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Mario Kart 8 Reportedly Sells Two Million Copies

Two million copies of Mario Kart 8 have reportedly been sold. The figure comes from Nintendo’s 74th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, where the company also announced that Wii U hardware sales are “picking up.” Nintendo previously confirmed that the racing game sold more than 1.2 million units across Japan, Europe and the Americas during its first weekend on the market.

186 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 Reportedly Sells Two Million Copies”

  1. Pretty Good, Should be more though…Wish there were more Wii U sales and then this would be up in the 5 millions. Such a quality Game!

  2. I feel like it should do better, but console sales just aern’t picking up fast enough. Maybe the upcoming holiday season will prove for better numbers and more consoles sold with all the games coming out.

    1. Nintendo games aren’t known for fast sales. It hasn’t even been a month yet. Their title’s get their few millions in sales through out the console’s life cycle.

    2. mario kart wii, the most successful mario kart game yet, needed ~4 months (til august 2008) to sell ~4.5 million

      MK8 still has a decent chance to reach, or at least get near that sales level seeing as it only had a month of sales so far

      also MK wii sales picked up *considerably* around christmas (along with wii sales.. christmas of 2008 was the most successful christmas the wii had)
      by may 2009 MK wii had sold 15 million globally

      so i’d expect a similar effect for MK8 even if not quite as substantial

      long story short: 2 million in one month is a very good result and MK8, like previous MK games, should have a bright future ahead of it moving a decent amount of units well into the console life cycle

  3. Why is it when a Nintendo game sells this much it’s always too little. But if a Sony/Microsoft game sold this much it’s spectacular. I don’t get it. The fact that it’s an old franchise and can still make those numbers is amazing.

    1. I think it’s mainly because people compare it to it’s previous entries. Like, people won’t start getting impressed until MK8 sells about 20 million. Lol.

    2. Plus people all around expect so much from Nintendo because of their brand, they don’t expect much from Microsoft or Sony because their basically new to the gaming industry

    3. Well i think, that they sold not much, because Nintendo dont bring MK8 to all consoles. While Sony/Microsoft does it.
      But if you look on the other side, 2 million for 1 console is not bad.

    4. This is terrible sales because it was expected to be the game that defied expectations, made Wii U systems fly off the shelfs. It’s incredibly underwhelming. But if this was any other Wii U game it would have been amazing sales

      1. The fanboys and fans expected this moves millions upon millions of consoles and units. Nintendo themselves knew it wouldnt be the console mover that everyone hyped it up to be. Look at their forecast for this year.

        That beign said, 2 million units is no easy feat to accomplish.

    5. Because people don’t expect great things from those two l like they do Nintendo.

      There’s always high expectations for Ninty

  4. Nintendo Commanders Assistant

    Wow I’m shocked an article that’s positive and that’s on topic about nintendo in mynintendonews

  5. Who’s gonna download that adver…..I mean FREE skin?(forgot what type of car it is)
    Yes, I understand free is free; “what, the nerve of these people, complaining about free dlc, why I never” yadda yadda yadda!
    That dlc is junk, apart from not looking the part, it’s an interactive advert. Today you download this junk, tomorrow you’re downloading a giant Doritos car….BUT WAIT!!! It’s FREE, so why complain right? Pfft, what ever happened to integrity. Nlife had a post about it, I puked at how positive the responses were. I’m no bad ass, purists, not entirely…but last I checked, adverts(innapropriately placed) have no place in video games…’Specially Nintendo….much props to those who agree with me and won’t download that trash. Send a message to Nintendo by doing so, I live the company, but this is unacceptable!

