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Nintendo eShop Listing Says Wario Is Going To Be In Smash Bros 3DS

Beloved Nintendo character Wario has his very own section on the North American Nintendo 3DS eShop this week. The company has listed which games Wario has appeared in and they list Super Smash Bros 3DS as one of those games. Wario has yet to be officially announced, but it would be surprising if he wasn’t added.

Thanks, Carlo

68 thoughts on “Nintendo eShop Listing Says Wario Is Going To Be In Smash Bros 3DS”

      1. I believe i was the first copycat and then they all showed up. However,i have been going as General Sony since last year.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            No, the first one was called Sony General…

            After a while an Xbox Commander sponsored by doritos and whatever came…

        1. I’m sorry to say but the Wii U is actually gaining more interest than the PS4 or the Xbox One.


    1. You do know that there’s talk of Sony probably selling its Playstation brand cause of loss of money right?
      Could be just a rumor though… but who knows…

    2. Are ya stoopid? Your system is dry all it has is multiplats where are the good exclusives? No indies don’t count because they are also on pc.

    3. Eh, there’s nothing really good on the ps4 now. I beat Second Son and Watchdogs is meh, the only game I have to complete really is Strider on it. Honestly, it’s basically a Netflix/BD at this point. Wii U’s kinda the same, but I can at least play the Wii games I missed on it and have a decent number of retail games to trade between. And virtual console games. I still need to beat a few games on that. Never had an SNES myself, so it comes in handy. But those need to wait for me to finish my 3DS backlog. I’ve got some 5 games there that I haven’t quite yet finished, so yeah. Maxing everything on fire emblem has taken a while, but it’s worth it

    4. xD Pathetic. You laugh at someone for simply saying “F U” & yet here you are using weak ass insults that have been used countless times before to describe Wii U fans & hate on Nintendo. Go back to blowing Sony Commander Kratos since you seem to be better at that than insulting.

    5. sorry, but we aren’t “desparate for games”, the 2nd super smash bros game came out roughly 15 years ago and is STILL being played in the competitive scene. This game is going to be a LEGEND, and as “amazing” and “superior” your playstation games are, this game WILL get more acclaim than ANYTHING for the next 5 years.

  1. Wario and Waluigi are my two least favorite “Mario series” first party characters. In fact, I never selected either of them in Mario Kart 8. I think it’s partly due to their pink noses. They look stupid.

      1. Dude, just because you guys don’t like him doesn’t mean he won’t get in. He’s WARIO, he has a legacy at Nintendo! And there are plenty of people who DO enjoy Wario (myself included). You don’t have to worry about Waluigi being in though…

          1. Same but it was obvious that he was in the game even before this because Ashley is an assist trophy in smash brothers for wii u

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          I didn’t say that at all. I said I didn’t WANT him in.
          I’m sure there are people that enjoy him and want him in. I don’t enjoy him and don’t want him in. Opinions, opinions, opinion.

  2. So I can finally play as my favourite video game characters in one game? Awesome!


    All of them in Smash Bros means that I’ll be out of money for the year XD

  3. I’ll take this as a good sign of his inclusion- add to the fact that Ashley is a new AT and Waluigi is returning as one, this makes a compelling argument that he’s coming back.

  4. Wow, I randomly thought he would be the next character in Smash and there he is. Quite funny how luck can be. He wasn’t my favorite character, but glad to see him back.

  5. Albert "The Jizzer" Einstein

    I love how Sickr loves to get every stupid rumour on the internet and put it on MyNintendoNews.
    Hey! Mario Picross is also there. But Wario doesn’t show up in that game.
    Just ignore this eShop error.

  6. Doesn’t seem like hard proof. But due to Wario’s popularity he’ll probably be in the new Smash Bros anyway.

  7. We all knew he would be there. He was added due to popular demand before, so it makes no sense to cut him. Especially, because he didn’t go down in popularity since added to Brawl.

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