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Nintendo Is Still Undecided Whether Splatoon Will Feature Voice Chat

Splatoon‘s producer and manager Hisashi Nogami and project lead Tsubasa Sakaguchi have revealed that they are still undecided whether to add voice chat to the multiplayer shooter. They’re not necessarily sure that the game needs it, but they are looking at different ways that players can communicate in Splatoon.

“The core concept of Splatoon is that by looking at the way the ink is being spread around and progressing, you know, you can kind of see what your enemies are doing, what your teammates are doing, and then you’re able to decide what you want to do. And that’s kind of the main thing we’re always thinking about, and we kind of get similar questions about the number of people that can be in a multiplayer match, but for this game it’s really that four-on-four is the best number. With four-on-four, the amount of influence that a single player has is perfectly balanced, but also the speed at which the battle changes, the way the battle is developing changes is also completely perfect.”

“The idea being that the core concept is basically that players look at the way the ink is being spread around, the way it’s being painted around, and decide what to do. If in any way that doesn’t disrupt that balance we’ve created, we’ll definitely consider different ways of communication and introduce that to the game as we go forward with development.”

132 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Still Undecided Whether Splatoon Will Feature Voice Chat”

    1. Seriously… Nintendo STILL doesnt get multiplayer and its a damn shame. MK8 would have a TON more replay ability with it. Its a great game, but def missing chat on multiplayer hurts it. They could allow the function to be turned off but ADD IT for players who can handle the smack talk!

        1. Though poor it still had it. Though the lobby I just turn it off because the chat gets crazy loud amoung my friends lobbies, everyone getting a mic was insane, don’t Think I could take it during a race, unless it was was a small group, I don’t see the point of random VC , ur mostly a guy with mic talking. Think this should be the same if it happens only among friends voice chat during gameplay, and maybe something else with random

        2. Do you really want to hear someone blaming items on your last second lucky win? Or how they went from first to 8th in the final turn, or how that person won because he kept getting hit by red shells in second place that allowed him to get away….no just no…voice chat with friends only is fine….no one would like MK with voice chat, to much rage I fear…no splatoon, I will still get it, but it needs it, silly if it does not have it. I’ll still prob only use it with friends though

          1. How about just chatting with friends when we are unable to play together in person? Which is like 95% of the time for my friends and I. You can easily mute others who you don’t want to hear.

            1. Muting sucks lol….I see your point though, not defending te lack of it…it’s inexcusable really…just feel like…even though MK8 is not as rage inducing as MKwii( if your in last you might as well be first, and if your first….rest your soul) I just feel like MK may get more hostle than other games quicker is all.

        3. Well i understand in Mario kart 8, no voice chat against strangers but not against friends, they should have gone full voice chat online against friends.

          Though if we are talking about splatoon that is a strategy shooter game. i can’t see how there is no voice chat for this game. I understand if there is no voice chat with all 8 players but with your team there has to be. – This Is Gamer, Peace Out

          1. All Nintendo has to do is create a stand-alone private chat server for WiiU and only allow friends to join if invited. WiiU chat as it is now, is useless and a complete dud…time to fix it.

            On another note, why does Nintendo even have these thoughts anyways? Splatoon is not this evolutionary, innovative, industry changing, huge AAA title they seem to think it ALREADY is. The game hasnt even been released yet. It doesnt even have the last gen standards like…. voice chat! It is not some hardcore strategy game. You spray paint the ground and then you move on, simple as fuck. Uh oh, i got hit with ink, OH wait! I have infinite lives! Chat will not unbalance fuck all, instead it will make the game 100% better then not having it. There are other methods to chat with friends while playing, if a team really wanted to and THAT would give them a slight advantage over the other team. Adding chat would make sure that doesn’t happen. Is Nintendo really this fucking stupid now? Never go full-retard Nintendo!

  1. Didnt one of the developers say it would have it? The game needs voice chat you need to be able to communicate with your team mates on the fly.

        1. Doesn’t seem uneasonable. Consumers speak with their wallets. It needs voice chat. If it doesn’t and we all don’t buy it. It will get the message across.

