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Buy Skylanders Trap Team On Wii And Get A Code For Wii U Version For Free

Activision announced earlier this week that if you’re thinking of purchasing Skylanders Trap Team on the Wii then you’re eligible to get a free download code for Skylanders Trap Team on the Wii U. The Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack launches in the US on October 5th.

Thanks, Justin and Christopher

20 thoughts on “Buy Skylanders Trap Team On Wii And Get A Code For Wii U Version For Free”

  1. That’s a great deal, but I don’t see why anyone would want two unless they’re gifting the other to someone else.

  2. lol EA knows that wii u version will suck in sales. They are needing to bribe people to buy it the game. Idk why nintendo still has people who try to get money from wii u sales. the wii is doing better lol.

    1. Dumbass, this is an Activision franchise.

      And think of this as a “cross buy” promotion because this is a cheap scam to keep fools buying this COD: NFC edition crap. Its not that Wii U version will suck because its Wii U. Its because nobody on that platform like that shit especially after Nintendo revealed its own NFC figurines Amiibo coming anyway.

    2. Wow…. you just failed at trolling before you even started…. this is Activision doing this… and they’re actually being good guys because they know that the Wii U (Unlike the PSBore and Xboned) is backwards compatible, so that means we get two games for the price of one ;)

  3. Interesting deal, but I don’t care for Skylanders and I am not jumping into the franchises now or ever, really.

  4. You serious? Cool beans. This excites me because this is the first Activision game that will have a downloadable version on the U. I’ll buy it if only to tell Activision to release their games digitally on Wii U. Now… Are the games fun? If so I might buy them on PS3.

  5. I’m still buying this game for wii u. Mainly not knowing to do with the extra game. Very hyped for this game!

    1. Come on dude these are fun well made games. Sure it’s expensive, You just need to know your limits. Just be thankful the Wii U is getting support. I for one am getting this game.

  6. Wow… Activision finally doing something nice? ._. …. did…. did Phil Spencer just get hired for Activision as well?!?

    This is great news :D Buy one game and get the other one for free :)

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