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Satoru Iwata’s Approval Rating Rises To 80.64%, 3.38% More Than Last Year

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata was recently re-elected as company president at the annual shareholders meeting – and he’s had an approval rating boost. The CEO had a tough time last year when his rating slumped to 77.26 per cent, down 13.34 per cent from 2012’s 90.60 per cent. However, his approval rating this year has been boosted a further 3.38 per cent from last year’s lowest score yet, totalling 80.64 per cent for 2014.

Due to surgery in order to remove a bile-duct growth, Iwata could not attend this year’s shareholders meeting, but is recovering well as reported in his statement last week.

Approval ratings have also been revealed for other board members, with Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto down 5.93 per cent from last year and equalling 86.81 per cent for 2014, along with former Nintendo of America president Tatsumi Kimishima falling to 89.11 per cent from 2013’s 92.82 per cent.

Though – in general – Nintendo board members approval ratings have fallen slightly, Iwata’s has risen, which could mean he’s in good stead to remain as company president following this year.

52 thoughts on “Satoru Iwata’s Approval Rating Rises To 80.64%, 3.38% More Than Last Year”

  1. Probably just some troll at the conference voting them all down, who wants Nintendo to develop for mobile and go out of business. Banzai, Iwatasan, get well soon!

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      I don’t think there can be “trolls” at the shareholders meeting, they are people who invest in Nintendo and therefore are fans of Nintendo

      1. Think most of the major share holders care less about what Nintendo actually does, and more about the money their shares should bring them.
        But still, these are the people who only want the best for the company.
        If some twat thinks Nintendo would be better off with mobiles, well, he is just looking at the numbers that really don’t apply to Nintendo.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          And I bet most of these Titans that are involved knew what our empire stood for so demanding silly things like that would not be substainable…

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          If that is the case… why Nintendo? They know the Wii U is suffering
          but they must have some faith in Nintendo and that is why they are investing

          1. Because Nintendo are the most proven company in the history of gaming and their stocks are priced low. The majority of the shareholders only care about the bottom line.

          2. In investing, you always want to invest in something cheap, that will hopefully grow. because nintendo has enough money to survive 52 years at 250 million dollars loss / year, they know it will survive.

      2. They aren’t fans. They are people who see a healthy company and invest money into it. Just because you buy stock, doesn’t mean you are a fan in the know. You probably have an overall good opinion of them but may not have more than cursory knowledge of their products.

  2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    Sorry, guys that dislike Iwata, but he apparently isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

  3. The guy gets a lot of unnecessary and unwarranted hate on the internet, so I am relieved to hear that over 80% of shareholders approve. I think he is doing a fine job as well.

    1. Iwata hate stems from prepubescent teens and kids who just read and listen to others and spit out whatever they hear, never forming their own opinion.

  4. Has anyone looked at the cliff notes for that shareholders meeting?
    The things those people come out with are fucking disgusting.
    One question was literally, “so what about gifts for us shareholders?”
    Get the fuck out, you asshole suits.
    Just go private already, Nintendo. Buy back all your shares.

    1. Someone should slap that dude.
      If he is a investor, he should know how the things work, and not ask for freebies.

        1. Did he ask for gifts, or dividend?
          Dividend is given to any shareholders, when company decides to share them, and usually companies does, even if they made loss.
          For example, Sony has not taken a break on dividends,
          Nokia has not paid for 2 years now I think.

          1. The investor said gifts, ‘cuz gifts are not uncommon. Nintendo didn’t have gifts this time and answered by talking about dividends for the investors.

    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      It’s disgusting…

      They probably feel entitled to gifts because the Ubisoftians bribes their allied…

    3. This was the only comment that made sense, and was worth commenting on. They should go privet, they already bought back 10% last year. (I wonder if their is a majority share holder)
      While they do that though, they should also buy platinum and Sega. I know a lot of people want them to buy capcom but honestly the only IP that screams Nintendo from them is okomi or megaman…..( bayoneta meets devil may cry would be epic though )

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Exactly why Nintendo should acquire Capcom. A lot of those games that aren’t the usual Nintendo games would shut some of the Nintendo haters right up.

      2. going private would cause a severe loss in profits. whenever someone invests, that money is then used by the company. if they went private they would have to pay a lot of investers back.

  5. i was kind of hoping for a change in the reigns but apparently iwata played his surgery card just right and got himself some sympathy. with the amount of money he makes he couldve went to surgery any day why on the day where he could have bad news? well played iwata well played

        1. Yeah. When I get a dog to look at it I see your name reflected. Shall we continue with childish insults?

          1. So when you place your mirror in front of a dog it displays a name? What kind of mirror are you using?

  6. Well if Nintendo shareholders want to shoot themselves in the foot, then go ahead and elect Iwata guys!

      1. Haha, except I’m not a shareholder, so I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about

  7. Its kinda messed up that Miyamoto approval drops..for what? Doing his thing while Iwata did his? Come on. That’s not cool.

    1. you are jealous because there are people who love Iwata and nobody loves you for beign a sexist and racist shit head

  8. After Nintendo has done the show at E3, I think it’s deserved.
    This being said, I think Nintendo need to stop making funky consoles with gamepads, motion controls and shit. They take risks and offer an alternative to console gaming, but they are not taken seriously anymore by gamers who, even after a very good E3 for Nintendo, don’t wanna buy a Wii U and are all about the PS4 ( not mentioning the Xbone, ’cause no one cares ). What the market wants now is beautiful graphics and the hardware to keep them running. I think it has been made obvious during the last years.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      The sad thing is the graphics haven’t even had a huge leap between last gen & this gen, though. What’s even more sad is these graphic whores are being picky over nothing as far as graphics are concerned. At this point, they should focus less on graphics & more on data compression so the data storage on the consoles aren’t getting underwhelmed to the point we have to go out & buy a lot of external HDDs.

        1. If digital is the future of gaming, then that means I won’t be a gamer for life like I thought I would. Or…..I’ll just be playing retro games forever.

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