          1. If Devils Third doesnt have VC, ill prob skip that game too. They are touting the multiplayer, but if Nintendo gimps it themselves I would rather not waste the $$

  2. I don’t care for voice chat. The only time I’d ever use it is when talking to people I know in real life. I hate hearing random little kids speaking nonsense in GTA V. I’ve used it in NFS MW, but not really that much. Voice chat is overrated.

    1. For this game though, maybe I’ll use it. I mean, it kind of makes sense because you could talk to your teammates and whatnot. I hope people don’t abuse it though…

    2. Only if they force voice chat on you will it be a problem for you. Good thing they thought of giving you the choice to turn it on or off …10 years ago. Voice chat is mainly for friends to talk while gaming.

  3. I think a voice chat feature is needed, though I’ve never used one before. I see how it would be very helpful.

  4. We all know the answer. Nintendo is ran by retards. The fact that they can’t decide proves that…

    1. I rather have no voice chat or not use voice chat just to hear queers mouthing off to sound touch through COD matches.

      So, who’s being retarded again? Sony with their BS rental in their PS Now service or Microsoft starting the whole DRM mess. Over voice chat which means almost nothing to me. If I wanna chat, I’ll use other means to chat but with friends that I actually know, not some random jackass 12 year old pretending to act grown up by repeating shit they see and hear.

  5. It needs to have voice chat. The good thing is voice chat can be muted so people who don’t like voice chat won’t have a reason to complain.

  6. Some type of communication is need it, its hard to play as a team, and when u can’t understand whta ur team is thinking, but voice chat really should be friends only, I don’t care for talking to strangers so some type communication would be need for random groups, but friends should have voice chat depending on teams. ALSO this question was asked all over, something similar happen with mario kart If i recall and they added lobbies chat(though it should have been during races, but the voice chat got crazy in lobbies)

  7. Considering that Splatoon is a team-based shooter, a voice chat feature will be prefect for communicating with your fellow team members. I’ll be disappointed if they don’t include voice chat.

  8. I definitely understand why Nintendo is hesitant in having voice chat for Splatoon. That being said, I wanna be able to talk and communicate with my buddies. If someone is under the ink and I can’t see them but my friend gives me some type of warning, that would be great! At least have a voice chat mode where everyone has to have their voice chat activated in order to play. That way, we would be getting 2 modes that play very differently (communication changes a lot in games like this).

    Regardless, I’m voice chatting through Skype so I think Nintendo should strongly consider putting voice chat in some way or another.

        1. Nope. Sorry man, but hardware is Nintendo’s only weakness. The games are fantastic, but there is absolutely no doubt that their hardware isn’t the best. I’m not going to be a fanboy. Just telling the truth like it is.

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            Truth is truth. Cannot deny it, but…
            It can stand toe to toe or better in other areas like the GPGPU and possibly being able to be clocked at 1TB without breaking a sweat.

              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                I try to find the good things about it.
                I’m not at all biased as some idiots would claim.

      1. Since when you started agreeing to these specs driven assholes? Seriously, if the game runs and looks fine, then that should be the bottom line. End of story. I don’t need some special gimped PC box to be a whore looking for fake friends to jump the graphical wagon with.


          I’m not really agreeing to anything. What I’m trying to say is hardware seems to be Nintendo’s biggest problems. As you can see here, they’ve been skimping out on hardware features for awhile now. And it isn’t just game related. Nintendo is the king of games, but I’m obviously not gonna ignore this. The Wii U isn’t “weak”. In fact, it has some of the best looking Nintendo games I’ve ever seen. But it is certainly not as powerful as it should be. I know that if the game looks and runs good, then it should be ok. But other people do not think the same way as you and me might. I know several people that upgraded to PS4 for the graphics alone, whether it had games or not. The HD consoles like Xbox 360 came back all the way from 2005 and 6 years later in 2011, the 3DS is using 240P resolution. If you’re paying money for an expensive video game console, you expect it to have all the necessary features from years ago along with more, right? I think that’s kind of how people are looking at next gen consoles. “Can it do what my PS3 can do? Does it have HD resolution?” The normal consumer might ask these kinds of questions if they’re trying to upgrade. But a gamer would look at the games (obviously) and make his decision off of that. I mean, why would I buy a new phone if it couldn’t even do what my old one could? Exactly. I think Nintendo should go all out with graphics next gen just to prove some people wrong. To show that they actually care about the specs too. It would be a great benefit and I think they should go for it. So there. ((God this took forever to type…)

    1. It’s more along the lines of keeping children from hearing profanity and offensive language while they try to play the game.

