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Miyamoto Will Be Making A Special Guest Appearance At Japan Expo In Paris

The Japan Expo, which takes place at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, will have a very special guest this year to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Yes, legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto will make an appearance at the event. Miyamoto will be taking centre stage on Friday, July 4th for an exceptional masterclass, from 2.45 pm to 4.15 pm on the video game stage.

176 thoughts on “Miyamoto Will Be Making A Special Guest Appearance At Japan Expo In Paris”

            1. I believe you said you were 15 in an article yesterday. That is exactly why you say Miyamoto should retire. You weren’t practically raised by his magic like us elder gamers.

              1. Heck, I’m 13 and I respect Miyamoto more than him!
                (My brother handed me down A LOT of N64 and GCN games, so I got to play some of those classics!)

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Welcome to the brotherhood young one…

                  Lord Miyamoto deserves all the respect he gains from us true gamers…

                  1. welcome me please n commander, I am 12 and have played a lot of classics via virtual console such as super Mario bros and LOZ links awakening

            2. Its not his job to work on games, the last time he was the director was when he took a brake and made pikmin 3, his newest focus is star fox.
              He mostly trains new staff, and watches over other projects, as well as being head of hardware

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Don Mattrick: “If you don’t have an internet connection, go buy a 360 is what I say”…


      1. Oh Mr.Commander, a lost sheep you have proven to be amongst gaming denial and ESRB “E for everbody” purgatory. Reggie Fils-Aime has deceived you into giving him your hard earned money in exchange for what he has deemed as innovation and sinful gimmick. The downward spiral of regret begins to sink to the pit of your stomach as you realize this is the same path I once walked before and it’s was gaming darkness. Sasori does not wish to critize you and hopes you repent of you ways. He does wish to expose gaming damnation which Iwata has lead so many too due to his stubborn sovereignty. Reject the leper.. I have commission Selina Ruiz to pray on your behalf…

          1. My lord Sasori I bow myself before you as I serve the words of your humble commission. Selina Ruiz remains in submission to you as well. Thank you for our daily bread.. You have freed me from the gaming shackles of the yellow cancerous leper and so lovingly let me see the light of third party gaming riches and blessings. And for that I am greatful…


            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              Tsk tsk. What’s pathetic is a black man is being racist toward Japanese people. “Yellow cancerous leper” Seriously. Seek help. You’re a disgrace to other black people.

              1. not only for black people for everybody. seriously sasori represents the worst that the human race have to offer, he is racist, sexist, homophobic, hates animals he’s a misanthropist

    1. Well on topic, Miyamoto lost his touch since the Wii era, he’s nothing special now, just a guy making weird gamepad games

          1. I’ll repeat the same comment to everyone; the last article I was talking to Nintendo Commander, and I temporarily changed my name to Stranga because I was wondering if the real Stranga was gone a long time ago.

          1. I’ll repeat the same comment to everyone; the last article I was talking to Nintendo Commander, and I temporarily changed my name to Stranga because I was wondering if the real Stranga was gone a long time ago.

          1. I’ll repeat the same comment to everyone; the last article I was talking to Nintendo Commander, and I temporarily changed my name to Stranga because I was wondering if the real Stranga was gone a long time ago.

        1. So you’re the queer making sex comments doing your heat. How unexpected and by that, I mean totally expected. XD

          1. I’ll repeat the same comment to everyone; the last article I was talking to Nintendo Commander, and I temporarily changed my name to Stranga because I was wondering if the real Stranga was gone a long time ago.

          1. I’ll repeat the same comment to everyone; the last article I was talking to Nintendo Commander, and I temporarily changed my name to Stranga because I was wondering if the real Stranga was gone a long time ago.

