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There Are No Current Plans To Bring Outlast To Wii U

Red Barrels has confirmed that it has no current plans to release a Wii U version of Outlast. The game is a first-person survival horror title starring an investigative journalist, Miles Upshur, who tries to stay alive long enough to discover the secret behind an eerie asylum. Outlast is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“Sorry, but at this moment, there no plans to bring Outlast to the Wii U,” the developer said.

157 thoughts on “There Are No Current Plans To Bring Outlast To Wii U”

        1. It’s called a “let’s play”, it’s been around for about since the beginning of YouTube???

    1. He’s lucky the game looks decent. I dunno though, the commentary was awful. Even the guys actual voice annoyed the shit out of me. Might be a “b game”, just a hunch. However, ive seen people just tap on the screen on a digital button to get points….that’s it….nothing else…for like 20mins. Ive seen people play flappy bird more then once. I have seen a kid play a game called make it rain? and be entertained for hours…and all you do is slide your finger on the screen. My point is…I know fuck all.

      1. I didn’t know that this game was another port. Hearing good and bad things…about even. I may just get it for the X1.

        To those that have played it…tell me, does the voice of the narrator in the video make an appearance in the game? Or is it just for the video? I couldn’t even make it through the video ’cause of him.

        1. No narrator voice. But I got this from PS+ and its actually amazing….I didn’t like horror before this. It’s crazy good. Strongly recommend and this is from a non – horror guy.

      2. dude, this IS an awesome game, and it WILL make you lose sleep, its just that this “trailer” doesnt do it any justice AT ALL!!! the whole entire point of this game is that unlike most horror games nowadays, where you have giant guns and can fight against the enemys, in this game, you CANT FIGHT AT ALL!!! Your only three choices are to either run, hide, or die! oh, and you also run out of batteries.

      3. oh yeah, and also, theres not really any commentary in the game at all. just imagine this “trailer” without any of the commentary, and thats how the game would be like! so, to please you, theres not too much commentary in the game!

      1. Outlast is a digital game from my understanding. It can’t be full priced $60. Lol. I do believe it waa only $20 when It launched. If I’m wrong though, feel free to correct me. Haha.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Whether your comment was serious or not, everything has been rendered invalid ever since you wanted Lord Iwata and his family to die a horrible death, exposed himself as being a nazi and a sadist with alternate accounts…


              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                And you’re probably jealous since you’re so obsessed with me and your closeted world…

        2. Nostalgia_w is serious? Yeah serious at being an comment whore and certain of attention prick who tries to get his point across. Too bad it doesn’t work like that, oh wait neither would this but I’m glad it’ll atleast piss you off. :)

    2. “I’m glad you’re speaking for losers who only play LameStation or XBoxDumb.” – From me to Nostalgia_w

  1. welp…time to petition to get this game on the wii u! as well as the millions of other third-party games that nintendo don’t care about.

    1. Just like they don’t care about 3rd-party support, Nintendo also doesn’t care about fan petitions.

  2. I want it… but I can’t get a PS4 or Xbox One now…
    Have to pay some stuff first…
    And my pc sucks so yeah…

  3. Is it normal that I feel sad when there is a new game out? By a third party..Maybe I should just get ps4 or x bone

    1. I got fed up with it too. My xbox one has been rather entertaining and outlast is one of my current favorites.

        1. Well, I’ve only played the demo, but from what I played, Zombi U has an interesting story. And definitely one of the most creative uses of the Gamepad I’ve seen thus far. May pick it up once I stop being a wuss and get used to horror games. :S

          1. Oh man, Horror games are great…even a bady scripted one is still pretty good. I say to you, go and pick one up. Also, you should turn the volume up a little louder then your normal, when you play horror games.

            1. Um.. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that. You know the nurse zombie in the nursery that was down in the basement? Well, I was home alone and turned up the volume really high. And let me just say… that traumatized me so bad, I had to stop playing and sleep with the lights on for the next three days. She gave me nightmares. *shudders*

              1. She might get you tonight, she might not. The important thing is to learn what can be done if such a situation occurs. ZombiU can teach you that. Help prepare you for the inevitable zombie plague that will spread across the globe.

