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Japan Gets This Cute Yoshi Plushie And Super Mario Bros Decoration Tape



Japanese gamers generally get great promotional gifts and this looks set to continue with the latest items available on Club Nintendo. There’s a super cute Yoshi plushie which is available for 650 points and some Super Mario Bros decorative tape for 250 points. There’s currently no word as to whether these will come to the west.

Thanks, Jason P

49 thoughts on “Japan Gets This Cute Yoshi Plushie And Super Mario Bros Decoration Tape”

    1. You don’t even get your posters this year. You get your choice of antiquated e-shop games worth $4-15.

      It is really hard to be enthusiastic about this sort of decline.

        1. Good thing I’m not a platinum this year. No special item for the platinum members, just more choices for e-shop games.

    2. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

      I bought that Yoshi at a comic con for $15. Meanwhile, some of the platinum games offered retail price at $30. Soooo….. you get a better deal with the games. Game and Wario is actually extremely innovative, the speed drawing guessing game is so fun and hilarious. You have to have friends to enjoy it, can’t be a creepy loner. Its way more fun using the gamepad than the wiimote Wario game back on Wii. They also have Donkey Kong Country on 3DS, retail price $30 soooo… I’d rather have an actual game than cheap $1 prizes that are hiked up inflated value. What’s to complain about? Oh, just the usual internet sad rage trolling lowest common dumbnominator? Carry on then. ;)

      1. No one wants those though. People want a unique platinum prize, not another game that most people who reached platinum probably own. And it also comes down to laziness, they didn’t want to ship out physical stuff so the gave us download codes. It’s not “sad rage trolling lowest common dumbominator”, it’s just people who are genuinely upset because they dish out all this money, only to be given a game they don’t care about.

  1. Ironically, if they’d bring this stuff over here I’d actually SPEND some of my coins. The merch they’ve got now is just sad.

    1. Well, at least you got things to fall back on like a government that isn’t run primarily by giant corporations, a health care system that works, plenty of jobs, and falling crime rates… look in the bright side, ‘Murica!

  2. Despite his apparent shortcomings in smash bros, Yoshi remains my favorite character from the mario universe. He’s an anthropomorphic dinosaur for crying out loud! I would kill for this plush to be available in club nintendo.

    My workspace needs some nintendo love…

  3. Ungh! I had a mini heart attack when I saw the Paper Mario and Yoshi. I thought it was something else. Don’t do that!

  4. This is practically insulting American branch of Nintendo fans. Every other region gets better and physical rewards while we get shit micro games that has been bought and played already.

  5. Has anyone had a problem with club Nintendo? Last week I was platinum for 2014 and today it said that I can only get gold items. I’m pissed because I bought many games this year.

    1. Their site has been off all day due to the loads of people getting their rewards and is overloaded. First off, wait for the site to calm down, you have until August to get your reward (don’t risk getting nothing). 2nd, try visiting through your phone of other device (not Wii U though) and claim your reward that way. 3rd, if things are still acting up go to your Club Nintendo info page and take a pic/screenshot of you having platinum status for this year and/or number of coins, then email NOA or call customer service to claim platinum. Hope this helps! :)

  6. Nintendo Knight Equilibruim

    I want yoshi too, it’s so cute
    I have a question is yoshis a girl or a boy? I never knew what yoshis gender.
    Can someone tell me pls.

  7. You people are forgetting Japanese pay a lot more for the games as well. Quit always shitting on everyone who doesn’t give you exactly what you want like a stereotypical, self centred American. Now give me my goddamn Yoshi.

  8. NoA: Ooooooh, let’s buttfuck most of our Dedicated fans by giving them games they already have or aren’t interested in!

    NoE: Hmm…. Yoshi bags? COOLZ FOR REALZ!!!!!!!!.!!!!?!!!

    NoJ: …Here’s a pillow with mario on it…

    Me: Why can’t we just have good rewards everywhere?! It should have been one special (not calendar or poster) physical reward, and then 2 free retail games for platinum! (At least give us one cool thing :P)


  10. We should all stop buying Nintendo products because of this! They don’t deserve a single dime from us anymore! We spend hundreds of dollars on their products and this is what we get in return! No! I’m done supporting Nintendo! I’m selling my Wii U with all my games! Good riddance.

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