo “ghost data” to others or put it in your own game to help you and not only did it learn how to play as you, the more you unleash it on others, it will learn on it’s own building on your skills…

    2. It’s a lot like training your own pet, or as I like to reference; your own pokemon.

      The figure represents the character in the game and it fights on it’s own. You can choose it’s moves and after playing Smash long enough it will mirror your play style, I believe. Then you can fight against this figure to level it up and help you yourself get better at playing the game. Or you can take the figure to friends house and unleash your pet on them to see if they can beat it. But here is where the pokemon reference comes in. If your friend has been training their own figure you can pit the two figures against each other and see if your pet wins or if your friends pet wins.

      I like this because it adds a new “game mode” if you will. These toys aren’t required for unlocking another character or DLC, they’re just a fun extra that you can play around with.

      I don’t know if it will work the same way in Mario Kart 8 or Cap’n Toad, but I’m really interested to see how diverse Nintendo will get with what these figures can add to each game.

  20. here we go again where UK retailer want to make 60-70% margin and inflate the price… I never intended to buy any of these to start with but now I will certainly not… £12 you gotta be joking…..

  21. Yikes… In the US, that’s way more expensive then any Skylanders or Infinity figure… and I’m a sucker for these, so that hurts the wallet.

  22. This is way too expensive (for figurines). This is not a smart move by Nintendo, but eh they gotta make money somehow.

  23. Yup they can’t make money off Nintendo fans….except me. I bought all my shit at $59.99. Sonyans buy at $59.99 too.

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  25. Too bad Lego City undercover can’t go Wii U exclusive again since you Nintendo fans din’t buy the game. Another 3rd party game gone. The only game I don’t blame you for is Rayman Legends because Ubisoft made the decision before the game even came out. But each time we lose another 3rd party developer, I blame y’all fake Nintendo fans. Sega probably can’t wait to make that last Wii U exclusive since I know y’all won’t buy Sonic Boom at launch!!! You guys are messing up my future games for Wii U.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      How are they fake Nintendo fans for not supporting 3rd party games that they have no interest in? Are you going to buy a game you have absolutely no interest in for full price? And if you really care so much about 3rd party games, just buy a 2nd console from Sony… Or Microsoft. Whichever one you prefer.

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