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European And Own NES Remix 1 Or 2? Then You Can Get 50% Off NES Virtual Console Games

Nintendo Europe will be running a special promotion for those of you that own either NES Remix or NES Remix 2. If you own either of those titles then you’re eligible to get 50% off select NES titles on the Wii U eShop. These games include The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, and Dr Mario. The promotion begins on the 24th of July. Which games will you be purchasing?


137 thoughts on “European And Own NES Remix 1 Or 2? Then You Can Get 50% Off NES Virtual Console Games”

      1. “We’re going to leach money from people using 30 year old games, because that’s how cheap we are.”

          1. “Which adds up to thousands and thousands of dollars infected by autism from the touch of the retarded consumers.”

            1. congratulations you know how business is ran. So are you saying that they should just not? I have trouble seeing your logic there

        1. “We’re granting users the incredible experience of some of the best Nintendo games in existence for a really generous price because we are Nintendo”

          1. “And those custumers are too stupid to download the free roms, we don’t need to sell them for them to experience old games.”

            1. “Downloading free roms is so unethical that we know true Nintendo fans would only play our games through legitimate eshop purchases or by buying the original console”

                1. Well, looks like my work here is done. Sure feels good being right and the good person on this site infested with scum.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    The only thing this site is infested with right now is an abomination specimen from the ET species and infected with syfilis…

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        The only one disgusting in here and all the unlimited universes is you…

                        You wish people to die, you’re a racist, homophobe, abomination of abominations and now you make fun of people with Progeria…

                        I hope nature strikes you down for good soon enough and I’ll be right there laughing at your pathetic sorry excuse of a once “living” corpse…

                        Sickr pleas eban this monstrosity…

                      2. Seriously stop with the progeria. Humans deserve to die. But some are born innocent and live innocent such as those little kids suffering from progeria. You sick bastard.

                    1. xD You? Right? Maybe I was wrong to accuse you of being Sasori’s bitch. You’re more like Donko’s since he thinks he’s always right, too. Narcissistic losers, the both of you.

              1. So they’re stupid by obeying copyrighted laws that has been established years before now? You’re really an idiot. Good luck illegally pirating ROMS without the Feds knocking on your door in the next few hours.

              2. And are you that so low on welfare that you can afford a mere $5-15 digital game let alone any $40-60 Nintendo game but waste $500 on a defective DRM for a gimped PC box that explodes or a $400 Xbox/Nintendo copycat that offers nothing purchase worthy from the start of the launch?

                Fucking idiots with illogical retardation stuck up their ass.

                1. The Wii U had a shit launch too if you look at it.

                  And no, although it was fun, New Super Mario Bros U was not worth buying a Wii U for.

                  1. Good thing I got New Super Mario Bros U as a free game from the Mario Kart 8 promotion. lol It’s definitely worth it as a free game since I’d prefer to buy Pikmin 3 & Wind Waker HD. Oh wait. I already bought them for their first month out! xD

            1. I wouldn’t care. Id be doing new things, not clinging onto the past trying to milk every Pennie. That’s just greedy. Actually id encourage people to download my stuff.

      2. Not to mention that the Virtual Console for the NES is way overpriced. They should be 99 cents each, and that what it should be WITHOUT this OWN this, and then get it for a closer to what the price should be at.

    1. Only Europe eh? Ah well, I’m not into digital anyway, but that’s not a bad deal. Especially if you already own the remix then this is almost like getting a free game. Not too shabby Nintendo!

      1. Uh… Speaking of games. I just saw a huge list of games coming out and now I’m back on the verge of considering selling my Wii U. Nintendo has to get these games out soon because I am a very impatient person. I can barely even wait 3 months for Smash 3DS. I’m not exactly a hardcore Nintendo fan either. I like all 3 companies, but if one isn’t offering what I want, I might have to jump ship. There’s no way I could survive waiting till 2015. I keep looking at my Wii U as I’m typing this and I’m just… shaking my head. I don’t know what to do with it anymore. XD When I bought Mario Kart 8, I was extremely excited. Was looking foward to playing it! And I played it for a whole week straight! And then, as I got finished with all the cups, GP’s, and all that stuff, I was done. Then I slowly started to realize that I had waited over a year to play a game that only really entertained me for about a week. I liked it, but within that time, I could’ve been playing a ton of other games. :(

          1. With all due respect Commander, we didn’t hold off like you did. And I do not mean that as a negative. Your timing was great and I wish I had done the same.

