With Pokemon Art Academy released in Europe today, Pokemon series art director Ken Sugimori shows budding artists exactly how to draw the franchise’s mascot, Pikachu. The electric mouse can be drawn in a few short steps, so make sure you watch the video above and see if you can replicate Sugimori’s faultess, picture perfect drawing.

If you’re finding it a bit difficult to get those eyes just right, which is more or less the entire human population bar from those super talented artists, Pokemon Art Academy offers over 40 lessons for beginners, where you can spend hours perfecting those round spheres until your own eyes get sore. Plus, there’s also an option to draw those colourful critters in free-hand mode. Pokemon Art Academy is available at retail and in the European eShop today. North American fans will have to remain patient until October, however.



    • Poor imbecile, knack isn’t a classic character and you don’t own a ps4 so you didn’t played that shit known as knack to say that shitty thing, as always you’re wrong. ok maybe you already played knack, illegal of course. since you like to use thepiratebay.


  1. I can so draw Pikachu without tutorials while blind folded. X3

    Not making fun of this software at all but I do draw and love to draw with free hand and learn/discover for myself.


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