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Twilight Princess DLC For Hyrule Warriors Coming To Japan


Nintendo fans in Japan will be able to get their hands on three different edition of Hyrule Warriors each with their own special sets of costumes which are bound to make collectors go wild. Here’s the three sets that will be made available at retail.

  • A standard edition will come with a download code for a courage/bravery/valour costume set, which has three outfits.
  • A Premium Box includes that courage-themed set in addition to a download code for the wisdom set, another three outfits.
  • A Treasure Box will have both the sets and two “Power” costumes — this’ll be a limited release at or Koei Tecmo’s Gamecity website.

Link will be part of the courage set, and Zelda will be part of the wisdom set. The costumes come as downloadable codes with the different editions, so presumably these will also be offered at DLC on the Nintendo eShop over here. Nintendo has yet to confirm whether we will get special editions for Hyrule Warriors in the west.


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43 thoughts on “Twilight Princess DLC For Hyrule Warriors Coming To Japan”

  1. That will be awesome hopefully link can turn into the wolf maybe nintendo? This game going to be good but nothing get me more excited that splatoon

  2. I usually don’t care for costume dlc, they do nothing to add to the game, so of some one want to waste money on them fine with me, I only dislike level/multiplayer dlc that could had been part of the game at launch

    1. It going to be for free chill out. If you have to pay then I with you on your comment but I’m pretty sure that not the case

  3. The DLC looks solid and I can definitely see myself using these costumes from time to time. Definitely not all of the time since the new costumes already look great, but I love to switch costumes from time to time as a change of pace. It’s something that the next Mario Galaxy should implement or at least have Luigi available from the start

      1. Hey, I liked the first two Galaxy games a lot and I’m sure that a third wouldn’t be brilliant. This is Nintendo so they would definitely make sure to add some new features to the third so that it won’t be a rehash. Either way, I wouldn’t consider the Mario Galaxy series to be rehashed yet. If it goes on to Galaxy 5 or something…then we’ve got a problem

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          Exactly. I love the idea of trilogies, to be honest. I can blame Star Wars for getting me hooked on the idea of trilogies. Well Star Wars & Scream.

    1. Fuck Mario or Luigi. If those bastards end up being the only playable characters then Mario better have Fludd and Luigi better use the Poltergust like Fludd, space mechanics or not, those two alone are gonna suck. I rather have characters who have some air game like Peach, Yoshi, and Rosalina.

    2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      xD I’m the same way. I got all of the outfit DLC for Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper & like to switch between outfits every now & then when I can’t settle on a main outfit. A damn shame that you can’t effect what the CPU controlled characters are wearing as the alternate outfits can only be seen on the characters you actually control.

  4. Yes… Mario Galaxy with Luigi would have been awesome… multi player too… but 3d world kind of bridged the gap so if they do a new Galaxy (please) then they will have to get really crazy with it

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Who knows. Maybe this game will shock us with a newly born Ganondorf that doesn’t know he’s supposed to be evil yet & starts off as one of our allies. But as the end of the game nears, he realizes who he really is & transforms into Ganon. Or better yet! The game has Demise’s consciousness escape the Master Sword & possess Ganondorf, turning him into Ganon & then Demise’s true form.

  5. I would NEVER pay extra for a game I already spent 60 dollars on. Especially just for silly costumes. Oh, the things people waste money on. (- _ -)

  6. I first read the headline as princess twilight DLC and I was “WTF?! Mlp in my zelda?!?!”ha ha then I re-read it and was like “ooooooh LoZ twilight princess dlc that makes much more sense.”

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    1. You want to come to this site to sell some shirt? They are too cheap to buy Wii U launch tittles at launch to be top ten best sellers what makes you think they are going to buy your shirt?

  8. Dynasty will be very disappointed all this money they putting into the game but no one wants to buy it at it’s first price. Thatls why the Wii U is failing. Y’all want everything to be free. Sonyans Aren’t cheap they buy and support unlike Nintendo fans.

      1. Don’t get smart with me because you wouldn’t buy this game at launch because its too expensive. Watch dogs is still at $59.99 and be selling on PS4.

        1. I bet you don’t even have a PS4. Lol. And I bought MK8 at launch. Am going to do the same for this. And Watch Dogs is on multiple platforms. Also, if I bought a $60 game and am willing to buy DLC for it, how would that make me cheap? Get out. XD

          1. What does me owning a PS4 got to do with Nintnedo fans not supporting Nintendo like Sonyans do? It’s not my fault Commander never bought a Wii U tittle at $60. Since Nintendo fans don’t want to support Nintendo I know Super Smash Bros. for 3DS will outsell Wii U version because it is cheaper even though the Wii U is the best veersion.

              1. Nintendo fans do buy the games. It’s just the other gamers that aren’t. The one’s that complain about Wii U and it’s price are the people who don’t have one. (Which is alot of people)

                1. Ignoring fake Nintendo Commander paid Miyomotto like $20 for Pikmin 3. So he didn’t get the revenue he needed from that particular fan.

                2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                  Ignore him, Hollow. he’s obviously pissed off no one is supporting badly developed or half-assed 3rd party ports.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      You’re an idiot. Quit assuming stuff. “Oh no one is supporting Nintendo by buying their games at full price!” I guess you’re also bitching about the people that use Mario Kart 8’s free download game bonus, too, huh?

  9. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    I expect Skyward Sword DLC at some point damn it! Least for Zelda! I want that Goddess Dress!

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