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Devil’s Third Will Have 16 Players For Online Mode And Unique Wii U GamePad Support

Former head of Team Ninja, Tomonobu Itagaki, has told Famitsu that he wants Devil’s Third to feature unique online elements. Itagaki revealed to the Japanese publication that the game’s online mode will support up to sixteen players and will feature some unique Wii U GamePad support. He also mentioned that the game takes place in North America. Here’s what Itagaki had to say to the magazine.

“It is our policy to make full use of the hardware’s characteristics. I’m currently thinking along the lines of having something other than having you press down on the Wii U GamePad, and something that will make you say, ‘Oh, I see!’”

Devil’s Third will have up to 16 players for its online mode, and Itagaki also mentioned that they’ll continue building on it after the game is released.”

Thanks, N-Dub Nation

175 thoughts on “Devil’s Third Will Have 16 Players For Online Mode And Unique Wii U GamePad Support”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Excellent, 100% purchase from my part then…

    And N-Dub Nation, come back to the war please…

          1. No 2015 but I agree it was a early build I’m sure they will have stunning more polished graph is seeing as Nintendo is helping publish it. They will work together like they were platnuim games and bayonetta 2

      1. Lol “PS4 has games?”

        Assassin’s Creed IV
        Infamous: Second Son
        Need for Speed: Rivals
        Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
        Wolfenstein: The New Order
        Don’t Starve
        Tomb Raider: Definitive Version
        The LEGO Movie Videogame
        KillZone: Shadow fall

        1. If I had a PS4, I’d get Tomb Raider, NFS Rivals, The Lego Movie Videogame, Wolfenstein The New Order, and Assassin’s Creed IV. And Rayman Legends. XP

          1. Nice list of multi’s and indies.

            Except you can already play Assassin’s Creed IV, The LEGO Movie Videogame, and Rayman Legends on Wii U. The rest can be played on PS3 or PC with free online. And the indies are trash, why even add them to the list just to make it appear bigger?

            1. I don’t have a PS3 or PC and the PS4 has the best version of Assassin’s Creed 4 (other than PC) I want to get Lego Movie and Rayman on PS4 because it would be my preferred choice of console to play it on. And the Wii U has plenty of indies to play. Guys, please stop bashing indies on either console. Just pick your choice and let other people play theirs.

              1. Wait. You want to get Rayman Legends for the PS4 instead of for the Wii U? Let me go fetch Quadraxis & Stranga…

                  1. Depends. If the Wii U version doesn’t have anything else besides Murphy controlling the Gamepad, then yes. PS4 version for me.

                    1. The PS4 version is just a bad port from the Wii U version without 5 player co-op and Miiverse support. But up to you.

                      1. I don’t care about 5 players and I will barely use Miiverse for the game. They’re the same thing to me.

                      2. Okay well I was just answering your question as to the Wii U version having more than just Murphy controlling the Gamepad.

                1. I thought the gameplay, the story, the multiplayer, the sailing were the same on all versions. Oh you mean the PS4 has better visual fidelity….. it doesn’t matter, we still played and experienced the same game

                    1. You do realize that you have to PAY for the DLC right? It’s not free. It’s content that should have been in the game but they’re selling it to you separately.

                      1. You have to pay for the DLC? Oh, gee, I was completely unaware of that! /sarcasm And don’t you know how long Assassin’s Creed is? If you want extra content after beating the game then you are clearly satisfied with what you already bought. The DLC adds extra missions and stuff to the game which I think is perfectly fine. All versions have the same exact content except the Wii U version is the only one that cannot get the DLC for AC4. And PS4 and PS3 have exclusive game content only in their versions, so again, no.

                      2. I would have bought the DLC for Assassin’s Creed 4, since it was released at least a month after the game’s release. But Ubisoft decided to be assholes, once again, & not make the DLC work for the Wii U. It’s not like they’d have to spend money on physical copies of it since DLC is digital.

