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Wii U Version Of Project Cars Has Been Delayed Till 2015

It’s bad news for racing fans today as Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco have announced that the Wii U version of its promising racing game Project Cars has been delayed until 2015. However, if you own a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC, then you’ll be able to get your hands on the game this November.

Thanks, Nintendo Commander Quadraxis and Aeolus

314 thoughts on “Wii U Version Of Project Cars Has Been Delayed Till 2015”

      1. I’d rather have it delayed than canceled I guess. I’m still buying both this and Watch Dogs. They just better not complain about low sales when most of the people that wanted to buy it have already bought it.

        1. This is bullsh!t!… I’m on the verge of turning on all 3rd parties! I may not buy any 3P games anytime soon…

            1. That’s what i was thinking… you know… cuz PS4 could be for all my 3rd party needs, but it may take a (long) while to save up for it.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I’m starting to think Slightly Mad Studios is even worse than the Ubisoftians…

      All this time they praised the Wii U version and now they delay only that one…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              And an irrelevant opinion like yours starts with an irrelevent life-form like you…

              1. There is probably a 90% chance that most of the Nintendo fans getting angry at Ubisoft for pulling support don’t have any of their Wii U games…

        1. “We’re committed to delivering an exceptional and unique experience for racing fans on Wii U and for this we kindly ask our devoted and passionate Nintendo fans for a little more time in order to ensure the game delivers on our vision of being the most authentic, beautiful, and technically-advanced racing game on any platform.”

          So after actually looking at the article, it seems they want to focus more on the Wii U version so who knows, the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game could be buggy whilst the Wii U version get’s the superior versions next year.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            That’s what they all say, once is acceptable, twice is a coincidence, 3 times is far too many excuses and this is like the 7th time or something a non Nintendo empire has said this…

            Rayman Legends, Watch Dogs and Alien Colonial Marines to name a few…

          2. That’s wishful thinking unfortunately. We’ve seen this pattern before. What you read was a Just a shit line

        2. “Bla bla bla XBOTS NINTENDRONES bla bla bla BUTTHURT bla bla bla EXPOSED…”

          …don’t you get tired of this shit?

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            No because the other alternative is being serious and boring…

            If I want to be all serious then I’ll just talk about physics and stuff in school…

            But this is about games, I mascarade my seriousness in silly comments sometimes…

            1. Okay, respect that you explain yourself. But the thing is… even if that’s a joke, I can’t see any punch line. You know, I love trolling at some points (creative trolls like the photoshop are hilarious) – but not when it comes to just spawning fights in a comment section of a news site. And yep, even if it’s just about video games.

              At the end of the day, you just made Nintendo fans look bad and attracted other trolls like S****i (I can’t even read that name anymore). There’s still a way to be funny and entertaining without acting irrational. Normally I like to read comment sections, just to see other thoughts and opinions to a certain topic. But nowadays it’s just about complaining and fighting and sending hate to every corner of the web. And this sucks.

              I don’t think that you’re a stupid person, I guess you’re just bored by the normal course of life (which is a bit sad, but yeah, that’s how it might be).

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I just like some “lulz” occassionally, but I guess I can overdo it sometimes…

        3. No. All 3rd party assholes are the same and from now on, I declare ALL 3rd parties are officially a fucking waste of time on Nintendo platforms.

          Looks like Nintendo is on their own once more and maybe forever.

          1. LOL! Weren’t you that fanboy duck yard who kept praising Project Cars and sweared to the Nintendo gods that you would buy it? Where did that bullshit go to now?

              1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                Um, maybe because it was delayed, therefore, he CAN’T buy it yet?

                Fucktard, please.

                1. You’re an idiot. If you bother to ever read his past comments, he kept talking shit about Ubisoft and kept praising this game like it was a god, saying he’ll buy it day one blablabla this is the true third party Wii U game blablabla. Now he’s backtracking and looks like an idiot

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Starting to think is not the same as a final judgement…

            If the game is not gimped at all in any way then I’ll buy it one day…

          1. Sorry, but this excuse is getting old..The Wii U install base is almost 2 million more than the Xbox One. So I am sure we should all be able to agree this is a pathetic excuse PERIOD!! Why isn’t Nintendo stepping up and complaining about this..REALLY!!

            1. Wii U has a different type of install base. They don’t go after the latest FPS or horror game. The number doesn’t really matter. It’s just the type of games that appeal the most to people. And Nintendo fans (from what I’ve seen) usually like platformers, adventure, and RPG the most.