      1. He still made some of the biggest franchises ever, mario, zelda, star fox, amazing games all thanks to this guy

        1. Oh, my bad. Thought you were talking about Pikmin 2
          I played Pikmin 3, in fact I OWN the game, and I feel that it’s the worst of the series. It doesn’t have the charm of Pikmin 2, and it doesn’t have the rushed feeling of Pikmin 1

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            I have to agree with this. Although, Pikmin 3 is by no means a bad game. It’s just not as great as it’s predecessors.

      2. Super Mario Galaxy rings any bells? That game is far from “out of touch”. Its another genius work of Miyamoto so your loss.

        And again, look who’s out of touch by ripping off my name and fail red acting as me. XD

  1. What would of been more awesome if the caption read that the depicted picture was of Miyamoto’s final moments before jumping out of that window only to splatter on that New York street like a water balloon filled with tomato sauce and rice. P.S i hate you SasSorry

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Donko, is that you? Or is it Nostalgia_w? Only one of those two fucking losers would be wishing for a nice guy like Miyamoto to die.

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        1. I seriously have no idea I have this many “fans” of my work that these kids wanna act like me in such bizarre matter to think they’re funny and grown up. XD How cute.

  4. what is soo special that this guy gets praise. the people at treyarch desevere a better praise than this fraud miyamoto. playing call of duty world at war for pc and its amazing story,well created stages and levels, dynamic events, real war tactics and cool game play. soo glad i even moved my self way from buying nintendo games after tha scam mario 3d world. third party games rulez.

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        Awaiting moderation? Has Sickr finally introduced a new system?

        anyways like I was saying

        Narutard can’t even afford gum

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            lol Maybe seeing the horrors of hell will make him change his filthy ways & quit being a degenerate of society.

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          Please trade in your Wii U while you’re at it. I don’t want the possibility of seeing you on any Wii U games that have online. Especially if said game allows voice chat for not just friends but strangers too.

        2. My god that grammar error and sentence hurts our brain. No wonder your Brokeback ass confuses 360 as next gen and your gorilla mother as a girlfriend or sex object.

    1. Also “God doesn’t exist and neither does black sex?” Lmao, why the hell do games like this get mature ratings if mentally retarted children get on there and type stupid shit like that? I mean come on… XD And Gligar13vids is a piece of trash. He purposely makes bad reviews of good games just to piss people off and he’s always defending Xbox. And @Sasori- “Call of Duty World at War for PC and it’s amazing story”. Just… wow. Lol. This is the funniest joke I’ve read all day. Lmao, seriously, Mynintendonews is killing me. XDD XD

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        MNN = The Battlefields of Battlefields…

        We make the Blackbond/Sonyans vs N-Dub Nation look like a joke…

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          I hope microsoft does a great job with conker and does not poop on the franchise like they did with banjo kazooie.

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            Too late. They took a dump on Conker 10 years ago with that Live & Reloaded remake of the N64 game. They censored practically everything that made the original so iconic!

        4. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          xD Not really since Microsoft is shitting all over Conker. Just like they did Banjo & Kazooie and Perfect Dark. But keep sucking Microsoft’s dick, fanboy.

        5. Not really. Conker was a good game, but like final fantasy 7, it’s old news. Try impressing me with your comments for once, Sherlock.

        6. Dafuq, he’s not coming, he is gonna be a character model (basically) in Project Spark, a 3D version of LBP (both good games, but just saying what it basically is :P), and if you love your XBOX One so much, why don’t you buy one?!

    3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Without Nintendo = No games, ipso facto, your entire existence would be entirely pointless…

    4. you’re butthurt because everybody loves Miyamoto and nobody loves you (yup, including your family) lol

    5. you’re jealous of Miyamoto lol
      he’s famous, talented and beloved by everybody and unlike you, Miyamoto is humble!!!

      1. *you don’t have talend and you’re one of the worst being in the world, i would be happy if you die, stupid sasorry

        1. *talent
          and one more thing the girl “you love” hates you!!! selina ruiz just wrote that she is ready to report you lol

          1. a girl who rejected him at school, sasori created the hoax that she was his girlfriend and someone told her about it and she came here to tell that she wasn’t sasori’s girl and that sasori is just a social reject and is known in school as “twerkie” because he twerks like Miley Cirus.

