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Sonic Boom Nintendo 3DS And Wii U Release Dates For North America Announced


SEGA and Nintendo of America have announced that Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for Nintendo 3DS will be in North American stores November 11th. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric will be available on Wii U on November 18th. You can see the box-arts above and below.


Thanks to those who sent this in.

102 thoughts on “Sonic Boom Nintendo 3DS And Wii U Release Dates For North America Announced”

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  2. i’ll probaby only get 3ds version because of all the shit i’ve heard about wii u version. Unless they’re fixed.

      1. They said it’s the worst Sonic of all time. They said it’s even worst than Sonic 06. While I’m not sure how any game can fucking be worst than that piece of shit, this game is to be taken with some reviews before purchasing.

  3. Everything I’ve been hearing about this game has been bad. I still have hopes for it but I’ll probly wait until all the reviews come out before deciding to rent or buy

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          1. No it wasn’t. I liked it. And I look foward to getting these games. I’m gonna buy it, play it, and enjoy it. Simple as that.

              1. Of course I do. I’m just not letting the coughpast affect my decision on coughbuying. I got used to the new coughdesignscough. And I’m glad they are doing this. Classic Sonic was great but if all his games were like that, he’d be that platformer equivalent of Call of Duty.

                1. Truth, Grape haha. You need to try to be adaptable as a gamer, because games change all the time. New gameplay isn’t the end of the world, it just needs some getting used to. But, of course, it is your decision whether you want to play it or not

                  1. Yep. I didn’t buy the modern Resident Evils, Tomb Raiders, & Final Fantasies because they jumped to genres I don’t care for, the quality suffered, & the original concepts (which were great) barely eroded away.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Overall it’s Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and if we take only the 3D ones then it’s Sonic Adventure 2…

                      1. You named both of my favorite Sonic games. XD Finally, someone else who realizes that Sonic 3 is the best!

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Nice, then perhaps you do know Sonic…

                          Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is going to have a special place in my brain forever though…

                          If the next trailer still has these annoying things then it’s just 100% off-putting for me…

      1. No drought.
        September hyrule warriors
        October bayonetta
        November sonic
        December smash bros (unless delayed)

        1. Now see, Jester, that’s where you’re wrong:

          First off- September is a month and a half away. August is gonna blow.

          Also- is there even a demographic that is interested in all four of these games? I personally will not be playing Bayonetta and Sonic Boom, as I am not a fan of either of the series. So there is likely going to be a few months of silence for a few Wii U owners, myself included. Hopefully I can make Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart 8, Indie games, and 360/3ds games last till Smash Bros.

          Lastly: Four game is honestly pretty underwhelming for a time period of 6 months. Sure there will be some shovel ware, indie games, virtual console games, and some good 3rd party games like the ones you listed, but saying the drought is over is such an extension of the truth it’s not even funny.

          1. I agree. But it’s big wii u games coming out in those months. I’m not gonna buy Bayonetta either. It’s better than having games a game in feb and then in may with nothing in between.

            1. Lemme list em’
              NSMBU, ZombiU, NintendoLand, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, ScribbleNauts, Darksiders, Pikmin 3, 3D World, Wii Party U, Mario Kart 8, and some indie/VC games. My family has had quite a lot of fun with a bunch of those (namely ZombiU, Pikmin 3, NintendoLand, MH3U, Wii Party and Mario Kart). We didn’t really get into the multiplayer platformers this gen. We did play a lot of those on the Wii, though. We do however play Mario Kart and Wii Party U every day or so, when my parents and I are done with work. Quite a lot of fun, those two.

              But I just can’t wait for Smash Bros, Xenoblade, Hyrule Warriors, Mario Maker, Splatoon, and Zelda U. There’s a few other family games that I assume my family will be getting, like Mario Party and whatnot.

              I don’t want my posts to appear as if I am a hater- just a speaker of the truth. My family has enjoyed the Wii U, but honestly the drought in games is kinda crappy. Prior to Mario Kart 8 (and a free copy of Wii Party U), we used to play more virtual console games than the actual wii u. Hopefully 2015 won’t be quite as bad.