      I for one hope it’s friends only voice chat. I don’t want to have to listen to teenagers scream and swear while I’m trying to play. That’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed away from so many online multiplayer games, the kids screaming obscenities every 20 seconds really doesn’t make the game fun.

      1. So you opt out of playing a majority of games just because you didn’t know that there was a mute button?

        1. More so because I’m not interested in most of the games that have 9 year old’s screaming in online mode. Of course you can mute them but that’s not the point. The point is that these kids are here and they’re here to stay. Why should we have to mute them? We shouldn’t have to listen to them in the first place. But for Nintendo, it’s better to not subjugate ANYONE to these obscene environments rather than force you to mute them if you don’t want to hear them.

          1. Learn how to mute, ya stupid retard, what’s the problem?Why should you mute them?Because in order of you not listening to them, it makes sense.I’m sorry, you probably ask yourself everyday “why should i go to toilet if i can just wait and shit myself”, ya fucking moron, go be retarded somewhere where i can’t see you

            1. You’re proving my point with this disgusting comment. Why should I have to listen to you? I would love to be able to read through these comments without seeing obscene comments like yours.

              I would love to be able to play a game without HAVING to mute people who can’t control what comes out of their mouths. But I can’t stop you from saying what you, for whatever reason, feel that you have to say. So it would be better for Nintendo to not expose people to these obscenities at all. That’s why they may choose not to include voice chat. So people don’t HAVE to mute you because you can’;t control what you say.

  9. There are 2 options, The good one, and the extremely stupid one. The good idea is to include it. The extremely stupid idea is Nintendo stays in the past, which they’ve been doing.

  10. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    I never really had any use for it in COD because I just went solo all the time.

    This game is way more strategy-based, though. It NEEDS voice chat; it’s a no-brainer. The fact they’re UNDECIDED is ridiculous. I won’t buy it if it doesn’t have it. I’m sure it’ll be good without voice chat, but Nintendo needs to learn to stop half-assing their games. There are always at least several little problems with their games.

    Ex. At the end of every race in Mario Kart 8 the cursor is over “Replay” and not “Next Race.” I always press A repeatedly to get to the next race and often accidentally start watching the replay.
    Ex. Voice chat ONLY in lobbies in Mario Kart 8. That’s so useless. It’s like they were TRYING to piss people off.

    1. Voice chat for MK8 would’ve been fine in you could talk to your friends while driving. That would be awesome.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        Yeah. It’s kinda pointless talking to strangers because most will just find you annoying haha. But I can’t talk to friends while driving? Why the heck not?

        Also, not being able to join a friend’s race. I have a friend who has the game but racing with just him online is boring, and we’d rather not use bots. So why can’t we race together online? Activision has been doing this for YEARS.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        I tend to look at the replays only if something spectacular happened, like I was in 2nd place the whole race and won by a sliver at the end. That’s not a problem. I’ll then check the replay after the race. But having the replay button at the top instead of “Next Race” is really annoying after a while, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so.

    2. lmfao…”I never really had any use for it in COD because I just went solo all the time.This game is way more strategy-based, though. ” lame joke attempt confirmed.
      i am glad i stopped buying nintendo trash games since november.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        Maybe you misunderstood my tone but that wasn’t a joke. Also, congrats. You must be so proud of yourself. I respect you so much more because you don’t buy “trash.”
        Kudos on calling this game trash, by the way. You know, since we’ve only seen the multiplayer mode and haven’t seen anything else. You know, since it’s still in development and clearly needs a lot more time.

        You sound like a fanboy trying to look like you aren’t one.

      2. Hey Sasori, look. I found an Xbox 360 with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Gears of War 3, Halo Reach, Battlefield 3, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for $129.99. You better get it now, because I don’t think this is gonna stay that price forever. If you want an Xbox 360, now is your chance to get it from Gamestop. JUST BUY THE THING… >:(

      3. Like you ever had the balls and money to afford and use voice chat in ANY game without crying over the next insult somebody throws at you for acting like a pussy Brokeback.