              1. Or does it only seem that way because we have no other option other than ports of old games that have been out for a year or get them months after the rest of the world has already played them somewhere else and no longer have any interest. I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally either play a game when it is first released or I lose interest.

                1. I can understand that. For the games aren’t released the same day on Wii U, I’d probably get it on something else way cheaper or skip it all together.

                2. No. We have a ton of other options on Wii U that are not being supported. Pikmin 3, W101, ZombiU, Lego City Undercover, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Sonic Lost World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Assassin’s Creed III and IV, Rayman Legends, etc.

                  The only games that show promise are select Nintendo first party games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World. *That’s* what most (not all) Wii U owners are only buying and supporting, despite the selection that is available to all of us.

        4. Um.. i don’t think this game will sell well on the Wii U cos of this delay.. cos the WOW factor at launch will be gone by then. It will be a shame if the game actually doesn’t sell.
          Though i believe the logic behind this move is.. they are trying to release the game after the launch of Smash, when the holiday rush kicks in and system sellers improve the Wii U’s install base

      1. Why does the reply link disappear sometimes?

        Anyways, doesn’t understand the difference between opinion and fact, so he tries to pull this helpless girl down into the hole he lives in.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Because Sickr might be doing some maintenance on the site…

          Also Sickr is not a girl as far as I know…

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            They could still sabotage our empire by “pretending to work faster than they are doing”, or making “silly mistakes” that takes time…

      1. Same here. But this time, no 3rd party trash for me. They keep doing this shit, they ain’t gonna see any Nintendo support anymore and people look to wonder why 3rd party support only sucks on Nintendo and why the fans usually buy Nintendo games?

        This is why.

              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                Yeah you did. Especially Knack, and I don’t even need proof because everyone seen you hype it up. EXPOSED again.

          1. When in the name of fuck have I ever said this game is trash? Said no one but your dumbass..ever. You wanna shove your BS dildos down my throat that badly don’t you?

            Seriously, fuck off and go solemnize the Red Ring garbage you’re crushing over.

        1. Yeah, you know why they delay it, right?
          1. Fanboys like you NEVER support these games. When was the last time a true “hardcore” third party EVER sold on a Nintendo console?
          2. The install base is shit. 2 years and still such a pathetic number. The PS4 caught up to that number in MONTHS, and even the Xbox One managed half that in 8 months
          3. Gimmicky hardware like the gamepad will never take Nintendo places, they’re just screwing over the developers who have to use up more money to make use of the gamepad. No one even WANTED the gamepad in the first place, it’s Nintendo’s shitty mindset that useless controllers will somehow be the next big thing

          1. But… I buy 3rd party games though. :( Although they may not have been any Ubi games, I got Sonic Racing Transformed, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Need For Speed Most Wanted. See how there’s an EA game on there? I’m one of the people that could’ve saved the Wii U if only more had done the same. XD

              1. Yeah. If only I could’ve multiplied myself and bought a million copies of every third party game… :P

          2. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

            I would respect your opinion, but it’s too retarded to even consider.

            1. Monster Hunter, bayonetta, portal, etc. etc.
            2. How so? Plenty of indie games on the Wii U. Evidence, please.
            3. The gamepad, in many instances, can be foregone for the wiimote or classic controller. When it IS necessary, it can be very useful for inventories, scanning, and other such convenient things. A good example is Zombie U’s inventory system, or Resident Evil Revelation’s scanning feature.

            Therefore, you have been…


            1. 1. monster Hunter 3 Ultimate sold terribly on both consoles on the US. Bayonetta for Wii U isn’t even out yet, how would you know if it sold well?

              2. I have no idea what that has to do with my second point

              3. The Gamepad is packaged with the goddamn Wii U, of course it’s essential to every Wii U owner. You realize some people are unwilling to buy extra controllers? It’s convinient, but definitely doesn’t come close to breaking the rules of gaming

              So how have I been “exposed” exactly?

    2. to be honest it’s not a bad news, maybe Nintendo will be happy about it. If you think about it, from now up to december there will be enough software release to keep people happy (well I would love xenoblade and zelda to come out this year but nevermind) after that what do we really have? if the game is release between january and march I don’t think it will be bad. if during this time they have a way to correct any bug or push for more test why not.

        1. One Piece for Wii U just released. That’s a AAA third-party game. Just because it doesn’t suit your tastes doesn’t mean that you can write it off as nothing.

          1. The One Piece games are never good, idiot. It’s just a shitty third party shovelware game. If that was AAA Watch Dogs was a Hollywood blockbuster

      1. There’s only an average of about 2 games per month coming out for Wii U, and I’m including the shovel ware games. So your point is invalid

        1. @Shushei Yoshida, I agree with :3 becoz some games are not your taste does not mean there are crap. I am not interested at all by smash bros but it still a game people want to play.