    1. I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Nintendo is finally getting the hang of DLC with the 3DS and Wii U and I don’t know about you, but I like having the option to buy additional content. Just think of how many fans would be pleased if Nintendo added DLC to some of their best games. It can increase the replay value and overall fun with their already great games. Like Mario Kart 8. People are asking for extra content like battle arenas, additional tracks, and more characters. If you send that message to Nintendo, you’ll be telling them that they shouldn’t even bother with DLC because the fans would never be pleased. They’re trying to offer us a free car (probably to see whether they should build additional content) and so far, you guys are basically telling them no. I don’t see what the big deal is. Video game companies from everywhere use DLC and when Nintendo does it, it’s suddenly not ok? And I also don’t get what people mean saying the car doesn’t fit the game. The car looks almost nothing like it’s real life counterpart and there’s even another car in the game called Sports Coupe. But no one’s complaining about that. It really shouldn’t matter if it’s realistic or not.

      1. You got me all wrong here. I’m in favor of DLC(will purchase Mario Golf and DLC packs, and will purchase all Fire Emblem DLC) but this isn’t DLC; for lack of better term, it’s garbage. The sports coupe is called sports coupe, this is gonna have an actual brand. Looks ugly, and I’m against it, it’s my opinion, and I respect the opinion of those who think differently. But as a long time Nintendo costumer, gotta say they’ve sunk pretty low with this. People say “hey, if it means more money for more great games, I’m all for it” why be a conformist, a company worth billions can already pump out great games, looking to buy capcom should be their focus. It’s also puzzling how they didn’t pick up Atlus or any IP’s from THQ(Darksiders to be specific) instead they focus on putting real life car cameos(advertisement) in a respected franchise.
        Would rather like to see Rayman or Epic Mickey in Smash bros than actual advertisements in form of DLC for MK8. If people are for it, that’s good on them, I’m in the minority here, it’s not hard to see. I disapprove.

        1. *update* Wow, I just saw the trailer and I think you might be right. It’s basically free advertisement. This is crazy. It’s not DLC at all. Lol. I’d much rather have new characters and tracks, etc, than some car company trying to advertise their car into the game. It really saddens me that Nintendo is supporting this instead of actually trying to get their own content into the game first. :| Oh well.

        2. Dude Mercedes aren’t fucken cheap. You act like we’re all gonna go out and buy a Mercedes cause it’s in mario kart. Most people here will never even get to ride in one.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            What they should do besides adveritsing the Wii U is to fix all the thousands of defective Wii Us, mine included for free…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Good, and obviously I have to get a defected one, I never catch a break in life…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I’m both Quadraxis and telling the truth as I always have been, I’ve never claimed to own a Wii U ever, exposed for being an idiot…

              2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                And I bought one 3 weeks ago which several members of this site can confirm along with Sickr and SilverShadowFly, exposed again…

                1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                  As I pretty much told you on Miiverse, haters are gonna hate. Let them stay in denial if it helps them sleep at night for calling you a poser or insulting your opinions.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Gamepad disconnects from the console all the time and I’ve tried every solution possible and still nothing…

                1. dang that sucks. That’s never happened to me except if I walk too far obviously. I wonder if you can exchange it at the store where you bought it as opposed to sending it to nintendo.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    I somehow lost my receit though, I hope I can with a creditcard transaction evidence and a small fee…

                    Better than sending it for repairs, I want a new one, but how do I deal with my NNID?…

                    1. You can probably recover you NNID. My main concern is about any digital games, most notably if u bought mario kart and got a free game. I read an article about how someone contacted nintendo and they gave him his digital games back, so more than likely you should be fine. I guess it’ll depend on whether you are dealing with NOA or NOE.

                    2. Definitely hate it when something messes up though. I remember when the 360 went bad and I had to send it in to microsoft. Having to wait for something that isn’t your fault really pisses you off.

          1. Dusting needed when I pass by, big W in the air the stance for this guy. What what, leave an expert be, kiddy! A founding father of the now defunct authentic chrolling technique. Any to have come after are but watered down; antics basic like corner store potato chips, spare the elite, bastard child of mine. While in my prime; you were still having titty milk wiped off your yap.