              2. I thought I was the only pne that got traumatized by the nurse :’)
                I was alone and playing in the dark…

                1. Haha, yeah. I was completely unaware of the situation. She screamed and I was like “O_O” Haha. But that’s probably the scariest part of the game. So now that I’m past that, I can probably take on the full game. But I’ll play it around somebody my first time just to be sure. ;P

      1. I love ZombiU. To call it a “fail” is just ignorant. One of my favorite Survival Horror games, uses the game pad better than 90% of Nintendo’s own games, and made by a company who also brought WiiU the Gem, Child of Light.

        Sadly, Nintendo Fans thought it would be a good idea to torch their support of this un named company, so now I get shit like “bases loaded” from Nintendo, and don’t get 3rd party anything.

        I turned my WiiU back on to play Shovel Knight. But once I’m done supporting Yacht Club, the WiiU goes back off again.

        Actually, thank God for indie developers. I finished “How to Survive” tonight. Fun game, I’ll probably play through at least one more time.

        Hyrule Warriors couldn’t come fast enough.

        1. You could always go to the 3DS once you get tired of the Wii U. I switch back and forth between the two. I basically already finish Mario Kart 8 and now I’m waiting for September, but I got on my 3DS and went to Mario Kart 7. And don’t turn it off just yet! :( There’s some other great indies like Bit.Trip Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (Yes, I said the whole thing on purpose XD) Mighty Switch Force, The Cave, and some others, too! And there may be some 3rd party you’re missing out on. I recommend: Ninja Gaiden 3, Mass Effect 3, NFSMW U, Injustice Gods Among Us, Batman Arkham Origins, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. But, I know you’re probably still saving up for later games, so it’s understandable. (Also, anyone reading this, I’m sorry for my really long paragraphs. :( I have a habit of having a lot of things to say when it comes to video games. XD)

      2. ZombiU is not one of the best WiiU games but it’s still good. Outlast is like bad halflife mod that should be scary but it isn’t. If i want good game with hiding in closets i play Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

    1. I do still enjoy using it. Even on games where it isn’t exactly required. I want to play a shooter on the Wii U. Dat pad feels so perfect. :D

    2. But has more clever interactivity compare to other version if done right. Otherwise, enjoy your typical twin sticks and that dumbass pointless Kinect.

  4. Nintendo Commander 4axis

    Lets just put out a big ol fat twitter out “sorry our game is not coming to the wii u” signed everyone!!!!

  5. Im loving the suprisingly low ammount of xbox one hate. It really is quite a good system despite all of the backlash they got for trying to move to all digital. (Which is a shame) in the near future, when games are only sold digitally they are going to be so much cheaper.

      1. After you had click’d on post comment, did you next proceed to look into a mirror? (the same one you usually pull out of yur pocket only this instance it was lying ontop of your small coffee table) After running the comb through your hair a few times you next made a hand gesture in the form of a fake gun, point it at your reflection then smile into the mirror, then shooting your reflection while winking and instantly creating a suction-type click noise with your tounge and your teeth?

          1. He, or she, is pretty much pointing out the fact that Nostalgia_w is one of the biggest fanboys on this site. So it’s effectively the pot calling the tea kettle black. lol

    1. I like the Xbox One. I got to try it at Gamestop recently, and I really like the controller. I also like some of the exclusives like Forza Horizon 2, Killer Instinct, Halo. I’ve got a lot of TV shows and stuff I have to catch up too, and with the Xbox One being the “all in one” entertainment system, that might actually be perfect for me. I could also care less about 720P/1080P resolution nonsense. I’m not a graphics whore. I’d have bought a PC instead if I wanted that. Still waiting it out to see whether I want a PS4 or Xbone, but Xbox One is definitely high up on my list for now. ;) *picks up flame shield* Now before you guys attack me… *ahem* I own a Wii U too. So I am not a fanboy. XD I’m kind of on all 3 sides if I might say so myself.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I sent Sickr some news, it will upset a lot of Nintendo fans which are already extremely wrathful including me about Third Class Empires…

    2. If they would’ve got rid of Kinect and DRM while being priced at $400 entirely before launch, Xbox One wouldn’t have end up being the shittiest console of the 3.