  11. I say, let there be 2 modes: one where you can freely chat with the Gamepad’s microphone (and possibly even the camera) on a game composed by you and your registered friends ONLY, and another mode where you can not have voice or video chats when you get selected to play with strangers.

    You can go even further than that, and if your team ends up being you and your friends against strangers, the chat will be available only for your team, while having a 4 v 4 with both teams composing of your registered friends, you can freely video/chat with everyone.

    You could even use the Gamepad to select your friends’ icons/screens to open a submenu to select options such as “mute”, “talk only to…”, or “block video/sound”.

    It’s not about having only one option to go with, but letting players decide how they’re playing your game. If players want to use voice chat, then let them do it!

    1. Totally agree, you could also put voice chat in the parental control section to make it inoperable if you don’t want your kids hearing anything they shouldn’t be hearing.

      I like the friends only idea and hearing only your team. We need it in some way shape or form because it’s easier to communicate with your team and let them know what you’re doing or what you want them to do. It’s not enough to be able to tap where your teammates are and rocket to them, you need to be able to communicate.

  12. Please no game chat. It’s bad enough reading the crap most of these gimps say. Don’t need to hear them to.

    1. If you don’t want to hear them, put them on mute. It’s not that difficult. At least give people the option because there are many who would like to use voice chat; especially when it comes down to team-based games where strategy and communication is needed.

    1. Lol way to take a couple of guys response that they don’t care about voice chat vs the majority on here saying that they should include it in the game. Do you even read?

    2. Like WTF wouldn’t want chat? Most of us are saying include chat for friends with a simple mute option. Bam. Done. Now STFU with your hypocrite words because YOU are exactly what you’re implying on others about “living the past”, says the Brokeback twat who wants a fucking Red Ring Xbox 360, A LAST GEN GARBAGE WITH PAYWALL!

    1. Blackbuster already destroyed this fool. Not all third party companies are bad, but lately tmost of them have become total jerks at times, and they have gotten a bit cocky these years, and they do blame stuff on company(not just nintendo, but microsoft and sony as well)

  13. In the long run the concept is pretty simple and doesn’t require voice chat. He says it in the article; you as the player can look at your enemies and teammates to see how the ink is progressing and move from there. If you work well with other people then you’ll be able to assess what your next move should be without actually communicating it. The gameplay is so simple you don’t NEED voice chat. However, it would make it a lot more enjoyable if you could at least speak with your teammates during the game.

    I’m snagging the game regardless if the feature is included or not. It looks that fun to me. But I can see why people would want the feature.

  14. Sasori has exposed Nintendrone fanboy bandwagon mindsets. They rationalize the dismissal of crucial and quite frankly expected features that should of been implemented years ago and yet Nintendo appears to be seating alone basking in its “once” glory when it was relevant and considered revolutionary. Now it’s repeated sins has casted gamers to a hell of Jeggies and ESRB “E for Everyone” purgatory… Reject the ideology of the leper Iwata who is in his final hour or Judas Fils-Aime the betrayer of Nintendo fanboy hearts with his lies and unfulfilled promises…

    1. reject the ideology of the church of sasory. PLAY and have fun with your Nintendo consoles for the freedom of selina ruiz’ soul.
      sasori the social reject, the girl hater, the butthurted xbutt is pissed as you can see on his videos, he turned himself into a living joke, a drama diva, a lolcow. no, he is not the gaming messiah, he is the LOLCOW messiah and the church of sasori only proves what i am saying. a 5 year old could defeat his ass in any game. “killed” 400 people and got rank 12?, sasori casual gamer confirmed!!!
      he got rank 12 in BUTTHURT.
      and i do not why, BUTT everything about sASSoRRY is related to butts.
      2 questions for the church of sasori:
      why do you hate girls?
      do you lick an*s in your fag massess???