            We’ve suffered a long time to get to this point where there is a decent library. :/

            1. This. The first Wii U game I got was Sonic Racing Transformed. That game held me over to about April and then I started to get extremely bored of my Wii U. I got so bored in fact that I caved in and payed $60 for NSMBU even though It’s basically just an upgraded version of the Wii game because I had nothing else to play and nothing else really interested me. If it wasn’t for Sonic Racing, I’d have been sold it. Only game that came out that started to justify me having a Wii U was 3D World. But I went through a similar situation with 3D World like Mario Kart 8. Played it, beat it, then got bored. If it’s like this for every Wii U game I get, I’m gonna be really disappointed. I think I want to save up and get a gaming PC to cover my third party needs, but I’m really upset that it’s gotten to the point that I need to get another platform because my preferred one isn’t giving me what I want.

            2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Like my friend Magneto once said:

              “That’s why in chess the pawns go first”…


                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Well that’s because you’re a Sonyan young one…

                      Since I’m a Nintendite, I would enjoy the lovely SM3DW and the month after that, DKCTF…

                      1. No you wouldn’t have. Neither of those were out back then. Now you see what I mean? LOL.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              No, but I’ve been through and still going through even worse pain…

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  Not really since it has had an impact on my Wii U position, otherwise I would probably have atleast 10 games by now and several Indie games…

                                  1. I have like 30 indie games I want. Nothing my ultimate and superior 2TB hard drive can’t handle. :)

                    2. At the rate the WiiU is dropping in price, you probably won’t get much for it… So I’m not sure it will be worth selling at this point.

                      People in the US can get one in near perfect condition for $200 (32gig, black with Nintendoland.)

                      I have enjoyed the indie titles, although honestly I can play most on my 3DS… IDK. In hindsight I wouldn’t have bought it to begin with, but that ship sailed. Could we have waited and bought one for a good deal when Nintendo actually decided it was worth supporting? Sure. But it’s too late.

                      With a few mature titles on the horizon, just learn the lesson I did, and never be a Nintendo early Adopter again. Otherwise, you came this far, mayaswell keep it and enjoy the games coming this holiday… You just won’t get much for it now anyway.

                      1. ^^Listen to this, Hollow. Jaded has a point. If you don’t like the idea of waiting for Nintendo’s games, wait a year or two in the console’s life then buy one. Of course, enjoy the backlog of games just in case the next console does a lot better with the games.

                        1. It’s not really the fact that I have to wait for Nintendo games. It’s that I have NOTHING ELSE to play while I wait. And even when those games do come I still want the other games as well. If Nintendo ever decides to make a 9th gen console, I’m going to wait about 2 years or end up skipping it all together. I don’t want to be disappointed for the 4th time. (GC, WII, WII U, next console) *sigh*… I almost never get to play 3rd party games because they aren’t on Nintendo consoles. But the majority of other Nintendo fans either buy the games on a different platform or end up not buying it at all which then results to people like me that would actually buy some of the games not having the option to. I’m really sad and disappointed. My 3DS is probably almost the little bit of faith I have left in Nintendo… :(

                          1. Like I’ve always said, if you can’t be satisfied with Nintendo’s games alone, you really shouldn’t buy a Nintendo console if you can only afford one console each generation.

                            1. So you really should have just gotten the PS3 instead since you clearly prefer 3rd party games over Nintendo’s own.

                            2. Yes. But you see what the problem here is that I am not an adult with a job. I have to ask my parents for what I want and whatever I get, I have to STICK with it. So basically, I didn’t have a choice. I bought the Wii U hoping it would be better than the Wii and get strong support (because of e3 2011) I heard Nintendo say they were going after the hardcore audience, A.k.a., me. So I took a chance and got it. And well, look how that ended up. Things are going to be different now because I am officially old enough to get a job, but the Wii U has strongly hurt the way I feel about Nintendo consoles. I will probably never take a chance again with Nintendo consoles from day one because of this, but let me tell you though, the Wii U would’ve been in a much better situation if more people bought the games. Everyone thinks that 3rd party games don’t sell well on Nintendo consoles and I’m one of the people trying to stop that. But I can’t do it alone. Now Wii U has lost almost all 3rd party support it would’ve gotten and now we have to wait for Nintendo again to save the day! A similar situation happened with the 3DS too I do believe. I’m just really upset and disappointed right now. I’ll get a PS3, PC, or whatever to play games there, but I don’t think I can ever trust Nintendo again. I’ll still probably buy their games and whatnot, but they really have made me angry this generation.

                              1. Well your anger & loss of faith is misplaced. It’s the 3rd parties you should be mad at for not even trying to help the Wii U sale it’s first year. Instead, they just made excuses or blamed the userbase instead of taking responsibility for their own shortcomings.