              1. months ago someone posted the story. i’m not sure who was. but that’s the reason the “church of sasori” keeps mentioning that girl on his posts

              2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                Because the the real Selina came onto the site here to tell everyone, if with go back several dozen articles. You kinda missed it.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Too damn long long looooooong ago to remember the article name, and too much work to dev deep into to pinpoint the exact source. But it happened, no one remembers the article, they were all too focused on the comments.

    6. “playing call of duty world at war for pc and its amazing story,well created stages and levels, dynamic events, real war tactics and cool game play” in other words:

  5. perhaps……..STARFOX INFO?! nah……..though 1 unexpected new bit of info or anything/reveal will be welcome!

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  7. Sony Emperor Xperia

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    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Wow, Aeolus. We all know you’re in the closet, so that makes you a self hating homosexual.

  8. Sony Emperor Xperia

    JUNE 26, 2014 AT 12:10 AM
    HAHAHAHAHAHA Hilarious! So much for Mario Kart 8 saving the Baby U. The only ones that bought MK8 are the loyal niche Nintendo fanbaby crowd. Other than that no one else is interested in it as it is proven by the non existent boost in sales on the Baby U with MK8 release.

    Babies said that when Pikmin 3 would release the Baby U would sell like hotcakes, nope nothing. Babies said that when Zelda Wind Waker HD would release the Baby U would sell like babies pacifiers, nope nothing. Babies said that when The Wonderful 101 would release sales of the Baby U would skyrocket, nope nothing. Babies said that Super Mario 3D would save the Baby U, nope nothing. And now babies said that MK8 would save the Baby U, nope nothing. Same thing will happen with their precious Smash Bros. game, only ones interested in it are the loyal Nintendo fanbaby crowd, outside of that no one else cares about it.

    Nintendo used to be a game company that made a variety of games for different types of gamers, now they are the one dimensional company that only caters to the baby crowd. And if you outside of that, wait 2 years for one non baby game, then wait another 2 years for one more lololololol.


    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Yeah. Keep sucking Katamari’s dick, Aeolus. I’m sure he’ll help you out eventually.

    2. Mario Kart 8 was in the top sales spot for the most recent week, above watch dogs and fifa.
      Suck it, kid!

  9. My favorite thing about owning a ps4 is I can play all the games ps3 360 and xb1 get also not that I want to lol last gen games ftw

  10. Hey remember when Microsoft re released bad fur day as live and reloaded? And cut out the multiplayer for a generic 3 classed pile of bull frog shit? So epic ms and remember that perfect dark zero? Ewwww such shit… and poor banjo

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Oh & don’t forget they censored the shit out of the remake. The best thing about the original was the damn cussing & the sexually explicit content.

  11. Hey Nintendo buddies I’m joining with you tomorrow! I’m selling PS3 I’m buying a Wii U a MK8 bundle :) PS3 is giving me major headaches really bad I’m joining forces with Nintendo ones again tommorow! (I hope)

      1. Thanks :D PS3 has been bugging me a lot I’m so bored with its games all ready. Nintendo games doesn’t get me bored I can’t wait to race online! I’m doing a factory reset on PS3 so people doesn’t fine my information on where I live so yea is gonna take a while the reset delete.

  12. I should’ve expected so many comments are coming from idiots jealous of Miyamoto life’s work that not only brought the industry and Nintendo to where it is today but has set so many bars up high with his genius work like Mario and Zelda that became the top known gaming icons in history.

    I bet if he were making games on Microsoft/Sony consoles, nobody, not even the biggest fandork morons and trolls would love him and his games. Goes to show how retarded these fools are because they’re scared of their jerkoff friends making fun of them playing/buying their consoles and games to enjoy. Pitiful.

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