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Here’s The First 51 Minutes Of One Piece: Unlimited World RED On Nintendo 3DS

We’ve already given you a look at the Wii U version of One Piece: Unlimited World RED, now’s your chance to watch the first 51 minutes of the Nintendo 3DS version. The game, based on the famous One Piece manga and anime, is available to today in Europe and July 8th in North America.

46 thoughts on “Here’s The First 51 Minutes Of One Piece: Unlimited World RED On Nintendo 3DS”

    1. where’s that church of sasori guy?get me my church you imbecile, even though i believe it’s sasori being a retarded ugly piece of shit making himself feel better by making a “church” for himself…also i’m not a troll like he is, i have valid points unlike most of nintendo fanboys here…you know who you are, so where are my followers?

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          It’s the silent cheers of his imaginary fans cheering for him, representing the emptiness in his skull.

          1. “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as though millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.”

            That has to fit in somehow. Fabricate.

      1. Relevant video:

        Okay, but in all seriousness now, there’s nothing about One Piece that is inherently adverse to having a girlfriend.

        Naruto is another story, unless she’s a yaoi fan. If you’ve read Naruto, you know what I’m talking about.

        Yeah, I just went there ;P.

  1. Mario Kart 8 Rage Quit!!!!!!!
    Points to me are irrelevant, I play to have fun, losing isn’t a bother, bulls*** is! And Mario Kart 8 online is 95% bulls***.
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                    1. you is stepping in a war zone man, but she is kind of right, your trolling big time…and if I’m not mistaking, damage controlling in a way? Not too sure about it but I can be reading it wrong.

    1. Fix what, you? Mario Kart 8 is so balanced you’re only excuse to losing ALL the time is you being a bad driver. I managed 2nd place even if my kart was not at par with my online competitors and my kart don’t always turn properly.

      Don’t take it seriously, take a break, have a Kit Kat.

      1. I’m not a bad driver. I get first place an average of every fourth race. The game however seems to pile up its gunk on me more than on anyone else. Every single time I’m below 5th, cars in front and behind get better power ups!
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          1. You misread my comment. “every time I’m below 5th” 9 times out of ten that’s the occasion, s***y item spawning. Meaning I’m in 6th 7th or 8th and EVERYONE behind AND in front(as far as I can see, obviously first place exception) gets gold or triple mushroom and I’m stuck with banana or green shell, yes even the coin that angers the most!
            I guess the game recognizes real talent behind the scenes and handicaps me…oh well, price to pay for being that damn good!

                1. I’ll take you up on that! Only I do not do YouTube. I will upload to the Nintendotv website. On Monday or Tuesday. I’ll drop the handle information and “how to” to find my videos. I’ll show what my elite capabilities are. Be sure to gather the gang( the glados and that Quad) If proof is what you need, I will deliver. I peeped your videos, not impressed. You race with under 1500 players, I toppled 3500-4000 plus at only 2000, but enough bragging, proof coming soon, expect to be left in awe. Spread the word, the MNN doubters won’t wanna miss this!

  2. If you are so pissed about MK8 online, find someone to play no items with you. If not, realize that Mariokart isn’t sopposed to be so damn competitive.

  3. As a big fan of One Piece, AND it’s artstyle, I don’t like the graphics of the game. The colors are drained out, and the character animations are on PS2 level. Here’s what One Piece should look like:

    Then again, I’ve never cared for the type of cgi used to adapt anime/manga to video games, and it’s not easy to perfectly replicate an artist’s personality, so maybe I’m a bit biased.

    1. For this game?
      I’m just about to go and pick it up with a pimpin’ Tony Tony Chopper keychain as a freebie.

  4. why namco bandai wont add the dub option is just gay as shit ! what are they too lazy to even do a decent job like intelligent systems did with fire emblem with “dual audio” that way people dont need to read as they play

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