                    2. Oh, so you paid more for extra things that are exclusive to your console, Got ya. So it was only the best version because you spent more money on it.

                      1. If you were gonna buy a game, wouldn’t you want the one with the most content? And no, I’m not bragging. I don’t even own a PS4.

          2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            Half of those are available on other systems and don’t count. There’s really nearly nothing that’s defining of the system besides Killzone, Infamous, and Resogun.

            If we are talking about games in general, yes, Ps4 has games, but, is there games that it has to define the system, not much, so in a sense “it has no games”, which I seem to think is true because mines has been sleeping in dust for months now.

        1. I don’t know why you guys are talking because it took the Wii U 1.5 years to finally get games.

          Hope you had fun with all those indies!!! hahaha

                  1. It is, though the Wii U still has more games that are fun… and half the PS4 library I can get on my PC… but yeah that’s super kawaii cool :D

                    1. The WiiU having more fun games is your personal opinion. Not everyone feels the same way, though.
                      And being able to get half of the PS4 library on PC also means you can’t get the other half on PC. So you’d still be missing out.

                  1. Wii U has Mario Kart 8, Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition, New Super Mario Bros U, Doctor Luigi, Wario Ware, ZombiU, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and many more….

                    PS4 has Infamous Second Son and a bunch of indies I can get on PC for cheaper… Not really great selection there.

            1. @Stranga You don’t like Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty and you said you won’t by SC because it’s from Ubisoft. Unless… Unless you had them the whole time and was lying! :O You secretly love Ubisoft! Lol.

              1. The ONLY Ubisoft game I have is ZombiU which is their only decent Wii U game before all of that BS started and I have it on sale on eBay anyway. I stopped playing it months ago.

              1. I agree also. Not the games I’m waiting to play. For WiiU I’ve enjoyed
                Child of light
                Shovel Knight
                Windwaker was fun again
                …there are more but I can’t think of them…kinda do most of my gaming on the 3DS

      2. Sorry emperor… but THQ had pulled the plug on it’s global business. Valhalla owns the Devil’s Third party and Nintendo have funded the project to the former CEO of Team NINJA himself. I don’t see any of the PS4 games except for rehashed games in HD.

      3. Bet you wish this was on PS so you wouldn’t be bitching about Nintendo getting some good stuff that Sony rejected nor didn’t support.

        And BTW, PS4 has games? I mean REAL games, not COD, not fucked BF4 or the big fat “next gen” liar Wattchdogs which is a joke compare to GTA5 that Rockstar busted their ass to make it great.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      I sometimes had similar problems…

                      Maybe you pressed something or it’s WordPress…

    1. 16 players ? Kinda disappointing, imo. The maps are probably not going to be too big either then, I guess.
      No offense, but even PS3/Xbox360 supported 24 players in online modes.

        1. Personally, I think yes.
          Online games are more fun the more people can join a game, especially in this type of games.
          Not saying that 16 isn’t going to be fun, but more would be better. That’s what I think, at least.

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            I honestly think it depends on what the game can let you do than how many players there are.
            Left 4 Dead or Borderlands only had 4 player co-op but it was still quite fun.

            1. That’s true. I The way I worded things was wrong. Of course it depends on what kinda game it is, not EVERY game is going to be better with more people being able to participate. q:

        1. That’s truly fantastic for you. Unfortunately, the amount of shits I give about that is quite close to 0, as I have neither played it, nor does it change the fact that there are games on PS3/Xbox360 that had online games supporting 24 players. But thanks for you input, even though it wasn’t a very valuable contribution to anything that I’ve said in my original comment.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Most of their multiplayer games are basically made by Electrons, Ubisians and Activisionists…

            1. Ooh, I see what you mean. They have some of their own too though, many of their games do support multiplayer. Well, Sony’s at least, I’m not really into the Xbox and not too familiar with its games, so I wouldn’t know about that.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I’m not too familiar with Sonyan multiplayer games, probably because they often fade in the spotlight of the mainstream games…

                The Xbots have Halo, Forza and some of their new games I assume…

                1. Yea, Forza and Halo would have been the only ones I could think of.
                  Sony has things like GT, Killzone, Wipeout, LBP, TLOU, Uncharted, Resistance, PSABR and some more. These are the ones that are out already I can think of right off the bat, pretty sure there’s a few others supporting online multiplayer though.