          Do I have to consider that game as a sholveware????? No and on similar subject I am excited about that one piece game and I planned to buy that game coz I do think it’s a good game.

          Now I am not going to debate if one piece or other games are shovelware cause we won’t agree.

          My point you obviously missing is that there will be some game people want to play from now up to December. Watch dog, Smash bros, hyrule warrior, amiibo and other .

          So it’s not the end of the world is that game will be slightly delay and I am sure there will be some games which will be release and keep you occupy before that game is released….. well giving your alias/name you can always get the PS4 version….. LOL

    3. Ok everyone. You better fucking talk some shit about Slightly Mad Studios, given all that shit you said about Ubisoft.

      So much for the precious “Project Cars,” now it’s made by a company that’s doing the same thing Ubisoft did. (only Ubisoft actually has been supporting us)

      if I don’t see some Slightly-Mad fan rage, you’re a bunch of hypocrites. (I see N.C. Already has, so at least he’s consistent!)
      How about the rest of you? Hypocrites or are you going to rage on Project Cars?

            1. It always makes me laugh when somebody gets angry at Nostalgia even though he is only messing with you guys. :P Especially when they bring in the insults and get REALLY mad. XD

                    1. Yeah, no it doesn’t, you expect her to be this sexy girl behind a keyboard, but she’s actually a fat slob that looks like shit… so no, it makes things less interesting

                  1. You’re actually one of the few people who make the comments section entertaining. Thanks for that, and keep it up. (:

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Indeed, hypocrites if they aren’t going to bash them…

        Same with all of those who bashes the Xbox Done calling it the Xbone and other insulting crap or the PS4 and yet they still own one, hypocrites…

      2. XD You’re mean, Drybones. Lol. To be honest, I was never actually looking foward to it, so I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’ll have a PS3 or 360 by then anyways to worry about it. But hey, at least it’s coming with all the other 2015 games, right? :P

        1. Indeed! 2014!!….I mean 2015! Will be the year of WiiU! If not, there’s always 2016? D:<

          As far as you calling me "mean," I enjoy the flattery! ;p I had a girlfriend once who's version of "I love you" was giving me the bird. It's tough finding people like that. :/

      3. Ubisoft didn’t support jack. They can spin the BS about Wii U but them choosing to support Vita over 3DS only exposes their hypocrisy and stupidity.

        And now, another fucking game that I was hoping to god I would get to show 3rd parties how its done, is now following the Ubisoft/Rayman-Watchdogs route and as a fan, I’m fucking pissed, I’m tired of these stunts they’re pulling without any true explanation.

        1. Just like how Nintendo never tried to be third party friendly, its fanboys never get them. Yeah, so it’s totally the third party devs’ fault that they’re not focusing on a console they’ll never get support on, and instead develop for the platforms that will eat their games up, right? Makes no sense at all!!!! -Typical Nintendo fanboy

          1. Looking at Ubisoft ignoring 3DS’s success to make games for Vita’s failure that they’re whining over Wii U about since they’ve been delaying/gimping game all over the place, nothing from the 3rd party makes any sense except on truth: They’re giving Nintendo gamers shit shafts and yet, every single minded twats like yourself blame the wrong side.

            1. Ubisoft released a Tom Clancy game, 2 Rayman games, and yet no one bought them for 3DS


              1. Another poor fool defending the shitty business tactics of 3rd parties. Still bending over & taking it, I see.

                  1. Funny considering I mean it exactly like that. They are pretty much taking 3rd party bullshit up their ass.

    4. Before they said this:
      “Wii U is an amazing console and we are looking forward to releasing Project Cars on the platform”

      Now they are saying this:
      “Oh the Wii U version is delayed until next year….. You can still get it on PS4, Xbone and PC”

      Fail -_-

        1. How did I fail?
          They stated the Wii U version would release along side the other versions and now they are delaying it. Kind of Hypocritical.

          Also, Ubisoft did the same thing with Watch_Dogs and look how well that’s doing, the Wii U version still doesn’t have a set release date yet.

          So be a good slut and be quite okay Fedora the Explorer

          1. Nintendo DELIBERATELY sets itself apart. They don’t even try to match hardware. So why do you guys expect the devs to treat us the same? Shouldn’t be be glad to be getting games?