                                1. It isn’t just the Wii U. Gamecube (I was jealous of the PS2 games) Wii (It never got any 3rd party support at all and it was also really underpowered compared to the other consoles) and now Wii U. Basically going through the same issue as Wii. And seeing as how Wii kinda sorta died back in 2011, I don’t think the situation will get any better anytime soon. Nintendo isn’t really working out for me. I’m gonna miss out on a lot of games I’m interested in coming this fall. And at this point, it doesn’t even really have anything to do with being an early adopter. It’s almost 2 years into Wii U’s life and it’s still struggling. It should at least be back on it’s feet by now. If I manage to get a job soon, I WILL wait for Wii U to get better. And I will probably buy a PS3 or Xbox 360, (or PC depending on how much I make) to solve my problems. I’m still hanging in there because of Smash Bros. But hopefully I can get myself a new system before this Christmas. I can’t take it much longer. I’m craving games right now!

                                  1. Don’t worry. We’ll be getting Hyrule Warriors in September & Bayonetta 2, along with Bayonetta, in October. Hopefully they’ll have something ready for release in November to keep the momentum of a game for every month going for the Wii U.

                                  2. And you do got the 3DS to keep you preoccupied if you intend to get Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

                                  3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    If you were dissappointed with the GCN even though it had one of the best launches ever then I don’t think our empire is the right place for you…

                                    1. No, it’s perfectly fine as a secondary platform. I need a PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, or PC to use as my primary gaming needs.

                                        1. Yup! Lucky Number 2! …Actually no. I just remembered my 3DS. Wii U can be third.

                                                1. Kidding. But in all seriousness, if Wii U doesn’t get better, that might end up being true. Despite Xbox One being bashed and hated by Nintendo fans, it really isn’t that far away from Wii U anymore. I think it only has like 1 and a half million to go till it closes the gap. :/

                                                2. >.< The 3rd party console, aka Sony Entertainment System 4, will always be my secondary console. It can keep me occupied while I wait for the next big Nintendo game. Unfortunately, the PS4 sucks right now as a secondary console because of it's very own game drought. :/ Oh well. Least I got my 3DS to be my secondary console.

                                                  1. The PS4 doesn’t suck. You just don’t play the games that I do. If I had your PS4, I would never get off of the thing.

                                                  2. You misread me. I say the PS4 sucks because of the game drought & because of said game drought, I don’t own it. I will get a PS4 when either KH3 or FFXV is given a concrete release date or til it is going to get a steady stream of games I do want to play. So till one of those occur, the PS4 sucks. Now don’t make me sing that song from The Waterboy about water sucks with the PS4 in place of water. Cuz I will if I have to.

                                                    1. If you are only getting the Playstation 4 for 2 games, neither of which are exclusive, then I’m afraid to say it probably isn’t for you. XD If exclusives are what you’re looking for, I’d recommend the Xbox One. Both of the games you want are on it with some other decent exclusives at the moment too. It’s up to you to make the choice though, so go ahead and make your pick. And no, PS4 does not suck. Stop that. XD

                                                    2. Nope. I refuse to help the Xbox One with the sales of those games. I’d rather help Sony by buying KH3 & FFXV for their console. Least there is an actual fanbase for Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Playstation 4. And with what the Playstation 4 is offering right now, it sucks. Anyway, PS4 is better than the Xbox One.

                                                      PS4 not only feeds your 3rd party hunger better but it won’t blow up on you either, idiot. “Your, your, your playing the wrong console!” PS4. “Xbox One.” PS4! “Xbox One!” Xbox One sucks. It really, really sucks. Xbox One sucks. It really, really suucks!

                                                      1. I’m not exactly sure what you meant with your first comment. You shouldn’t worry about sales. Just get the console you think is going to give you the better games. They both have almost 90% of the same games. PS4 doesn’t suck. Xbox One doesn’t suck. Wii U doesn’t suck. They’re all great.

                                                      2. Of course, the fact the ones praising gatorade & bashing water ends up getting obliterated, I should switch the Xbox One with Wii U. xD

                                                  1. I do understand your situation but I do have to disagree… I know there not as much third party on Wii U as there is on other consoles but think about the choice of games you made. You had a lot of choice of game for your WiiU. But (from your other comments) the games you chose are, MArio Kart, Mario U, Mario 3D world and Sonic Transformed. I mean, you could have gotten one of the Batman games, Injustice, Mass effect, Deus Ex or other games you didn`t get to play since you say you only own Nintendo consoles, but you chose Nintendo games over those. There is no games that can compare to the quality title that they provide. There is a reason you chose Nintendo console over the others. If you like that much 3rd party as you said you had other options even on Wii U that you did not choose… We own a PS4 and at the moment, it is collecting so much dust. Only remake of games already released or games you can get on ps3 seems to hit the console. I do think you made the right choice in Wii U but, hey, we never seem happy with what we have it seems….