      1. This beats Ghosts’s ass with overly larger maps with downgraded 12 player count which is a stupid idea.

        16 is fine with me and if ya enjoy COD that has 12 players with only one particular mode that sports 18, then what’s the problem with this game?

        1. Where exactly have I said that I enjoy CoD Ghosts again ? Or rather, where was I talking about CoD even ? Oh right, nowhere.

          1. You forgot to read again illiterate. You bring about 16 players being “disappointing” when I’m comparing it to Ghosts online which is as utter shit as MW3.

            I’m telling you which online game is worse and here you are, bringing up imaginary BS that I never implied. Try again slow poke in the head.

            1. But why would you bring it up ?? Especially in a reply to my original comment ? It makes no sense. If I think the 16 players online mode is a little disappointing in the case of Devil’s Third, I’ll find it disappointing in the case of CoD too.
              Besides, how can you even compare it with CoD’s bs multiplayer, saying this one’s better, without even having played it ? lmao

      2. Not enough complain about Titanfall when that has less.. on a system with better hardware mind you.

        So I think 8v8 is fine.

        1. Why do people bring up Titanfall as a counter argument to what I’ve said ? It makes absoultely no sense, I didn’t say a single thing about Titanfall. Just because Titanfall didn’t support any more than 12 players, doesn’t mean I’ll change my opinion about 16 players not being enough ? It just means it’s even worse because 12 is, obviously, less than 16.

        2. That’s even worse and better hardware? XD Don’t even go there. The only thing the shitty Xbox hardware is good for is failures and turning itself into an indoor fireplace to roast Marshmellows when it blows up by drawing too much power to struggle running 720p without framerate drops.

        3. 8v8 is fucking lackluster for a so called “next gen” game on a “next gen” failure of a console that can’t decide what it wants to be.

      3. 16 players isn’t disappointing. o.O This game probably won’t have big multiplayer maps so it’s great we got that many. Come on now, Namie. Do you really want to get your ass knifed after every 4 seconds of respawning? XD

        1. Yea, that’s what I’m saying.
          Less players = small maps
          Small maps = more likely to get spotted by enemies
          I personally would have preferred 24 or even 32. 16 vs. 16 is great imo.

            1. Naah, lmao. I just think it’s really fun when there’s a lot going on. Of course I wouldn’t want it to be one huge mess, but I really enjoy it when the teams are working somewhat well together and there’s lots of action. (:

            2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I’d hate to see you get all butthurt in PC online games then…

              The horrors you would experience…

      1. Yeah, funny how a Wii U game can have up to 16 players but Titanfall, and Xbox One, 360 and PC exclusive only had like 6v6 XD

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Well it doesn’t work for me, but since it seems to work for you, then the entire game isn’t as buggy and broken as I previously thought, but still broken and buggy because the BF4 beta treated me better than this.

                  1. Really ? The beta was like unplayable for me, lmao.
                    It is true that the game was rather buggy at the beginning, which is inexcusable, but it’s been working well for me for several months now and I’m nearly 200 hours in. Sorry to hear it’s not working too well for you still.
                    On another note, really looking forward to Hardline. Been in the beta and it was really really good imo. (:

              1. They still haven’t fixed shit. This is what EA and Battlefield fans get for rush/buying a COD copycat (development and release timing part that screwed its launch)

            1. You have to admit that it was a pretty spectacular comeback though. Battlefield FTW….

              The Wii U’s power is okay, but you’re not trying to imply that it’s anywhere near, remotely, or even close the amount of power that the PS4 and Xbox One have right?