    5. Lol, what happened? Another delay? Huh, that sucks for the people looking foward to it. I wasn’t exactly looking foward to it, but I would’ve bought it. And I’m not planning on buying a next gen system until next year. And if I did have a next gen system, I’d have gotten The Crew instead of this. XD Oh, and Stranga’s going to be pissed. He was praising the developers of this game. Hahaha, oh, poor man. Gotta wait till next year for another racing game. Can’t wait to see his reaction. XD

      1. “We’re committed to delivering an exceptional and unique experience for racing fans on Wii U and for this we kindly ask our devoted and passionate Nintendo fans for a little more time in order to ensure the game delivers on our vision of being the most authentic, beautiful, and technically-advanced racing game on any platform.”

        Sounds to me the Wii U version is going to be superior

        1. no that just means they want it to be the most authentic racing game on all platforms, including the wii u

      2. Speak of the pissed devil and he shall appear..pissed.

        I seriously cannot believe this shit…

        That’s that. I now have no fucking hope or respect for any 3rd parties anymore.

    6. Let me guess. They had to pull the team to focus on blah blah before soooo we can at a later and almost forgotten about time we will bring the best blah blah later.

          1. Motherfucker, with all of those Nintendo games mentioned, I was gonna buy Watchdogs if it came out on time as it should have been, I would’ve also bought this game too. But seeing all 3rd parties are doing this shit, I’m not supporting anybody besides Nintendo. And in case you say I never support 3rd parties, I buy some occasional games like 3DS Resident Evil Revelations because they were good and they delivered on fucking time without BS strings attached.

            So don’t even come at me because I’ll shred your hypocrite ass apart.

              1. Shred as in “rip” with my bare hands. Sound better or you’re still in your gay moment because I somehow gave you a boner? Queer

                      1. You must be some kind of pedophile/pervert manchilds in real life. Why are you so interested in dicks, a black male named sasori, and keep dreaming about me having a gay date?

    7. Thats it. As a Nintendo fan, I’m pretty damn sick of this false Wii U 3rd party support promise BS. Of all or only one, 3rd party game I’m looking forward to, it has to get delayed for unexplained reasons, just like Watchdogs and Rayman.

      From this point on, any so called promising 3rd party crap that speaks of great things about Wii U, is gonna be a big lie to me and I’m no longer buying anything, I repeat, ANYTHING from any 3rd party jackass. I’m so tired of this shit.

            1. Another gay moment out of you? If you wanna relief your heat, MSN club for men is straight down the road.

        1. Hell no. Why the fuck would I buy a Betamax for a game console that only focuses on TV, Kinect and DRM BS when there’s a PS4 right next to it that does better and more for the same bucks?

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Just asking because there are several hypocrite sin this site that bashes the Xbox Done and yet still has one…

            Just like everyone in the N-Dub Nation…

                      1. Nintedward was a quite annoying fanboy who used to be around on this website, in case you didn’t know. So Shuhei isn’t all too wrong when mentioning his name in this context.

      1. Aw… Don’t worry man. We’ll get through it. We don’t need third party developers. We can get through it with our rock hard AAA exclusives. The Nintendo exclusives are so good that maybe the 3rd parties think they can’t compete. Also, if it makes you feel any better, this game is probably going to get it’s ass kicked by Driveclub. XD

        1. Doesn’t matter anymore. After this, I have no 3rd party hope left. And come on, from Namco, another yet so called close partner of Nintendo, is now doing what Ubisoft did?…

          ….Fuck it. I’ll move on without the 3rd party. Theyre all the same selfish, lying fucks anyway. All is left for Nintendo to do is hopefully acquire Capcom and put this 3rd party sham out of their misery and close the door on them for good.

    8. Honestly, I don’t think most nintendo fans cared about getting this game. So the delay is a tad bit irrelevant.

      1. Dude, like Watchdogs and Rayman before they got delayed, more than half of the majority wanted those games and have proven their hype. But now, 3rd parties wanna make excuses to move away from Nintendo and leave those same fanbases they disrespected this way in the dust? They ain’t gonna see any support anymore after this year. Time for Nintendo to step up and save the day on their own once again. If they bug Capcom, then it’ll be the salvation they need to fill the 3rd party gap those assholes created (3rd parties I mean)

        1. Blaming the devs is just an excuse as to why nintendo fans don’t buy 3rd parties. They don’t buy them because they mainly only care for 1st parties. If you planned to buy the 3rd party game the moment it was announced and then say “oh since it’s delayed I’m not buying it” then that means you never cared to buy it to begin with.

            1. Because you need to be somebody’s bitch. Sorry that your relationship with that self-racist Sasori didn’t work out..oh wait. I’m not.

