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Check Out The Big Queues For Yokai Watch 2 In Japan


We all know the Japanese don’t mind queuing for games as these recent photos from various retail outlets in Japan show. It appears as though the Japanese were out in their droves to purchase the latest game in the Yokai Watch series, Yokai Watch 2. As expected stock was tight, but those that pre-ordered were guaranteed to secure themselves a copy. We’ve already shown you the first forty-two minutes of the game and we’ve also heard that Level 5 are seriously considering bringing the franchise to the west. Here’s plenty more photos of the Yokai Watch launch event in Japan.

yokai_watch_2_queue_2Thanks, Kazumi


21 thoughts on “Check Out The Big Queues For Yokai Watch 2 In Japan”

        1. Monster Hunter 4 has been out for a while. The “West” will be getting the special edition with extra content: Monster Hunter 4 G (Ultimate).

          1. And it shall be the first monster hunter game I will play. (I know, I should have played the other ones ;_;)

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  2. I really want this game, though the only flaw I see is the kiddy main characters ( and yes I know this is targeted for kids, but other anime kids don’t look all that bad [Ash for example]) It’s something I can live with though, and I’m sure I’ll fall in love with them once the game is localized. Besides that, the game looks great.

  3. Look at all those adults buying a non M rated game…. its funny how so many kids wish they could buy them. Lol

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      And this is why the west are retards because Japan doens’t give a crap about being labeled as “kiddy” or “mature”…

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