      1. You can currently get it now Kinectless for $400. Gotta say, it really has peaked my interest ever since they removed it. Never really cared for it. Got to try Xbox 360’s Kinect at a friends house and well… Let’s just say… I did not have fun. At all. It was disappointing. And also it struggled to read my movements sometime. Kinect 2.0 is probably much better, but the experience with the previous one makes me not want to try it anymore. Oh well. :/

    3. It’s a good system but mainly for the exclusives, third party games are just terrible on the system.

    1. XD XD XDD XD XD Nightmares. Lol. I’m REALLY afraid of horror games. But, I never had nightmares… Poor Snowman. XD

  6. I don’t buy horror games. I don’t even watch horror movies. I just simply do not like being scared. Same reason I avoided Zombi U. (I’m actually not afraid of that game anymore. Got past my fears and I realized it’s just not my type of game) There is only one zombie game I’m looking foward to. And that is Dying Light. It looks awesome. I haven’t played any Left For Dead games either, but might look into it. Hmm… I’m kind of deciding whether I should go back last gen or jump into the next one. Mah goal is to own a last gen and next gen console. All dem games. :3

  7. i like to have this game on the u instead
    the shity watch dog game.
    i played watch dog on my ps3, for one week. i sold it already.
    2% of the u owners is buying watch dogs. ubi will sale 200k copies.
    i like and love subtile horror games.

  8. Another cliché horror game which repeats the same jump scare in the dark routine thousands of times before, that we don’t care about and besides, there will always be another horror game like Fatal Frame coming to Wii U anyway.

    1. More games is always a better deal. Plus, this game is getting amazing reviews. It’s not bad. Not bad at all. You need to try it. If I do recall, you have a 360, correct? Get on that bad boy and download this thing! ;)

      1. Actually, nevermind. It isn’t available on the Xbox 360. Weird… You still need to try it one way or another. You’re missing out on some good, scary fun. ;)

  9. Would be cool if Nintendo payed for these devs to make a WiiU version and in return Nintendo could keep all the profits made from WiiU version, that way Nintendo could do good work promoting 3rd party titles on their system and 3rd party devs wouldnt lose much. Nintendo really should try and get that annoying,”3rd party games arent for Nintendo” stigma away. Theres no reason why Nintendo couldnt have system with games to all, from 3rd party to 1st party. SNES was and is one of the best systems because they literally had all the games at the time, except Sega games but still they had all Square,Konami,Taito,Capcom etc. heavy hitters plus all the Nintendo exclusives, that should be the case with WiiU too.

    Lets be honest here, no one buys PS or Xbox because of exclusives, people buy them for 3rd party games and if Nintendo had all those 3rd party games, no sane person would ever bother with Ps or Xbox.

    1. That would be awesome. They could pay to have exclusive content too btw. ;) I’d love to play me some Destiny or Call of Duty dressed up in a Mario costume or drive around in my car on The Crew with Luigi’s signature L on the side as my decal.. :)

  10. Guys, notice how they never said they wouldn’t port it to the Wii U.
    This game would have been great on the Wii U, Xbox One however…. yeah so far developing for it is a pain in the ass and directx12 isn’t going to help it according to a lot of devs out there.

    Anyway, I actually got excited, I thought the Wii U WAS going to get Outlast but then it was shot down when I read the article and the rest of the title.

    Shame really.

    1. Outlast is already out for Xbox One and works same way as PS4 version. It is just over priced and game itself isn’t any good neither.

      If i had to prefer it i would prefer Xbox One version because when i played it in dark room i had to look whole time that light in my PS4 controller mirrored from my tv.

  11. Awww, we won’t get yet another generic horror survival game.
    Good, these creative voids of a game drag a console’s name through the mud.

    1. Actually, this game is pretty good, it’s not as generic as you think seeing how it uses hiding as a mechanic in the game, and you may be saying to yourself “This game isn’t that scary” and then BAM! Someone grabs you out of nowhere and freaks you out.

      It’s great fun which would be even better if they brought it to the Wii U.

      1. Wow, hiding, a revolutionary concept, introduced by Super Mario World in pillar castles 20 years ago.

        1. Super Mario World isn’t a horror game. They are nowhere close the same thing. You can’t compare it to that… Smh. At least compare it to another horror game.