              1. Sorry that your mom wanted to abort you while you were pregnant but failed because your head was too big… Oh wait. I’m not

          1. Lots of fans are tired of the Nintendo only delays, that’s why they decide against it. And sony and microsoft fans do the same thing if they don’t get the game at the same time as someone else.

            1. The Wii U barely even has anymore 3rd party. They should be grateful it was even there in the first place. I’d rather have a delayed game than nothing at all. Anyways, you know how the pattern goes. You don’t buy games, you don’t get games. If 3rd parties sold poorly on PS or Xbox, they’d have pulled support from there too.

            2. Not quite true. For example, PlayStation got Ninja Gaiden, Mass Effect, and Bioshock quite a bit of time after Xbox and they supported the hell out of those late releases. So the third parties continued to support them with future releases of those games.

              The Wii U has gotten a good number of exclusives and complete games without “delays” and they still haven’t been supported by most Wii U owners. Games like Assassin’s Creed III and IV, Pikmin 3, W101, ZombiU, Lego City Undercover, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Sonic Lost World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.

              So really, I agree with You Thought here. It’s just an excuse for a habit that has already formed. That is, not supporting most games on the system, especially third party games. There are only a select number of games, mostly specific first party games that have done well sales-wise.

          2. You seriously missed the point. All Wii U got from third fucking parties is late ports and gimps that are priced too high. Do you seriously expect any support coming out of that shit? I think you were born mentally defective from your drunk mother because you seriously don’t look at the other side of the problem but only one because your mind set wants to and you know what that’s called? Ignorance.

            When they gimp or delay a game for everyone else, imagine how those gamers feel being shafted like so. All Nintendo fans want is fair treatment of 3rd party and they’re not giving it so we ain’t giving shit just so it can continue anyway.

        2. and when nintendo delayed donkey kong country tropical freeze and pikmin 3, you clowns were like “miyamoto once said delayed game = quaility game”. stfu about delaying games and stop giving nintendon’t a free pass.

          1. Those games are first party. The difference why some fans are upset is cause ONLY the Nintendo version gets delayed. If ALL versions were delayed, that would be different. C- for effort.

          2. Asshat, this is about 3rd party so where did that come from? Every one knows Nintendo’s quality is unmatched most of the time and they mainly delay on rare occasions to polish the game and they do explain themselves of a good reason why. Looking at Rayman, Watchdogs, Batman Origins, Splinter Cell and now this, what explanation we get? Jack shit excuses and pointing fingers at a system they’ve been neglecting before it arrived.

          3. Dumbass. There’s a big difference between Nintendo games and 3rd party exclusives getting delayed & 3rd party multiplats getting delayed: there are other systems to get those games on so therefore it’s going to hurt the sales of the late game. Once again, you’re spewing bullshit to support your Nintendo hate like the little bitch that we all know you are.

        1. You are probably the minority. I’m considering getting it even tho it’s getting delayed. Id rather have a delayed finished game than a rushed unfinished game. A delayed game won’t stop me from buying it if I’m truly interested in the game

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Although I hate delays, I’m mostly concerned about gimped features…

            If it doesn’t miss out on any features, I’ll buy it too…

            1. Yea, That’s a main concern too. I’m not going to pay $60 or even $50 for game that’s missing big features and that dosent utilize the hardware properly

    9. Uh-oh the nintendrones are going to say “well all i need is mario kart 8” which got boring ever since i beat all the cups and basically got all the kart pieces.

          1. @Stranga Well, to be fair, we Nintendo fans can be a bit spoiled sometimes. We play pretty much nothing but Nintendo games for years, so by default, we do have some very high expectations from other companies. XD I mean, I pay attention to 3rd party too, but every time I try a game, I usually end up disappointed and go back to my Nintendo games. The only real Nintendo game that has “disappointed me” is NSMBU. And even then, I play the heck out of that game.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Sorry but it’s not about that at all…

              When we were at the N64 and GCN era, I bought several Third Class games because they were well done and didn’t lack feature etc etc…

              I even bought many on the Wii that were worthy enough a purchase…

              But now it’s obvious that they just hate our empire because we had almost complete domination during the late 80’s…

              1. ???
                Why would they hate you, what the hell. The world doesn’t revolve around Nintendo, you know. Developers just go where the money is, and Nintendo is not where it’s at, as simple as that. Just because you are/were part of the minority who actually bought 3rd-party titles on Nintendo platforms, doesn’t mean everyone else did too.
                It’s unbelievable how Nintendo fans think they are important enough that companies start to conspire against them, lmao.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  The 3DS is the most succesful console so far this generation, still nothing so yes there is a conspiracy…

                  1. Nothing on the 3DS?
                    Maybe you really aren’t human after all, because on planet earth, the planet humans reside on, there are plenty of 3rd-party games on the 3DS.