        3. Pikmin 2 had the most ads ever… And I personally thought they improved the game quality. I’m not saying this is the same thing because the use there was very unique, but I don’t see the harm in nintendo partnering with a car company in Mario kart. It’s not like they’re forcing you to buy or download it to play the game and they’re also not forcing you to buy a car. The only thing that this dlc partnership will do is make more people aware of Mario Kart 8 thanks to that commercial, and if you’re against that well… There’s another example of why the wii u isn’t selling like it should be. This DLC is literally causing ZERO harm, I think you’re just complaining for the sake of having something to complain about. If you don’t like it, don’t download it. It’s that simple.

          1. It’s also as simple as this: if you’re brain dead and love companies sugar coating intentions via “FREE” dlc then be my guest and download it. My opinion stands, standing for something gives one meaning than just settling because the cool kids are doing it.

              1. You mean stfu because you’re a conformist? Settling for being a pawn I see, do you by all means, I’ll hold on to my self worth.

                1. What ever makes you feels better for not actually mattering. Just stfu already, go sell your shit at IGN or GameSpot if you feel like you need to spread that idiotic message.

                  1. Pawn, continue fueling the forgotten society, the never mentioned, never acknowledged. And it’s quite the opposite; the opinion of a follower is the one shrouded in mist. Solid evidence displayed by this exchange. Do your homework, comment on “like” type posts, you’re way over your head an attempt to topple this test.

            1. Nintendo obviously sold out..
              They asked another company Nissan wait thats sony…to help advertise their franchise and for them doing so they in return must advertise their brand. .. a car in a KART game. The blatent oddasity… the vulgar insult that is so much vile spit in our the consumers face.
              How dare a company with so much integrity like Nintendo stoop to corporate commercialism. Why must I a gamer be subjecated to the realism of the real world. I play video games only as a way to escape the Logos of my world… to flee from the likes of Nissan, McDonalds, Coke and Apple. HOW DARE THESE SYMBOLS ENCROUCH MY FREEDOM TO LIVE IN MY GAMES IGNORANT THAT THESE THINGS EXIST.
              Nintendo… you who use to be so bold, so cutting edge, so against marketing are now just a dinosaur like Atari… selling Millions of one game retreaded like so many used tires before… how dare u Nintendo… how dare u. Leave Mercedes out of this game… leave Pizza Hut out of Xboxlive… I mean…
              Really dude… shut the fuck up.. grow up and get N or get out… Nintendo is an amazing company and kicks innovation in the ass.

              1. Your comment, but replaced with my moniker.

                The work put into it dittos word by word what I would spew. You’ve now been used. Bad day to thee.

    2. i love the mercedes brand as far as cars go it is quality, which makes sense for nintendo who also sponsored a racer in the Indy. is that bad too? the advertising works both ways dumbass. also it’s FREE and completely OPTIONAL skin so stop whining.

      1. Dumbass, moi?
        Regardless if this advertisement works both ways( which it doesn’t) those that disagree with me are in denial and willing to take a bullet for a company that doesn’t care about you. Nintendo fan here, so what I say holds merit. If I don’t wanna settle for absolute garbage I shouldn’t have to.
        Save the hostility, it’s only yourself to whom it’s being harmful.

      1. Stupid Sasori, who loves Nintendo and has Nintendo games but comes here to troll so he can have a laugh since she can’t laugh with his friends ’cause he doesn’t have friends at all. Or he’s just a retarted kid that is obsessed with hating Nintendo, anyway, are you talking about Watch Dogs, which is in like 5 other consoles than the Wii U, and you expect MK8 to sell more than a game that is in tons of other consoles when MK8 is only on the Wii U? What an idiot! XD

    1. Yes, that’s why the Wii U is still beating the PS4 in Japan… just saying.
      Wii U actually has games, the PS4 has none…

      1. What I don’t like is how the PS4 is outselling the other consoles without any must have software.

        1. Because people want a real next gen console. I’ve said this many times, in this gen, hardware sells software, not the other way around. So while PS4 enjoys its undeserved success Wii U sits there collecting dust at game stores around the world.