              1. I understand. There’s no drought for me though because I got a ton of Wii U and 3DS games to get. I’m getting a bit bored with Mario Kart 8 and Pikmin 3 doesn’t really seem that great to me. I’m pretty sure we’ll get some game around early 2015 to hold you over. It’s a shame Zelda isn’t coming until like over a year from now though. Droughts suck. You could always get some Wii games too if you want. There may be good ones you missed.

                1. Oh yeah, there is a few wii games I missed. Same with PC and 360 games. There’s a few Action/shooter RPGs coming out for the 360 this year and a lot of turn based RPGs for the 3ds that I’m yet to play. It’s not the end of the world ;) But it’s a shame there’s no way to help Nintendo on wii u software sales when they really need it.

                  1. If you haven’t got Xenoblade yet I highly recommend it. Just got it 2 days ago and I’ve been glued to my couch ever since. Everything from the music, gameplay, and story are great, with the only downside probably being the graphics (but when you play on an HD console for so long that’s understandable). If you like open world games or JRPGs Xenoblade is perfect.

                    1. I want to get Xenoblade Chronicles… But it’s about $100 new. If the game is worth it, then I’m willing to spend that much money on it. But still, that’s a huge risk to take for a game I know almost nothing about. Is it really worth it? Or should I just wait for Xenoblade Chronicles X?

                      1. Buy it from GameStop online, its still $50 and you can actually get yours new (mine luckily came in original packing). If you cant find it online try looking for it in your local GameStop(s). (I secured mine by hiding it behind the other used games until I traded in my 3ds XD) Definitely worth it, but what’s your favorite RPG? I want to make sure you’ll like it before putting $100 down, though I’m sure you will.

                        Waiting for X is an option, but playing the first one will help you out a LOT as there are many concepts you will have to learn. I know people who played the game not knowing how to do something until their 2nd 90+ hour play through.

                          1. Lol I know it’s sold out. I’d get it new from Amazon. I’m still unsure about it. Maybe I might wait for X instead. And I can’t recall the last RPG I’ve ever liked. Hm.. I don’t know. I haven’t played enough of the genre to pick a favorite. Unless Pokemon counts. Lol.

                            1. Pokemon counts, but JRPG and RPG are different, one being turn based (Pokemon, Dream Team) and the other having real time battles (Final Fantasy, Rune Factory, MMORPG style) RPGs are my favorite especially open world ones so this was my cup of tea, but if you’re not sure wait to buy X and waste $60 instead of $100. those HD visuals will blow Xenoblade out the water anyway. X_X

                              1. A JRPG obviously has to be an RPG from Japan (unless it’s criteria is mimicked by an outside dev). While it’s an umbrella term, w/ the only constants being its country of origin & main genre, JRPGs tend to be turn-based, linear, a bit bizzare or absurd (considering it’s a game), very Japanese, &, by today’s trends, outmoded (due mostly to its linear nature, typical use of a turn-based system, & emphasis on grinding). Earthbound, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Arc Rise Fantasia, Rogue Galaxy, Bravely Default, Baten Kaitos, & yes, even Pokémon are all JRPGs. Now, Lord of the Rings: The 3rd Age, however, is an RPG, though it is not a JRPG, simply because it’s Western in origin. As for Xenoblade Chronicles, X, & something like the Tales franchise are also JRPGs, even if they lean more toward MMO & Action RPG. Still, as long as it’s an RPG & from Japan (or again, a mimic), then it qualifies as a JRPG.

                                Make of that what you will; I’m no authority, just a huge fan of the RPG genre, especially turn-based Strategy. But Hel, I’ve seen Adventure games like Zelda labeled as ‘JRPG’, or even just ‘RPG’, so go figure. Having those elements only means it’s a hybrid, & the stronger a particular element, the more that defines the genre it belongs in. I’ve seen big name gaming sites label 3rd Person Shooters as ‘Adventure’, even bestowing an award under that catagory to such a game (might be a good game, but definitelt mislabeled). I mean, would Castlevania, for instance, count as an RPG just because it has leveling up & character skill-sets? I say, “NO”.