                    1. He was talking about nothing from the bigger game developers. Like EA, Ubisoft, Capcom, etc. Or at least I think he was.

                      1. Why would that matter though? Those aren’t the only 3rd-party developers out there, so just because EA or Ubisoft isn’t developing for the 3DS, doesn’t mean there is no 3rd-party support on the 3DS. There are a bunch of others that deliver great games.
                        Besides, isn’t he always complaining about how EA and Ubisoft (+ their games) suck? He needs to stop being a hypocrite, if he was really saying what you’re thinking.

                      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Of course I was…

                        I’ll exclude the Capconians since they are bringing MH4U…

                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Electron games are garbage and I always will stand by that until tey either fall or make a 180…

                      And I don’t hate most Ubisoftian games, I hate them for their betrayal…

                      1. Well, to be fair, they never really cared about Nintendo at all until the Wii U. Lol.

                              1. I guess since they saw the success of the Wii they thought maybe they ought to start making games for the new console. And as soon as they saw that they weren’t getting enough money, they were like “Oh nooooo. Forget this. I want my cash. Haha no, sir!”

                              2. That’s why I put “+ their games” in brackets, friend.
                                And seeing as you didn’t even attempt to counter any of the things I’ve said, I’ll see that as your acceptance of your own defeat.

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  What defence?…

                                  I hate the Electron Army and the Ubisoftians just like you said but for different reasons?…

                                  So there is no defeat in anything…

                                2. …………………………..
                                  You said 3rd-party developers were conspiring against Nintendo, and when I gave you reasonable facts as to why that’s utter nonsense, you didn’t even try to make any points to convince me of your point no more => accepting defeat.
                                  It’s a bit sad that I actually had to explain that to you.

                        1. We also haven’t had third party games for years because Nintendo wouldn’t allow a lot of M games, that’s their fault though, not fans. All 3 companies have spoiled people.

                  2. i didn’t buy mario kart 8 because i knew it wasn’t worth 60. glad i got 2 batman arkham games ,minecraft and naruto for the 360. mk8 is just beat mashroom and flower cup and you unlock star and special cup. beat shell and banana cup and you unlock leaf and lighting cup. beat all the cc’s and you get mirrior mode. character roster is not that interseting neither did any of the characters felt new to me. battle mode was downgrade and nintendo was soo lazy to make real battle courses but just racing stages.

                    1. You can’t really expect it to be all that different. It’s a racing game. How much could they change? Battle mode isn’t the best, but I don’t bother going to it anyways. This game is definitely better than the previous Mario Karts and I think you should give it a try.

                    2. Main reason is you just suck at any hardcore Nintendo games. After trying the GameStop demo and lost in 8th place, you just give up and started bitching. Don’t even think I don’t know you. Not worth the money? Like what fucking money you have in your dumbass name besides that gorilla mother you’re sleeping with?

                  3. I haven’t played Baby Kart 7.5 for a while either…I guess the hype is still driving sales though. I’ll probably stroll through Moo moo meadows in a few weeks, it really is pretty. Ashame all I’ll ever see for items are fucking coins. Or if I’m LUCKY a green shell.

                    1. Do you realize if you press the L button while the items are rotating that it changes what you may get depending on your time? I don’t think there’s any guarantee that you’ll get a specific item but it does help with getting bananas or shells more often. That’s been a standard since either SNES or 64, not sure if everyone knows that who complains about the items. It’s still annoying and you definitely get crappy items in lower positions than previous entries, but the racing handling is by far the best and that’s what matters most. If you’re good enough, the bad items won’t stop you from winning or at least getting in the top 4-5. Everyone gets the same shitty luck. It’s the truly good players who overcome that and their actual skill shines. I’m not trying to make fun of you or say “Oh you suck” or anything just pointing things out and offering the tip so don’t take it that I’m trolling or something. And yes the baby characters are way overdone. I love the Koopa Kids though, don’t care what anyone says they deserve their time, and I am so happy to have them. The roster should have just been bigger, and had less babies. Koopa Kids are all or nothing, no matter what anyone says cause fans of the ones left out will raise hell. I hope that rumor about Diddy not being in it due to a Diddy Kong Racing 2 is true by the way lol. Would LOVE that. Anyway, you down to race sometime if you jump back on?