          And all those delusional fanboys using japan, the region where no hardware can touch 30K in sales, as a comeback is pathetic. Japan is a rapidly shrinking market, and when the Wii U sales are 10K and you dare to boast about that it shows much about fanboy blindness

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Even if ur empire made a console that’s 3 times more powerful in the next generation, idiots will not buy it because they just hate our empire plain and simple…

            1. Rarely have I seen such an unfounded statement. Let’s see why the Nintendo consoles that didn’t sell well, well, didn’t sell well

              N64: Aggressive third party stance, refusal to move to discs and instead stuck to cartridge only games
              GCN: Kiddy design of console, The marketing sucked, Brand image, No online features and no DVD-playback
              Wii U: Under-powered, gimmick Gamepad, successor to a very casual oriented console, bad name choice, very poor marketing, frequent game droughts, bad online features, no third party support

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I don’t acknowledge “kiddy” garbage arguments and “underpowered” arguments because they don’t matter to Xbots and Sonyans when it comes to our empire…

                They simply hate it end of story…

                1. Because of the kiddy image some people won’t buy it. You think of Nintendo nowadays, you think Pokemon and Mario. You think PS/MS, you think mature games. Which will be the popular choice? Which will the sheep go to? And people don’t buy underpowered systems because they know that
                  1. Third parties hate developing on them when there are easier, more powerful consoles they can make their games on
                  2. Less games that are graphically amazing

                  They don’t hate it, it’s Nintendo’s fault

                    1. Yeah and if they don’t cater to weak minded ship they’ll sink harder than the Titanic

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Maybe your empire should concentrate more on its other facilities…

                        They are the most in jeopardy of the big 3…

                      2. That’s not my problem, they already have a solid plan on moving forward. I expect profit return for Sony by 2016, they have enough money to keep themselves alive till then

                      3. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                        Not even close. The underpowered PC is selling like hot cakes for Sony, but not making enough money back. If they do make returns, then it was most likely because they sold off quite a bit of they’re assets, not from consumer profits, which is exactly what they have been doing for quite a while. It will take a miracle, doesn’t mean it’s impossible though, for Sony to actually make money back without selling off anything and keep them from possibly going bankrupt in the next 2 or 3 years. Also please explain how is it a next gen console, because a PS4 is not a PS5, nor does the PS4 have a significant power increase because apparently developers ares already reaching the limits of the Ps4 and Xbomb, and those two near-identical underpowered PCs are suppose to last for…hmmm…I don’t know, 8-9 years.

                      4. It’s a next gen console because it’s significantly more powerful than the PS3, the last gen console. And where did you get the idea that devs are already reaching the limits of PS4? I think you’re mistaking it with the Wii U, which Nintendo’s first party dev blatantly stated that they pushed Wii U to the limits.

                      5. Its a next gen console because its more powrrful then wii sorry ps3. Love that statement.. so artistically inputed. Nintendo fans oobviously arent sheep if we adore an underrpower system that only a few dedicated third parties will touch because it offers unique play experience not found on either current gen system brought to u by Sony or Microsoft. As insignificant as the wii u seems to the masses of sheep being herded by Nintendos competition… Nintendo devotees know 100 percent quality. We seek enlightenment in our gaming and not just mindless fps frock mundane sportstitles or ludercrissly repetitive rpgs. Nintendo and their develeper often try to create an open atmosphere that is not permeated with gloom. Games that try to be serious games with open appeal. If u dont like a game because its too colorful.. fine. Beclosed minded because sony or microsoft or any developer outside of Nintendo could ever make a game with the designs of ingenuity that they can. Even NSMBU can prove that nobody can out do what they do best.

                  1. Yeah… Not worth an intellectual response. I suppose I should say something like


            2. Yeah. Only big idiots would buy a “fancy” gimped PC hardware without a software to go with to make the value worth it. Goes to show how dumb modern society has become.

            3. People want a real next gen console? Is that why the Ps3 and Xbox 360 beat the Wii? HAHAHA! XD

              The message of the Wii U was confusing and there weren’t many games, they shoudl’ve just give it a different name and promote the console more as a complete new one. I don’t understand these trolls that hate Nintendo but come here to put their hate, it’s a Nintendo site, stop trying to have a nice day by trolling here!