  15. Does anyone know if voice chat is monitored? I think 360 had something like that. Battlefield bad company 2, cussing up a storm like crazy! Though it was only two people, we would always top the charts tio(ALWAYS) then one day one system is banned from going online. So, dunno if it was the the little kiddies we’d upset that got all their little buddies to report us, or Microsoft employees(admins I guess) tuned into our conversations. Believe me, the things I say, they put a sailor to shame! If the game plays me, believe me, I’m letting it be known! Lucky I don’t play MK8 with friends and a mic, cuz if anybody plays MK, guarantee, 95% of people echo words they never knew they could, or couldn’t find another scenario to spew them at. I’m angry at getting COINS in 9th place! Fix your item balancing system NINTENDO! Oh, and being in first place and getting coins FIVE times in a row! I saved the race, just for that reason, mayhem ensued, lost first place, but at the last seconds, regained the lead and won!
    Wow! I feel much better now…

  16. Allow voice-chat between teammates that have registered each other as friends. That way, we can avoid having the game being ruined by random, annoying people shouting and badmouthing other players.

    Or just completely leave out voice-chat.

  17. Pathetic simple mute people no excuse not to have it. This is the reason why sony and Xbox fans that are curious about Nintendo games do not get the system. Why? Because a simple feature they are use 2 having voice chat Nintendo doesn’t support in most of there games. I kno a few Xbox fans who were curious about mk8 but decided against it because they could not chat with there buddies no exuse Nintendo.

    1. That is so sad. Because Nintendo chooses to offer a safe environment for everyone they opt out of purchasing a system with great games already out and even more on the way?

      1. I have Mario Kart 8 and love it mostly, but HATE not being able to chat during races. And your arguments about how you shouldn’t have to mute people is weak. It would probably be a one time switch from mic on to mic off if you hate voice chat. But keeping others from having the option because you don’t want to change an option in the menu? That’s selfish lol.

        1. You’re completely missing the point. It’s not about switching the mic on or off. It’s the fact that people can’t control what they say causing a hostile environment, that makes someone who doesn’t want to hear it HAVE to mute them. It’s not switching it on or off, it’s the fact that people cause this hostile atmosphere and no one should be subjected to it.

  18. its 2014 for god sake they should implement it. there’s lots of way to mute it or turn it off. i don’t care about childrens if they hear cursing at all on the chat, you are the parent so you must be responsible for that, not nintendo read the ERSB rating. i don’t care either if you will use it or not but put it as an option atleast, its not a game breaking feature or anything. i met good wii u friends thanks to the chat on monster hunter on wii u so its not all bad. don’t like it? just turn it off but don’t make other people who really wants to use it suffer because of your selfish decisions.

    1. I agree to some degree but it’s not a selfish decision on Nintendo’s part. They want to offer a safe environment for everyone and the potential for people being exposed to obscenities and language is something Nintendo wants to avoid. It’s not them being selfish at all, it’s them playing it safe for everyone.

      1. I’m 18 years old I don’t need Nintendo babysitting me. The mute button exist for a reason. There’s 5 year olds playing cod cussing worse than the adults! We live in a different age now

        1. Nintendo feels differently. And those 5 year olds shouldn’t even have the opportunity to swear up a storm in any situation. That’s the point. Don’t even offer a feature that could potentially subject people to bad behavior.

          1. microsoft and sony doesn’t have this problem, i dont understand why nintendo have to feel responsible for childrens, thats the parents job not theirs. this is why the gamers treat nintendo as the fisher price of the gaming community.

            1. True, it is the parents job and parents feel safe with Nintendo because they don’t do what Microsoft and Sony do. Nintendo does what is best for everyone, not just children. I personally don’t want to hear children screaming while I play so I’m happy Nintendo is doing what’s best for everyone.

              And I know you can mute it but that’s not the point. If you HAVE to mute it then that means it’s not a safe environment for anyone.

              1. That’s what the ”Online Interactions Not Rated By the ESRB” is for and it says it very clear in every game box that have online interactions with other people. if the parent let their 4-5 year old kid play online its their own problem and responsibility if the environment isn’t like they expected. as a responsible parent they need to be educated. because of that all gamers are getting the short end of the stick.