                  4. I have it all unlocked and I find it fun still online for sure. Been taking a break cause I fucked up my right thumb from playing it too much actually. As for getting this, I never decided if I was in or not. I may get it, but I don’t think the delay is the deciding factor for me. Others it will be.

                      1. From pressing the gas too much and holding it down lol. I’m 30 and I guess 26 years of gaming is catching up lol.

                2. Know what? I will just play GT5 or GT6 on my ps3.

                  Err actually I like GT5 more than GT6…..
                  For some.reason GT6 feels like it wasn’t finished before being shipped.

                  I really wanted this game, so sad as I don’t have a ps4 and skyrim killed my pc.

                  1. GT 6 feels more complete than GT 5 when it shipped. Plus the load times and stability of the game is superior. I like GT 6 better. It’s a shame that it’s one of the worst selling installments of the franchise.

                3. This has everything to do with Namco Bandai and not slightly Mad Studios. Its not going to stop me from the game, depending on the usual factors.

                  But I am weary of Namco now…and I do buy 3rd party games.

                  1. Damn I didn’t even think of that, I hope they just don’t cancel it. They didn’t even bother putting DBZ: Xenoverse on the Wii U either but they put it on PS3 and Xbox 360.

                    They better not try to pull the same crap.

                    1. Yeah, I hope they don’t cancel it either. But its a little different (or at least I think) since its backed on Kickstarter…

                4. SegaNintendofan1991

                  It’s a shame is delayed oh well I’ll guess I’ll just stick with sonic boom hyrule warriors and smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS

                5. Chillax, people. It could be that just like most third party games that are released and are going to be released on the Wii U, they need to take the extra time and resources because they need to tailor the game to utilize the Gamepad.

                  1. I doubt the Gamepad would even do anything important in a racing game. Just look at MK8. Lol. The only racer that managed to successfully pull that off was NFSMW U. And that was a completely different type of racer.

                    1. We won’t know until we see it. I’m sure Nintendo is asking 3rd parties to implement some form of Gamepad control or use the Gamepad in some way that differentiates it from other consoles. If that’s the case, it’s understandable that they would want to take some more time. Even if it’s just using the Gamepad as a steering wheel, adding in that motion control and testing it still takes a bit more time.

                  2. Forgot about Rayman..Splinter Cell..Watchdogs..Arkham Origins..I can keep this up and show the 3rd parties are manipulative, lazy greed-filled assholes.

                6. They should be honest and stop lying. It more looks like cancelled.
                  You know? Just like Wotch Dorgs.

                  Hah, even if not: Extra Development Time is totally Bullshit on a Title that is multiplatform. This Game does NOT need any Gamepad Features and Changes on WiiU.

                  1. Whether it NEEDS Gamepad features is irrelevant. It’s all about whether they’re actually going to implement those features, regardless of whether the game should have those controls or not. It most likely could just be released with the Pro Controller, but Nintendo could very well be asking them to add in Gamepad implementation.

                    1. I think slightly mad studios said themselves that they wanted to take advantage of the gamepad at some point but don’t quote me on that.

                7. The only racing game I play is Mario Kart, I was hoping to give this title a try but that delay made me think twice.

                  It could however be a move brought about by the amount of Nintendo heavy hitters releasing so close to Nov.

                  If that delay is as long as Washdogs, then count me out.

                  1. No. I think they more angry about the fact that only the Wii U version is getting delayed. They had no problem before when all versions were delayed and still being worked on.

                  2. Its not that it sucks genius. Its that only and coincidentally the Wii U version of any game gets shafted without explanation in every turn and that makes them uneasy and pissed about even buying the game just for being disrespected by the 3rd party.

                8. im hoping it has something to do with the updated graphics they were talking about or direct x 11 what not. im still getting this and watch dogs on wiiU because there going to be the definitive versions

                9. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Jeez, all this flaming just because of a delay? This isn’t a company with a track record of being an asshole like Ubisoft.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Sure, I hate delays too, but I’ll only get pissed when its from company that does it for retarded reasons, that also includes a track record of it *cough* Ubisoft *cough* EA *cough* A few others *cough*
                      Sorry, I got sick just thinking of something.

                      But anyways, this isn’t those guys. -_-

                        1. As I told another guy, big difference between game delays of Nintendo games and 3rd party exclusives & game delays of multiplat games: there is no other console getting the games first to fuck up the sales of the delayed games.

                      1. Honestly, you should be thankful you’re getting any 3rd-party games at all, after the poor performance of other 3rd-party games so far.