        2. You do realize that gaming seems to be dying in Japan, right? Just because the WiiU is outselling the PS4 in Japan, doesn’t mean it’s selling well. If the WiiU sold 5k per week and the PS4 3k in Japan, it still would be outselling the PS4 but that wouldn’t change the fact that it’s selling terribly.
          Besides, I’m sure you also know that pretty much everywhere else in the world, the PS4 is outselling the WiiU. So Shuhei is right, people were expecting so much from MK8, they thought it would move millions of WiiUs, but in the end, the numbers turned our mediocre at best, as we can see.

      2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Anyone that thought one game was going to save the Wii U is just as foolish as the idiots that thought Mario Kart 8’s lifetime sales would be under 2 million. It’s a nice start. As the AAA games for Wii U release at a more frequent pace, we should see the Wii U consoles sell more as time goes on.

    2. I think most of the people saying that the sales of MK8 are disappointing might have had their expectations up a bit too high. You know, for a system that’s been struggling and doesn’t really have a big userbase for it, it managed to get 2 million in less than a month and only on one console too. And that’s pretty great. We’ll just have too see how it sells over the years though.

        1. What do you consider enough and save?
          It practically doubled sales of a supposedly doomed console. At this rate, Nintendo will easily hit their WiiU sales forecast.

          1. Let’s see
            It’s still not the best selling console
            Websites are still give ‘how to save wii u’ articles

              1. You’re*

                And if people are still giving suggestions on how to save the Wii U when the Wii U has already been saved, you know there’s a problem

                1. And if that many people wsnt the wii u saved.m. then but the system. .. what the fuck… buy it its saved. God damn genius at work

          1. Yeah well if you want Nintendo to fail by making niche games the gaming industry has no interest in go ahead. It’s practically the eight gen Dreamcast now, only that the Dreamcast sold more than Wii U

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Summarization of Shuhei Yoshida
              -says real gamer plays whatever system regardless
              -puts down other people for liking Wii U
              -hypocrisy confirmed

            1. No just ps4 aint as multi media ad wii u… blue ray disc are dead. Why spend an extra 200 dollars on something like a bluray drive when the gamepad is a little tv of its own

    3. MK 8 will sell 10 million lifetime. Wii U will sell around 30-35 million. Nintendo will make a nice little profit this generation. Not as much as the Wii, but more than the Gamecube. Next Generation (which Nintendo is already working on) will be a handheld and home console in one. Similiar to the reported “fusion”. It will sell much like the Wii did, around 100 million units. It will be very popular in Japan. By this time Microsofts gaming division would have completely sunk because of lackluster Xbox One sells, (around 20-25 million) but mainly becouse thier newest system, Xbox 2, was a complete flop, selling only 7 million units in four years.

    4. See, this guy knows the dillio, nice comment you got there! After one of my 360’s got banned for no apparent reason I’ve stood clear of Microsofts gaming products. Switched to Sony again, but I’ve always been a Nintendo person first. Halo and Gears aren’t event factors for deciding to go back. I’m done with them, and the XBone reveal further enforced that. Let the Dudebros have their dudebro box, I want a machine for true gamers….that’s why I own a Wii U.

      No exclusive/s is/are worth the purchase of an Xbox one. Sony, sony’s ok.

        1. Thats why your poor attempt at bashing nintendo, on a nintendo sight was simply butt-hurt-ism…..obvious troll is obvious.

          1. Obvious fanboy is obvious
            It’s not a poor attempt if people like you keep biting at the bait, and why should I be butthurt?

            And what the fuck is “sight”

    5. Yoshida you’re a real dickhead.Hardware sells software?Really?!People don’t buy the Wii u for it’s gamepad and sure as hell don’t buy the bone for the kinect.It’s all about the games.Third party games that is.All but Nintendo. Nintendo consoles basically are alive because of first and second party developers.People buy ps4 and Xbox because they get ALL third party,while Nintendo gets none.That’s what’s stopping Wii u.Not the processor.The fact that no one makes an effort to develop on it.

