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Sega Announces New Characters In The Sonic Boom Universe


Salty is the self-proclaimed captain of the ocean.

Sega has begun introducing some additional characters in the Sonic Boom universe. The characters include those in the upcoming television show and also from the game. However, they aren’t playable characters. There’s Old Tucker, who is a happy go lucky farmer, and Hayward, the hopeless farmhand. If you want to see all the characters in their cartoon glory then be sure to visit the Sega blog.


Doc Ginger’s strong southern charm and kindness should never be mistaken for weakness.


72 thoughts on “Sega Announces New Characters In The Sonic Boom Universe”

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I grew up with both Mario and Sonic so when I see garbage when it’s Sonic games, it’s garbage…

    1. I still think it looks good. But then again I love Sonic so I’ll take any one Sega will give me

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I love Sonic too but this isn’t even Sonic…

        It’s just something posing as something that can be called “Sonic”…

        My opinion…

    1. So you’re judging the quality of a game based on the designs of it’s supporting characters. Good job to you my friend

    1. This. That’s why I’m glad Sega had gotten rid of the humans since they had never looked like they belonged in a damn Sonic game.

      1. So, your saying we should get rid of Dr. Eggman, as he never belongs in a damn Sonic game, hence he’s a human being?

      1. Surprisingly. Maybe everyone is finally used to the new design. I dunno, it’s always going to remind me of Spiral at this rate! (Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures)

  1. Salty the Hippo does look interesting, first time we had a pachyderm Sonic character in the TV Shows.

    As for Perci, I fear that the dreaded Rule 34 will affect her like it was done to Sticks. She still looks like a cool character that at least fits in with the others.

  2. This game might as well be a crossover, it looks so much like Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank. Even the characters, the Sanzaru members working on this project seem to be taking too much inspiration from past games.

  3. Im just going to go back to playing 1001 spikes on the xbox and pretend i didnt see these new characters.

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  5. I dont like this, its like the are trying too hard to look “disney”. What i liked about Modern Sonic designs that they looked cool and always reminded me about Japanese manga and anime, this game looks too western imo. Sonic always had great balance of Western and Japanese stuff, now they are goin too far in the western territory.

    *sigh* i just miss Japanese epicness in Sonic games, like in Adventure games where Chaos destroyed whole city like Godzilla and how Sonic and Shadow fighted against that BioLizard thing. Even Sonic Unleashed had that Japanese epicness in it. Nowadays Sonic just copies MarioGalaxy and tries too hard to be western, actually Sega as a whole tries too much to be western developer these days and its sad since their Japanese output has always been their driving force.

    This song is alone is epicer than Boom.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I miss the real Sonic games were Dr Robotnik made all these different killing machines and you had to fight him everytime differently…

      And the enemies looked better and served a purpose…

      Now they ar ebasically target practice, looks like toys and the involvement of real human cities etc etc just started destroying the franchise…

  6. As much as a fan I am, I have very little interest in Sonic Boom, and new characters only makes it worse.

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    1. The big difference is that Mario games are always good, and even the better sonic games are just above average.

      Nintendo would also never make such a stupid characters.

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