                1. I get where you’re coming from, but I also understand where Nintendo is coming from. Nintendo is standing firm on offering a safe environment no matter what the cost. Take Miiverse, it’s heavily monitored and I’m sure it takes tons of employees and money to make sure it’s a safe environment. It seems like Nintendo is looking into how to make voice chat a safe option as well, but to monitor it would again take lots of employees and cash they might not want to waste on voice chat.

  19. having no voice chat in a team-based online multiplayer game is going to make sales and bad without voice chat I will no longer recommend this game to the 6 people I know that have wiius that don’t really even buy any games because none of the games have voice chat

  20. none of my friends that even own wiius havegotten mariokart because it doesn’t have any in game voice chat…. most of them are hardcore sony fans to they praised the ps3 they don’t even have ps4 just have wiius now because it was something different

        1. Is that the consensus with most people who only play on Sony and MS consoles? I mean, I understand, it would take a lot for me to snag a PS4 but I’d almost do it just for MGS 5 and Arkham Knight, even if they were missing online modes or multiplayer, I’d still grab the system to play the games.

            1. Yeah, that makes perfect sense and hopefully Nintendo will at least allow voice chat for friends within your own team.

              But I was getting at Sony and MS folks skipping Nintendo games just because it’s missing a feature. The reason I ask is because I’d still play a game if I’m interested in it even if it is missing features, like Arkham Origins, it was missing the entire multiplayer but I still played it and enjoyed it for the most part. Just wondering if it’s normal for Sony and MS fans to skip a Nintendo game that they’re really interested in due to a missing feature.

              1. some people really only have fun playing games online because it’s fun to play and talk with your friends some people don’t really care about playing a single player campaigns

  21. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

    I know rite as far I know we love making fun of people, especially the people that don’t speak English. I feel bad to those people, we already said what we said and they cannot do something about it

  22. Voice chat IMO is great in MK8, you get to talk to your friends about how badly you beat them, then the next race begins. Once the cup is over you can speak freely with them. Chatting during a race would be distracting especially because if you want to win, you need focus.

  23. All they have to do is include chat for friends with a mute option. End of story. Everybody wins and stops bitching..that is if that somebody is Sasori the Brokeback and Anubis who are never happy with anything in their pathetic, short lives.

  24. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    High Command should implement this but personally I don’t care one way or the other because I will be too busy destroying my opponents and possibly my allied…

  25. Nintendo your fuckin stupid…if you don’t add voice chat…you do not understand online gaming at all…why do I still support you dumbasses.

  26. Terrence Peterson the Monkey

    AKXMXLAKSBSLAMS LDKDKSS SNDKSLANAJXO WTF Nintendo I love you but you make me slap my head sometimes first the dumb Twitch thing and now this. This game would be PERFECT for voice chat and it would be a DAMN shame if it didn’t have it omg

  27. How about they just add it in and give people the option to mute people? Seriously Nintendo, that’s common sense in this day and age.

  28. LOL Nintendo is still living in the past! Please die Nintendo, I’m ashamed to be your loyal fan. You have no idea how the world works today and that makes me sad.

  29. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

    U got it all wrong there. They have responsibility as a parent of gaming. And I want them to do so. You don’t care about the others, you don’t care about the parents. You just care about yourself.

  30. Nintendo you have to learn that you need to bring out Voice chat and none of this weird default text speech stuff for all games. Market how the Gamepad or the Headsets for Wii U. make a update where you can have Voice chat during live matching in Mario Kart 8 also have it in Smash Bros to during and before matches. I love you but when it comes to Online. Sure it is free and you always have a great connection regress of internet speeds but with little support and no voice chat.You are shooting yourself in the foot with this networking.

  31. This game looked perfect for online, and if it doesn’t have voice chat the online will just be piss poor from the get go. Voice chat is a pretty standard feature for online titles. Nintendo really needs to get with the program, this shouldn’t even be something to think about. Allow the option to disable it altogether, disable your own mic only, and disable individuals. All simple features that make it enjoyable to use.

  32. I think the main reason why Nintendo is so hesitant to incorporate voice chat is due to the fact that some angry middle-aged man can swear off a 5-year-old at any time. I’m thinking that you should have the option to either play with anyone, or team up with friends. When you’re battling alongside strangers, you won’t be heard. But when you have1 to 3 friends, you will be heard, just not by strangers.

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