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Supercell’s Ryo Will Be Creating The Music For Bravely Second

Revo, who produced the music for the original Bravely Default, won’t be contributing in the sequel due to scheduling conflicts. However, Square Enix has revealed in Famitsu that Super Cell’s Ryo will be in charge of the music for Bravely Second. Interestingly, certain tracks from Bravely Default will return and there will also be a demo for the game once it’s nearing release. Ryo’s tracks will feature in an upcoming trailer for Bravely Second which will hopefully be released soon.

9 thoughts on “Supercell’s Ryo Will Be Creating The Music For Bravely Second”

  1. I hope this doesn’t effect the music too greatly. I don’t want to play this game & hear music that is far from being Bravely Default esque.

  2. I have no idea who that is, hope it will be at least as good as Revo’s amazing soundtrack in the first one.

  3. The famed but retired Vocaloid producer composing music for Bravely Second? Interesting… I’ve only ever seen him compose songs with a singer, be it Vocaloid or a real singer. This’ll be interesting to see him compose non-vocal tracks… or am I to expect all vocal tracks?

  4. Wow. This is great! If you watched Bakemonogatari (ending theme) and Guilty Crown (opening and ending) you’ll be impressed.

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