      1. Why not you actually reply to me instead of making this a comment on its own?
        People don’t buy the Wii U because the Gamepad is a gimmick
        People don’t buy the One because Kinect is a gimmick
        People buy the PS4 because they’re getting the most powerful, the most next gen system out of the three, the one that focuses on the gamers, not casuals, or the “all in one home entertainment box”, and no gimmicks. PS4 has little to no quality games, yet it’s still breaking sales records. Must I elaborate any further?

        1. Goddamnit you really refuse to understand.PEOPLE BUY THE PS4 AND XBONE FOR THE FREAKING THIRD PARTY GAMES.Nobody really cares about the difference between ps4 and Wii u graphics,people just want new games. GTA 5, far cry 4,bioshock,battlefield,crysis,elder scrolls ,final fantasy and so much more.Wii u will never have that.”But what about the graphics?!graphics are love ,graphics are life”Well you know what?All Nintendo franchises everyone loves make up for that.If Nintendo had third party support I don’t see why it couldn’t sell just as much if not more than ps4.
          And disclaimer,I don’t hate on Sony at all. I just might get a ps4 this year

          1. So you’re basically admitting that Nintendo has almost no third party support, right? Which leads to my previous comment. Thanks for agreeing with me.

            “All Nintendo franchises everyone loves make up for that.”
            Well if everyone loves them why’s the Wii U failing then?

            1. Because one half of the blame is their marketing while the other is 3rd Parties BS-ing left and right about the power of the hardware when in truth is they’re lazy to even port and make the fucking games right in Wii U. Only a few like Project Cars are very promising.

              1. It’s not that they’re lazy, it’s that they have to invest more money for Gamepad integration

                1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                  That’s a bullshit excuse & you know it. They can ignore the Gamepad for the Wii U Pro Controller, the Wii Motion Plus Controller, & soon the Gamecube controller. Quit making excuses for lazy, greedy 3rd parties that clearly care more about a quick buck than pleasing the fans. *cough*EA*cough*Ubisoft*cough*

            2. I’m saying that if Nintendo had 3rd party people would choose Nintendo franchises+good 3rd party games+~250$ console over Graphics+good third party games+400$ console.
              If you truly care about graphics just build yourself a desktop and you’re good to go for a while

              1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                If Nintendo buys a huge chunk of Capcom’s shares & we get all of their games as Nintendo console exclusives, what you’ve said can & will be proven as a fact. If Nintendo reveals that Resident Evil will return to their survival horror roots, the Resident Evil fans will come crawling to the Wii U & future Nintendo consoles. If they revive Megaman, the Megaman fans will come crawling to Nintendo consoles. I don’t really need to go on. But Nintendo buying a huge chunk of Capcom’s shares is still an if. Possibly even a big if. But buying Capcom would be more than enough to help boost Wii U sales when Capcom’s best franchises get announced for the Wii U.

          2. nope people already knew the wii u was a piece of crap. even people i know in life know the wii u sucks and its crap. they even feel sad i own the piece of shit system myself.

            1. No one cares about the opinions of your imaginary friends Sasori, they are not real now let it go.

    6. Bloody hell these figure may look good to you all but this is bad for nintendo. What the hell is wrong with the wii u community a great game bundled with a free game and all we can get is 2 million sold when this deal is over people are going forget about this game and look to get super smash bros 4. 2 million sold for a mario kart series I can not believe it. How do you expect 3rd party developers to even think about making games when our best titles can’t even sell well with a free game included.

      1. He didn’t expose anyone, he just exposed himself as a complete moron troll who contradicted every single one of his arguments.

        “True gamers appreciate all consoles”

        So where is his appreciation for the Wii U? There is none. What a twat.

        1. Yeah, someone can’t tell the difference between appreciating a console and criticizing its flaws. Why do people like you keep getting worked up over one single negative thing about your precious company, and throwing words like moron troll when the stuff I say are facts? Immature aren’t you?