                                                      1. The third party games I have are Sonic Racing Transformed, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Need For Speed Most Wanted U, and Assassin’s Creed 3. I’d have gotten more 3rd party games, but I’ve been waiting until I get a different platform. Most of those games (like AC3 for example) run terrible on the Wii U. I love third party games, but no way I am I going to pay to play inferior ports. This is what 3rd parties need to understand about Wii U owners. No gimping please! I love Assassin’s Creed, but I’ll wait until I get a PC to get 4 and Unity. As well as a ton of other games. Then I’ll use my Wii U for exclusives. 3DS and Kirby Triple Deluxe is currently my gaming fix right now. Awesome! I highly recommend it!

                                                      2. Then I suggest saving up what little you can for the PS3 instead of selling your Wii U. This way you won’t have to worry about wanting to kick your ass later for getting rid of your Wii U because it’s finally getting more, better games on the console in the next 6-9 months.

                                    2. Oh dear the trolling continues. Although I will admit it’s getting more original what people are throwing at each other on here. Anyway I have most of these games still on cartridges. For those yet to discover these classic games what a good time to do so.

                                    3. I released my self in a cat

                                      wish mario would remix my anus and then slap me with his greasy raccoon cock wile link shoves his hylin cock down my throat while ness beats my ass with his cracked bat

                                      1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that one too. Only dreaming but would love to see hd remakes of 1-4 released as a bundle. Oh well a man can dream.

                                    4. I can legally download the roms afaik.
                                      I own an old NES that still works with over 30 games.
                                      I can download and use the roms for those 30 games right?

                                      Question aside.
                                      I prefer to pay in order to use them with new hardware. That way I contribute to the creation of new content by supporting the company.

                                      1. ^^This. Nostalgia_w & Rafael just want to screw Nintendo over because they think they are too good to actually support the company like the rest of us. Worthless thieves. They are too stupid to realize that by stealing, they are effectively damaging the damn economy & it’s not just Nintendo getting screwed over. Sony, Microsoft, & everyone else is also getting screwed over because of these losers. Least you’re only making copies of games you ALREADY own.

                                      1. Considering some places in Europe don’t even have Club Nintendo, I think this is a good idea from Nintendo over there. After all, the games they mentioned are all games Nintendo of America is offering to the Platinum & Gold members of Club Nintendo 2014. Except Dr Mario but Dr Luigi is pretty much the same thing. They just get the original.

                                    5. I’m a impatient kid to.. I sold my Wii U 6 months ago got a PS3. Waiting for PS4 to get better and fix those bugs. Then I’ll buy PS4 like I did with PS3. I got really impatient with Nintendo!

                                      1. I’d suggest Hyrule Warriors as another game to buy along with Bayonetta 2. Unless your picture of Link is misleading me to think you like the Legend of Zelda series.

                                          1. I like Zelda too. Recently played WWHD and It’s really boring to me. It doesn’t feel anywhere near as good as ALBW or OOT imo. :/

                                              1. My current top favorite is Skyward Sword. Depending how much of an impression Zelda for Wii U leaves me, it might just replace Skyward Sword for my top favorite Zelda game. ESPECIALLY if the fields are just as active as Xenoblade Chronicles with how big Hyrule is going to be.

                                    6. I got a bunch of virtual console games (plenty exclusive ones) on my 3ds since I’m in the ambassador program. And I think Mario Kart 8 was overhyped I mean I was so excited for it and then when I got it was kind of disappointing. The visuals (although not important) are beautiful and the orchestrated soundtrack is amazing, and believe me it was fun, but it felt a little lackluster and lost its enjoyment after a while.

                                      1. That’s why I play online now. The thrill of racing with other real people is fun! Much better than some lame old CPU’s.

                                      2. Once I unlock every character & get 3-star victory on every single race, I’m going to use online more often which is where the game will have better replayability.

                                          1. Oh but I do get something for it. Unlike that loser sasori, I don’t need some achievement system to tell me I’ve accomplished something great in a video game. And getting 3-star for every race will be my achievement for Mario Kart 8 since I never did this for Mario Kart Wii.

                                            1. I can make up my own achievements, after all, so I don’t need some cheap little achievement system. Nor do I need to prove my accomplishments to anyone.

                                              1. I’d still enjoy having achievements.. There’s just something about seeing that bubble pop up after completing a hard deed that makes me feel good. Haha.


                                                  I triple stared all the grand prixes because I thought it would show online like in Mario Kart 7 but sadly they took that out :(

                                                  1. Haha yeah. You get nothing! Lol. At least a little achievement of some sort would’ve made it worth it.

                                                  2. You mean Mario Kart 8 doesn’t do what Mario Kart Wii did by getting 3-stars for every Grand Prix? Motherfucker!

                                                      1. I want small nods to my accomplishments, not an entire system devoted to it.

                                                        1. I’d rather have the whole system. Then maybe it would be worth still playing rather than getting online for about 20 minutes or so. >.> I’m still playing it because I want the Gold Glider. And I’d love to have achievements for that too so It can show up on my “achievements” profile and proove how dedicated I was for getting it. Oh well.

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