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Pokemon: Get Heracross Or Pinsir Via Special Distribution, Their Mega Stones At GameStop stores

From August 13 until September 17, The Pokémon Company International will host a special, limited-time wireless Internet distribution for owners of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y to receive Heracross for Pokémon X (previously only encountered during normal gameplay inPokémon Y) or Pinsir for Pokémon Y (previously only encountered during normal gameplay in Pokémon X). Players visiting participating GameStop stores in the United States starting August 18 can also receive a code for a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve Heracross or Pinsir into Mega Heracross or Mega Pinsir.

22 thoughts on “Pokemon: Get Heracross Or Pinsir Via Special Distribution, Their Mega Stones At GameStop stores”

  1. Yay its what ive always wanted…..

    Oh wait.

    And meanwhile in japan they have diancie and shiny jirachi events

  2. I look forward to the day when Gamestop exclusives end & I never have to go there again. in the meantime, i am excited about another mega evolution!

  3. It sounded great until you said “GameStop”… I’m fucking glad we don’t have that shit store over here..

  4. What a ripoff. We in America get a version exclusive pokemon, we can very easily trade the pokemon from X to Y to get the same result!

  5. Oh snap! Heracross is one of my favorite pokemon of all time! Pinsir is aight, but heracross is so much better.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      I doubt it. It’ll probably have at least 3 maxed IVs, but random of course. That’s my guess, at least.
      They celebrate how many trades people have made, then distribute version exclusive Pokémon. Pretty cheap.

  6. The title seems pretty straightforward but reading the actual article makes it confusing. Are we going to be able to get Heracross & Pinsir through mystery gift here at home while having to go to Gamestop to get the mega stones? Or do we have to go to Gamestop to get both the Pokemon AND the mega stones? If it’s the former, I won’t have to go to Gamestop as I already have the mega stone for Heracross & will get the one for Pinsir very soon once I speed through Pokemon X, that I got yesterday, since I’ve already experienced the story as I doubt it’ll be much different from Y except for the legendary you get at Team Flare’s hidden base. A shiny Heracross & shiny Pinsir would be nice, though, but it seems like they’ll just be the regular ones. :/ Still, it’ll be nice to have ones that will have a different Trainer ID from my own. The more different trainer IDs I have, the better my chances with the Loto ID Center.

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  9. The Gamestop guy wouldn’t let me have the card with the code on it until I pre-ordered Ruby or Sapphire. What kind of crap is that? I’m getting the game anyway, but what about people that’ve already had it on order? I can’t help but wonder if the guy was just upping his pre-orders. What a joke.

  10. Just came from GameStop, they had no codes. Called all the other GameStops around south Denver and everyone says they have no codes. These crap promotions with GS have got to stop. My kids are pretty disappointed.

  11. Same here in central virginia went to gamestop today to get the mega stones for my copies of x and y. The store rep said that no gamestops recieved the codes from nintendo he didnt even have the promotional stand ups for the new pokemon games, he read me an email from corporate instructing customers to call nintendo for the codes, i called and am waiting for a response call from nintendo promotions.

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