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            Yet when others criticize your precious underpowered PC, you automatically call us “fanboys” for no other reason than the fact that you don’t want to hear criticism about it. Yeah, give me a break.

            1. I can tell a difference between an actual intellectual comment and a delusional fanboy one. And from my time here, I know that it’s very rare to find the latter. I treat people who aren’t insane normally, the others like what they are- fanboys

              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                No you don’t. You have some intelligence, but it is sometimes overpowered by your egotism, or your desire to feel like your opinion is fact. And by “people who aren’t normally insane” you really “mean those who share my opinion, everyone else is stupid”, look it’s great to have people who agree with you but not everyone will agree with your opinion, doesn’t mean that they are a fanboy by your quick assumptions.

                  1. By insane I mean comments like “oh you dick sucking Microcock loving fanboy hater!!!” Or “Nintendo is always fucking right you tards!” Comments

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      I’m not going to,put the blame on you but you comment like your asking for it occasionally.

                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                    I don’t need assumptions that your butthurt, sexist, egotistic, a dumbass, rejected by a girl he likes, claims to be a fan of Xbox yet not own the console, hypocritical, social reject, makes 40 minutes of video trying to “expose” Nintendo fans, flip-flopper, uses his parents money, ass is jealous of how much shit comes from your mouth, crying at how badly you get owned everyday, have no friends, hate the Wii u yet do trade it in, claiming that you have the most powerful computer ever yet my Alienware X51 destroys it, and how I’ve exposed you more times than there were Wiis and Ps2s sold.
                    You have been destroyed and proven invalid once again by your own hands.

                  2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                    Sasori, quit picking fights with the women. You’re way to much of a bitch to beat them. Just like your pathetic idol that got owned by a teenage girl & an old lady.

              2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                Also one more thing. Not “somewhat” intelligent, as I said earlier, you actually make quite a lot of sense I just happen to not agree with you entirely.

    7. At my retailer, MK 8 Wii U bundle is sold out,
      and there is waiting list of a small shipment on it.
      For some bizarre reason they got a shipment of Wii U basic units, but hasn’t moved a unit since yesterday.

            1. I was talking about my retailer.
              Sure, it could be found somewhere, if I bothered to look, but I already got the game.

    8. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed about the news. If we look at it. 6M+ wii U sold worldwide, 2M copies sold in 3 weeks and 60% of it comes from Japan!!!!! 4M in a month would have been great. This also means that a lot of person 4M don’t support Nintendo… good news just not great news

    9. Wait. Only 2 million…in a month? Is that globally or domestically in Japan? And they haven’t even reveal the global Wii U sales numbers yet after MK8. I feel like they’re missing out some details here and 2 million sold worldwide to be very false.

    10. i believe smash will sell better there’s way more hype for that game. hardcore tourny players also. So many people are waiting to buy a wii u for smash they call it a smash machine lol

        1. Smash may sell better on whatever software is the cheapest. After all someone supposed to be loyal to Nintnedo didn’t pay Myiomoto $59.99 for his effort in making Pikmin 3.

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            I don’t know about you, kid, but Quadraxis was busy with college. C.o.l.l.e.g.e. He had more important things to worry about over the past year or so than to buy a console that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. But keep believing you’re better than him because you owned the console first. You sound like those people that cry when someone starts to like a band that you liked before they became mainstream. So when did you get your Wii U, hmm?

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    12. Make Mario Kart DoubleDash DLC and FZero DLC and sales with go even higher, then work with Sega for Sonic Racers vs MarioKart DLC.

    13. Hey everybody polygon banned me from there site because all I said was, are you butt hurt polygon from that bad prediction and they respond back and said the term butt hurt cannot be used on this site and deleted my comment so I commented back saying I don’t give a fuck if you banned me and I once again said are you butt hurt polygon then I said are you ass hurt polygon so after that they banned me from there site and I’m not the only one, there deleting alot of people comments right now as i speak because they are getting bashed right now.

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