                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                          That is very true. Just as long as its not a game no one will care about, gimped game, or a shit game.

                10. And this is what happens when 3rd parties publish indie games. Well, they just shot the Wii U version in the foot. Plenty of the Wii U gamers who’d buy this are now gonna get it on a different console or PC. And these guys sounded so proud of how much their efforts showed off on the Wii U too, what a waste

                11. Given what The developers have accomplished, it’s worth it. (Kind of but not really because you have to wait 6 months.)

                  1. Surprisingly, only Wii U next to Steam wanted the game the most and same goes for Watchdogs and Rayman before being pointlessly pushed away. Now watch that poll in the next vote change quick after this.

                12. As far as I’m concerned, this project gets an F. Poor decision to delay on the only console that needs a racing sim. A console that has a bigger install base than the Xbox One and does not have a significantly smaller base than the Ps4 yet. The only system which could understandably get priority is the PC. This is just another slap in the face to Nintendo by the idiots who mask their discrimination with excuses even an pre-pubescent can see through. Being someone who holds a grudge, it’s great to know I can continue to rely on Nintendo for the best quality 1st and 2nd party games and not have to be concerned about the majority of shovelware avoiding my wallet.

                  1. And not only that, there was a poll for this game’s prefered platform of choice for Project Cars and guess which system is voted the most? Wii U at near 28 percent. Now watch that number decline like a waterfall in the next poll. Same can be said with Rayman Legends even after the delay, Rayman sold more on Wii U. The support and demand has always been there but the 3rd fycking parties insist screwing Wii U even more and for what?

                    1. The comments section already has people saying they want a refund and won’t buy it at all on any system now

                      1. Now they just fi pucker themselves. If I donated for the Wii U just for this BS to happen, I would demand my fucking refund too and not support the game or their studio anymore.

                13. Well, it may be easier to develop for XB1 and PS4 as those are closely related to pc and to each other. I just hope the game doesn’t get cancelled for the WiiU. This was crowd funded, I doubt they want to upset the supporters. If it gets released on the U I will buy it no matter the delay.

                  1. Doesn’t matter if the PS4/One is simpler to design for and its only because developers (mostly 3rd parties) whine and bitch about building a simple game and they wanna bash Wii U just for that reason but cover that reason with bleak lies of hardware built and install base when its all about the coding.

                    Now back to topic, I’m still shocked and now super pissed to hear the only true 3rd party Wii U game being delayed, another fucking anticipated game Wii U fans wanted the most, without much explained reason. 3rd fucking delayed game in a row with the rest being pathetic gimps at full price to snag sucker money without much dignity. Its disgusting and we’re tired of it.

                      1. You do realize Ubisoft is holding that game in a dumb effort to extort Wii U fans to buy more Wii Us when its already 1.5 ahead of Xbox One and closing in on PS4?

                    1. And if I were to buy that game, I’m not using the Gamepad as a choice of controls anyway. I have uses for Gamepad but I also have Pro controls and Wii Remotes that I feel more comfortable with.

                      1. Just yes. Pro Controller for life. I don’t even have one and I prefer it over the Gamepad. Gamepad is only necessary in a game where the controls are based around it. Only reason I use it a lot is because I sure as hell ain’t using my Classic Controller Pro.

                  1. they wont sell as much if they delay it…right? or does it conflict with other nintendo games? only resonable thing i can think of is that they have more work to do on it cos of the game pad for.. some… reason or I could be a bit tin foil hat and say someone payed them or influenced them to delay it :P

                14. I’m very disappointed now because I was actually hyped for this game. This doesn’t mean I won’t buy the game, I will but only if the price goes down and if there is no other game released.
                  Sometimes I feel that third party developers should just cancel their games instead of delaying them.

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                17. Motherfucker! This game better be cheap when it hits the Wii U next year. Otherwise, I’ll just wait for it to sell as used or rent the game. This way the developers won’t get shit from me. And if it has DLC for the Wii U version, I’ll forgo that shit. Now if the game releases with no glitches & isn’t gimped, I’m all for getting the game new. Slightly Mad Studios, you’re being fucking DUMBFUCKS! Apparently you guys aren’t seeing the hate Ubisoft is getting for pulling this same exact fucking stunt. I’m reaching the point to where I’m about to say fuck all 3rd parties, except Rockstar, Capcom, & Square Enix. Capcom is actually supporting Nintendo. As for Rockstar & Square Enix, least they aren’t doing what Ubisoft & EA does by making games for the Wii U but then end up delaying them for bullshit reasons or pulling a Mass Effect Trilogy stunt.

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