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Art Of Balance Expected To Hit Wii U This Summer

Shin’en Multimedia has revealed that it is planning to release the Wii U iteration of Art of Balance by the end of the summer. The upcoming home console version of the physics-based puzzle game features off-TV play and supports multiple control schemes. It also contains several online and local multiplayer modes that incorporate either competitive or cooperative play.

123 thoughts on “Art Of Balance Expected To Hit Wii U This Summer”

  1. I’m glad I’m hesitant to spend my money. I was going to get the 3DS version because the Wii U version seemed so far off (previously only having 2nd Half of 2014 as the expected release) and now this. This calls for a celebration.

    1. At least someone stayed on topic! The game isn’t really my type personally and I likely wouldn’t have enough time for it for a while, but I’ll definitely make sure to check it out when it comes out

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        2. Let’s face it, everyone has that view of all gamers. People stereotype gamers as a whole, not a specific kind.

      1. Wish I had one too. You can play so much more than consoles… I swear I’m joining the Master Race by next year! >:[

          1. *facepalm* I’m posting this message to you right now from my 3DS while playing Mario Kart 7. Way to go judging people again. XD

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        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          There’s one downside to PC gaming, however: crappy ports. PC usually gets pretty terrible ports as developers focus on the consoles.

          1. Actually, there are down sides to PC gaming as well:

            1. Issues with compatibility of hardware (Some games work better on say an Nvidia card whilst the game works horribly on an AMD card).

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            4. As you said, the PC has terrible ports.

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          2. At this point, there is no downside. PC will always have the superior version of every game. You can connect multiple different controllers, you can upgrade to get better performance whenever you feel like it, you have access to many more games and PC only exclusives, you can use mods, way better frame rate (depending on the game and your PC) just… everything about it is better. Even if PC has a flaws, the benefits outweigh it. And can’t forget those Steam sales. Some may complain about the price of getting a new gaming PC, but after you do, you end up saving hundreds, even thousands later because of amazing sales. When I get a PC, I’m never looking back. Except maybe for Nintendo exclusives..

            1. I just listed 5 downsides to PC.
              PC gaming maybe “superior” but in the end it isn’t as accessible as a console.

              Both consoles and PCs have their downsides and upsides.

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            2. Take it from someone who plays on pc and consoles, each have their pros and cons. One major thing with pc gaming is where you sit. Invest in a wireless hdmi, have your pc hooked directly into your tv, or use steam streaming. I also want to point out one major downside to pc’s and that’s the lack of local multiplayer. There are far less games with local multiplayer on pc. There are also (usually) more hackers, modders, cheaters, whatever you wanna call them. There are some good pc exclusive games though. I have to admit, however, that nothing on pc comes close to smash brothers, a mario 64, or a xenoblade. You can get illegal copies of those games on pc for free and even some fanmade mods for them, but if you want the latest and greatest you have to wait.

              1. Imo, PC exclusives don’t really seem that good compared to consoles. But it does pretty much reign supreme when it comes to multiplats. And about the console exclusives, yes.. But that all depends on the person playing it. I know a guy that absolutely loves Xenoblade Chronicles, but I also have a friend that would just say X is just another game and nothing special. Lol.

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                          1. Yes! And then one week later Smash Bros 3DS! And then Bayonetta 1 AND 2! And then I shall start saving up for Captain Toad! And then I shall start saving up for Pokemon! And then I shall start saving up for Smash Bros Wii U! And then I shall start saving up for tons of Amiibo! And then I shall start savi-… Don’t even get me started on 3DS. The list is endless. Ok, forget selling my Wii U. I am now a pure 100% Nintendo fan again… XD

              2. If you’d like to PC game, I’d recommend checking out Linustechtips’ channel, he has some good tips for building the perfect gaming PC.

            3. Yet still doesn’t have any Mario games that you can get legally…. *Slow Clap*

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            4. But PC gaming, as of now, is very singular… even online gaming is still one person and a computer… Nintendo is trying to, and successfully so in my opinion, to make gaming a local communal activity in the family living rooms… that is the difference. Playstation and XBOX are trying to be a PC but can’t be, and Nintendo is not competing in that way. In the end… Nintendo wins on the console end, while PC dominates the “hardcore” singular gaming community… frankly, if I were 16, I would play all of those games on my computer as they are better and more customizable on there, where as the PS4 and XBOX ONE games are limited

            5. Someone should ask that analyst guy how high pc gamers can get their settings on forza , horizon , metalgear 4 and 5, halo and gears 3, 4 and 5, wwe 2k anything, unchartes, god of war, lbp, sunset overdrive, the last of us, mario3d world , kart8 , zelda u, destiny and all the other rock solid stuff that the pc only master race incorrectly assume third parties are besting.

              Not that i’m against pc gaming as i actually have a custom build that eats most master race machines alive, i just feel like for every one game that comes out thats made to be better on pc, theres 10 AAA titles that dont and 100 indies that do, but shouldnt.

              When pc gets there, i’ll be the first to admit it, but, until then, theres more than a handful of reasons for the most dedicated pc loyalist to also pick up a console or two.

              Nothing that calls itself a master race should have to port beg. Just sayin.

            1. Pretty sure Hyrule Warriors is the next first party game they have, though I’m not certain of that. That’s in September, but they might have something sooner, but nothing that I’ve really noticed

              1. Good. That’s only about 2 months away from now. I’ll have to save up my money then. Oh and Smash Bros 3DS is a week away from HW. Excellent… Finally, a steady flow of games are coming. :)

          3. Why are all the fat greasy nerds hyping up this shitty game. LET’S BUY THIS OVER BAYONETTA XENOBLADE, AND EVERYTHING ELSE GOOD!!! fucking nerds wonder why nintendo systems don’t get good games, because the fanbase hypes this garbage up and then buys it.

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                In all fairness, this game looks really nice and calming just like Endless Ocean…..NNNNYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!

            1. Ignoring W101 was hyped up and never was in top ten best sellers. Also ignoring Lego City and DKTF was also hyped up and it didn’t sell as expected. Also ignoring 3D World was hyped up and it only stayed in top ten for 4 weeks. Nintendo fans hype games but only a few actually save and buy it months later.

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          4. I got tired reading halfway but pc not overall better and for a better version theres bayonetta 1 its best on wii u also pokemon woo, not counting the illegal versions.

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