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Dragon Quest X Heading To Japanese 3DS This September

dragon_quest_x_3dsSquare Enix has announced Dragon Quest X will be releasing for the Japanese 3DS later this year. The popular MMORPG, which is currently exclusive to Japan, is available on the Wii, Wii U and PC, selling over one million copies across all available platforms.

Although the 3DS version will reportedly lack 3D support, it will feature 60 days subscription, a number of posters, as well as in-game goodies. Plus, for those who own the game on either the Wii, Wii U or PC, the 3DS version will connect seamlessly to those devices and allow handheld users to play alongside them.

Dragon Quest X is set to release in Japan on September 4, priced at 3,800 yen plus tax. Western fans will have to remain patient for now as Square Enix has yet to announce any localisation, despite the publisher’s consideration in the past.

23 thoughts on “Dragon Quest X Heading To Japanese 3DS This September”

  1. Hunh. A 3DS MMO? Interesting. Wonder how that’ll work out >_> Internet on my 3DS feels too choppy for that lol

    1. Sony Commander Kratos

      If this game was on the Vita it woukd have superb internet and irtwould be in 1080p 60fps

      1. 480p*

        It might be a OLED screen but it can only really do 720p at 22 fps… case and point Borderlands Vita

  2. God damn it Nintendo!
    Release this over here already!! Or better yet give us the new DBZ Online game you guys have over there and put on Wii U

    1. That’s Bandai Namco you’re thinking of. Judging by their recent activity, I can 100% confirm that they will not do that. They didn’t port the Naruto Storm games, the DBZ HD collection, the latest DBZ game, Soul Calibur 5 or SC2 HD online. They hate us. We’re irrelevant to them. They want the fat stacks of cash and they know those Xbox and Playstation owners got it. XD

        1. A different team works on those other games. There’s been a good amount of Namco/ Bandai games that have released and are coming out within the time of Smash Bros. Lol. At least we got One Piece. (Even though there’s no physical version for the Wii U for some strange reason)

    1. I wonder if the circle pad pro will solve this issue as it has the right analog and extra shoulder buttons.

      1. Would be interesting to know.

        But still it’s extra Hardware, so this Game will have Problems anyway if CPP (or XL / LL Version of it) is not bundled with every Unit sold.

  3. This is awesome for an mmo. Being able to continue your game on the 3ds and vice versa is a great feature. It made MH3U that much more enjoyable.

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