            1. Who cares about when it was introduced? Just play the game and quick being so quick to judge things before trying them out.

  12. Got it free on ps4 played it for 30 mins and was bored first person games are very boring now maybe if we didn’t get 347 fps games a year

  13. I Hate Digital Games

    First-person games are the absolute worst type there is. Always have and always will hate them.

      1. I Hate Digital Games

        Where do I begin?
        First of all, I’m a collector. And collectors like myself NEEDS physical copies of games. Aside from just being a collector, I don’t feel like I actually own a game if it’s digital. You can’t display digital games and feel proud seeing them sitting on your shelf etc. They’re no different than photos saved on hard drives and SD cards etc., which can easily be deleted on purpose (or by accident). If anything happens to your console (and/or Nintendo account), it’s goodbye games. With physical games, you don’t have those worries. Finally, you can’t sell, trade or let someone borrow digital games. If all games went digital-only, then every used game store would close out. And there’d be no video game department in any stores anymore. In a sense, it would be like a video game armageddon. And that’s a future I want no part of. This is why I get annoyed at people for supporting digital gaming.

        1. I agree with you. I am a collecter too, so I like to be able to hold and feel my games. And taking out the disk is the best part! It really makes you feel like you got more for your money. I’m so much of a collecter that in fact, I think I’m gonna starting buying Blu-ray/DVD’s of seasons of TV shows instead of watching them online. Which actually might be kinda crazy considering I can just watch em for free to $10 with Netflix or Hulu. But you know how we collecters are. We wanna feel dat case. And disk. ;)

          1. I Hate Digital Games

            Yeah. I’m the same with movies and tv shows. I have many season box sets of various tv shows. The only problem with collecting is when you run out of room to put it all. I have no room to properly display anything. So it’s all stored in boxes at the moment.

  14. I’m off to ask 343 Industries, if they have plans to port next Halo for Wii U, will you make a article about the answer?

    1. Don’t be ridiculous. This is a third party game. It’s still possible for it to be ported. They just don’t have plans for it now atm.

  15. Im suprized these Faggots who run havent stated that the game isnt coming out on Ps3 and Xbox 360 aswell but single out Wii u for clicks

  16. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Too bad they ruing the atmosphere with that horrible parody narrator and his generetic looks at the end…

    It makes it look liek a parody of itself just like the annoying voice when you play multiplayer on ZombiU…

  17. Releasing a Game late that is already out on another Platform would be Waste of Money, so who cares anyway?

  18. the game concept looks cool . didn’t miyamoto insult all third party games as if he was a god of the gaming industry. he called third party games “borre and brown gritty shooters” what happen to knack, little big planet 3,project spraks,indie games and lego games. i dont think t.p devs would want to put their development projects in to a console that cant even take it self serious from the company its self.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Says the human kid that has Nintendo T-shirts on his videos, Zelda posters, obsession about our empire and still wants to buy games for the Wii U…


    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      And our empire takes itself more serious than you all think…

      Would any Xbot or Sonyan leader ever reduce their paychecks to balance the losses?…

      No, they would fire hundreds of developers because of their greed…

    3. You’re the fapper who say we don’t support third party games and want to download games from the piratebay.

    4. “as if he was god”, said by the kid that created his own church and worships himself, says indies are shit and, damn you trying to say good thinks about “E” games. you are a hypocrite, you said we would be in the “E” purgatory. lol, what a hypocrite!.
      Welcome to the HEAVEN FOR EVERYONE, where we can play the games we want, E, T or M.
      hey, sasori. nice MARIO SHIRT XD!

  19. i understand why they have not plan, look at the sale of zombi U. Personally I am not a fan of resident evil but I really enjoy Zombi U I think it’s very good game. if survival horror is not a genre people like then fair enough. However if it is people should get over their hatred of UBIsoft and give it a try.

  20. on the topic of horror games, anyone know any good ones on gamecube or wii? looking into horror game and Those two system are in my basement. perfect. I also have a genesis, but I don’t know if there are any good horror games for that one.

    1. I agree. It’s the scariest game I know of, and it is just as good as Amnesia: The Dark Descent. (I really like Amnesia)

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