        1. IKR? Its pathetic and exposes Xbox One’s weak ass specs not handling enough. XD Now watch the fandorks read this and damage control Titanfall like hell.

      1. Yep. But it’s not coming until next year. So that means we only have Watch Dogs until then… So you’d better buy it! XP

            1. Speaking of supporting Ubisoft on Wii U to get more Ubisoft games, I order YOU to get Rayman Legends for the Wii U. Other than better graphics, the PS4 version won’t be any different from the Wii U version.

              1. I think you guys misunderstood me. I said if I had a PS4. Which I do not. Rayman Legends is a fun game and I am going to get it on the Wii U. I’ve already planned to get all Ubisoft games on my Wii U. And I am going to buy Watch Dogs. I’m doing my part in supporting. Now you have to do yours. ;)

                1. Only if Watch_Dogs for Wii U is going to be 100% supported & only if it sales a good number. I won’t bother with the beginning of a series if there is a chance I won’t play the future games because the company that owns it decided to screw people over.

                  1. I’m getting it for the sake of supporting the Wii U. I can’t stand to keep seeing my precious Wii U not getting games. I’m putting my Nintendo games on the side for now because they will already sell good and they aren’t going anywhere. Third parties however can leave whenever they want. Which is NOT what I want to happen. I was gonna buy AC3 at launch but ended up skipping it in favor of NSMBU which was a terrible mistake. I let my fanboyism get the best of me… Lol. (By fanboyism I mean the Nintendo side of me :P)

            2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I have to agree with Kalas…

              If you like the Ubisians then why aren’t you buying Rayman Legends for the Wii U considering it’s also the best version?…

    2. I’m looking forward to this. I enjoy the complete madness that appears during the trailers. Day one purchase for me.

      1. Mk8 has been broken since release day and they still havn’t fixed it. You should probably wait until they do. I hardly even play it anymore. I recommend ZombiU or Mario World instead.

    3. For people who are bothered by this, why would you let the graphics of the game bother you? Graphics isn’t everything I’m sure you know..maybe they had to just continue on with the game and use the extra bit of power of the Wii U to add great content to the game. Gameplay is what matters and this game is a day one buy for me! :)

      1. It ain’t bothering me at all. Those sucking off graphic dick from PS4/One are just pissy of not having this game. If they did, they wouldn’t complain.

    4. Not too sure about this game. Graphics look terrible. Animations look very old. It will depend on the cost of the game for me. If its over $30, I wont bother. Even if it’s under $30, It will have to be an impulse purchase.

      1. Yeah, I’d skip it if I were you. It doesn’t really look worth it. I’ll just save up for Hyrule Warriors and the new Tenkai Knights game coming up. The rest can wait for now

    5. bla… bla…
      it still loks like crap and boring.
      cheap version of gear of war.
      my hope is on fatal frame :-)
      i hope i cane use the pad for the camera obscura

      1. I wouldn’t go that far lol. The last couple of GOW sucked balls. This looks better…gameplay wise,IMO.

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    7. 16 players at a time, eh? Cool. Since Namie above mentioned 24 players, 24 does sound mildly better, though. BUT anymore than 30 would be overkill especially if the battlefield is small. These battlefields better be Twilight Princess big. Anyway, I’m perfectly content with just 16 players so I do find the people whining about it a little annoying. If you’re going to be a graphics whore or need a shitload of people to play with, I suggest just going for one of those “better” games then.

    8. My favorite is how pathetic you little children are … coming to a website called My Nintendo News to bash on the Wii U. Don’t you have PlayStation or Xbox fan sites to do that in? Or do you like to stroke your sad little egos by trolling and flaming on fan sites for other consoles. Here’s a newsflash for you: no one cares what you think, because you don’t matter.

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