                                1. I see where you’re coming from and everything you’re saying is right, but with many RPGs coming from Japan already JRPG is used to mark a specific type of RPG (In the West anyway). Of course Pokemon is an JRPG and so is X, but because they’re so different, instead of accurately putting them in their categories (X= Action, Adventure, RPG), there’s RPG for normal (usually turn based) games and JRPG for basically everything else, since its not the norm. A game like Castlevania is not at all an RPG, but would be a Action, platformer with RPG elements. Everything you said is correct, but now most people use JRPG as more as a genre than what its really suppose to be. XP

                              2. I’m not a fan of rpgs but i went to get the game because of the hype in japan and all the sales and how they made operation rainfall to localize the three games over here. I got it the first day and i fell in love with it (though i still didn’t beat it :( …..). If you want to wait for X then go ahead. It will be just as great or even better than xenoblade. It’s a spirtual successor meaning that it’s not a direct sequel to xenoblade. So i don’t think you will miss out on anything.

              2. Off topic but if you get Skylanders Trap Team on the wii, you’ll get a free download code for the wii u version. Check Nintendo’s twitter.

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Good for you, I’ll be playing those on a PC at a cheaper price and better performance, but you “cool” kids can have fun with your underpowered PCs with no specialty wasting more money than I do on electricity and games.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Yes, who knows, I could probably end up liking them, Dragon age that is. I’ve been a fan of Far Cry for quite a while since 2.

              3. First Wii U game powered by CRYENGINE…. I’m buying it… not just for the speed of it. It’s for the FUN of it. Too bad that Sticks is only in the 3DS version of Shattered Crystal. At least the U has Amy “I’m a ninja… BELIEVE IT!” Rose!

              4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis quit with your bullshit. Your irrelevant and a joke to us. HollowGrapeJ is a true gamer

                1. There’s no such thing as “true gamer”, Sasori. Go back and watch Disney’s version of Naruto.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    That’s not the real one comrade, that’s just the abomination of this site known as fake Aeolus = Nostaliga_w = nostalgiaww = Sony Emperor Xperia because it is basically the one that tries to start a flamewar with me…

                    But I’m tired of that nazi crap…

                  2. Actually a true gamer is basically someone who will play any game on any system. No bias on any. Like me. I respect sony…… If i come across one i will pick up the controller and play. I have a 360 and a Wii U. Pc, i will try it but i don’t want to spend a lot of money making my own computer. Yeah I like Nintendo more but that doesn’t mean i wouldn’t play anything else. For the time being, i got tired of the wii u so i’m playing the heck out of my 360.

              5. seriously the Wii U isn’t bad sure sonic moves a bit slower and whatnot but it’s a new look on sonic most of the “Sonic fans” are just butt hurt because #1) character redesigns (which aren’t bad) and #2) Because the gameplay isn’t like fucking Sonic 2 …..get over it

                1. Seriously they are three kinds of Sonic fans
                  1. The ones that think that everything the new Sonic does automatically sucks.
                  2. The ones on devianart that draw crap like Sonic kissing a My Little Pony. 3.The true Sonic fans that accept the new games like this and are open minded and try before they judge.
                  You see it’s best to try to be open minded when comes to a amazing series like Sonic.

                  1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                    devianart has talented people but sadly is filled with kingdom heart drones, miku fangirls and lazy people.

              6. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                am good with cod advance warfare and sonic boom. why is the player base for black ops 2 soo small. what the heck…… there only 1500-2100 players a day and 600-800 in the early morning.
                hopefully people actually buy advance warfare.

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Why is it so small? Because its a rehash.
                  Advance Warfare will be same as the rest until shown and proven otherwise, which is hasn’t.

              7. I can tell that this game will be Lost World all over again, another Sonic game that will get some pretty mixed reception.

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