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Yokai Watch 2 Sold 1.28 Million Units Over Four Days

Yokai Watch 2 has sold 1.28 million copies according to Famitsu sales tracker. In just four days, the ghost-hunting RPG sequel has broken its predecessors records, selling a grand total of 1,281,096 units across Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. Last week, we reported Yokai Watch 2 had over 800,000 pre-orders via Media Create, so it was clear the title would produce meaty numbers on its July 10 release.

Confirmation of Yokai Watch 2’s chart-topping victory will be released tomorrow in Japan’s Media Create sales, as well as how many of those exclusive 3DS LL’s were sold in the hardware chart.

17 thoughts on “Yokai Watch 2 Sold 1.28 Million Units Over Four Days”

  1. It’s selling even more then the first Yokai Watch. This is really amazing and it’s the first ever game this year to pass the 1 million mark. I hope Level-5 do localize this game after having a lot of consideration into doing so. I would love to see why Japan love it so much though I have seen for myself and can understand why they do.


    What’s funny about this is that the website GamesIndustry published an article recently saying traditional gaming in Japan was in trouble because the PS4 wasn’t selling big numbers. Yet here we are with a game for 3DS selling like crazy. GamesIndustry wrong again lol.

  3. Can someone explain to me what’s all this Lavender Town from Pokemon all about?? I keep hearing talks about it but I have no idea what it’s about

  4. And so it have sold already more in these few Days on Glory Island Nippon than most Games sale elsewhere in Years.

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